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End of the Year Challenge/2014 - Part Two: Top Ten Most Popular Tumblr Posts (x)

1. Winter Soldier’s Googly Eyes (113k+)

2. 4th of July - Captain America Edition (112k+)

3. Sparring Session Gone Wrong (50k+)

4. Loki Warns Midgard About Ragnarok (37k+)

5. Taking Little Steve to Comic Con (33k+)

6. S.H.I.E.L.D. Recess (32k+)

7. Bucky Goes Shopping (32k+)

8. Little Cap on Bucky’s Shoulders (12k+)

9. Trick or Treating CATWS Style (8k+)

10. Natasha’s Piggyback Ride (7k+)

Runners up:  Sassy Steve(7k+) and The Wiener Soldier(6k).

anonymous asked:

so steve and peggy knew each other/worked together for years, not months? because that would make way more sense, considering how deep their feelings seemed to run. i never did get why they were so intense if they only knew each other for a little time, but if it was years, then that explains it. do we have a timeline?

Yes! Steve and Peggy knew each other for almost two years before Steve died! Which is why it drives me nuts when people say they barely knew each other. The timeline isn’t well-explained in CATFA, but here’s my rundown of events: 

Steve is recruited by Erskine on June 14, 1943. The year is also confirmed by the newspaper in that scene. He meets Peggy a day later, when he arrives at Camp Lehigh for his training. It’s love at first sight for Steve, but it’s not long before Peggy starts noticing him, too:

(I should mention that the flag at Camp Lehigh says it’s 1942, so mistakes in the MCU are entirely possible. Moving on!).

Steve is chosen for the SuperSoldier project within a few days of arriving at camp. On the way to the operation, he and Peggy have a heartfelt talk about the discrimination they face in the military, and she begins to fall for him (…even though Steve tries to flirt with her but kind of insults her instead. Oh, Steve). But her crush is especially noticeable after the serum, because… well:


According to a newspaper in the film, Captain America is born on June 23, 1943! (Okay, technically it would be June 22 because the paper would be the next day, but semantics). It’s been 9 days since Steve was recruited, and 8 days since Steve and Peggy first met. Mutual crushes have been established!

After Erskine’s death, Steve tours the east coast of the USA and parts of Europe from July - October 1943, selling war bonds. Peggy is sent to London during this time, but it’s possible they kept in touch. Or, alternatively, the Captain America tour poster states he would be in “London, Bristol, Manchester, Allied Bases in Europe, and North Africa”, in that order, so maybe they met up in London before reuniting at the Allied Bases. Regardless, Peggy knows of Steve’s adventures and they’re comfortable with each other when we see them again in Azzano.

In early November 1943, Steve learns that Bucky has been captured by HYDRA and he and Peggy plan the illegal rescue mission. This is really the first time Steve and Peggy flirt with each other, not just little glances and smiles (”You’re late!” becomes their Thing). The day Steve brings Bucky home is November 24, 1943, according to Steve’s condolence letter:

Everyone moves to London a few days later. It’s here where things become serious: Peggy flirts with Steve while wearing the red dress, and they promise to go dancing after the war (which becomes a euphemism for their future, with ‘the right partner’ line). From the moment she walks into the bar wearing that dress, her eyes only for Steve… they’re going steady, in my mind. Especially because Steve tells Bucky “Maybe she’s got a friend”, as if he and Peggy are already together. It explains why Peggy is so pissed when she sees Steve kissing a woman in the bunker a few days later – she thought they were a done deal. At this point, they’ve known each other for five months (which is around the time you would get serious with someone. Just saying!).

From December 1943 onwards, Steve leads the Howling Commandos through all their famous missions. Peggy is part of this Special Ops team, shown in the wartime montage in CATFA. And Steve carries a photo of her in his compass, like she’s his Girl, so I’d say they’re serious about each other. 

Their time together is also mentioned in CATWS, in the video at the Smithsonian; Peggy talks about a mission they did together in the Winter of 1944. Plus she’s still upset talking about Steve, eight years after his death, which speaks volumes about their relationship:

So we can assume that they worked side-by-side for the entirety of 1944. Maybe they were in correspondence throughout each mission and met in London between them (going off the bombed-out pub scene)? Although I’m betting Peggy joined in on a few of those missions, too!

(BTW, by my best guess, Bucky dies around Feb-Mar 1945, but it’s completely up for debate. I know the Smithsonian tribute says he died in 1944, but… it doesn’t really fit with the timeline of CATFA, so I’m electing to ignore it).

Finally – Peggy and Steve share their first (and only) onscreen kiss right before Steve’s last mission, which is in 1945. We know this mostly from CATWS; Natasha teases Steve with “Was that your first kiss since 1945?”, which suggests it’s a known fact that Steggy macked (who knows - maybe Colonel Phillips wrote about it for the history books). Most people accept that VE Day in the MCU is the same as real life (May 8, 1945)… which means Steve probably died sometime in April 1945.

So! This means Steve and Peggy knew each other for almost 2 years (June 14, 1943 - April 1945), and were ‘going steady’ (or at least only had eyes for each other) for ~1.5 years. That’s a pretty long time, especially in the 1940s when most people were married within a year of ‘steady’ dating – even less during wartime. And while it was cool to casually date, it wasn’t cool to sleep around or even have makeout sessions, which weren’t popular until Car Culture in the 1950s. Many couples in the 1930-40s wouldn’t have done much with each other before their marriage night, even if they had been Serial Daters before getting together. 

So when people say “Steve and Peggy weren’t serious because they only kissed once!” …it’s not a valid argument, in my mind. TWO YEARS, MAN. That’s a longterm relationship!

Frequently Asked Questions!

- Where are you from?

Austin, Texas!

- Where do I submit a question for the cosplayers? And the characters?

You can submit a question to either the cosplayers or the characters they play via the Ask Box. Please be patient with these answers though, we like to do gifs or videos to answer them when we can so naturally it may take a while!

- What does “Camp Lehigh” mean?

Camp Lehigh is the military base where Bucky lives(after being orphaned) in the comics, and it’s also where he meets Steve for the first time. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s the military base where Steve is taken after he’s trained before being turned into Captain America. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve returns to Camp Lehigh with Natasha to discover the first SHIELD headquarters as well as the secret hideout where Zola is kept!

- Is there an address where mail can be sent?

Yes, after so many requests we decided to open a PO Box:

Camp Lehigh

PO Box 357

Kyle, TX 78640

- Do you frequent cons and are you open to meeting followers?

Yes to both questions! We also list the cons that we’ll be attending so make sure you check our blog often! And we’re always super open and excited to meet followers of ours!

- May I follow the cosplayers on their personal tumblrs?

Absolutely! Feel free to follow Bucky/Loki and Natasha! We’ll also include links to the guest cosplayers’ tumblrs as well in posts that feature them!

- How long have you been cosplaying?

We began cosplaying in November of 2012 but only grew more serious about it in late 2013.

- Do you have a youtube channel?

We do but unfortunately there isn’t much there yet! But we definitely are planning to put some stuff up there for you all in the near future and once we have enough material moving through, I’ll post the link!

- What tags do you track?

We track “#camp lehigh”, “#camplehigh”, “#the bucky barnes” and “#the natasha romanoff”!

ca:civil war trailer-inspired headcanon

Okay, okay, I know I am NOT ALLOWED ON TUMBLR RN but, like, look guys the CW trailer came out and I had to just swing by to check and-


So, basically, we see from the trailer that Bucky can now recall lots of details about Steve and that is essentially how he proves to Steve that he is no longer the Winter Soldier. He can remember the past and he remembers Steve and everything is good in that area.

BUT- what if he only remembers Steve. That is, what if Steve was the one safe thing that he can allow himself to remember, that hasn’t been completely corrupted by Hydra and so he knows everything about Steve (and he spends hours repeating those facts over and over because those are the things he wants to remember, if he says them loud enough – Steve used to ace spelling quizzes, teachers used to try to get Steve to stay late so the kids wouldn’t have the chance to pick on him, Steve stuffed his shoes with newspaper and extra rags in his pockets – if he says them loud enough, he could drown out mission details that are constantly running through his head, names that he is supposed to get to, facts and figures about guns that he doesn’t want to know) and he knows somethings about himself in relation to Steve but he-

He doesn’t let himself remember facts about just him. Doesn’t let himself or maybe can’t because Hydra has twisted them and maybe the Winter Soldier was based off his own personality, his own violence and-

He keeps it to Steve. He knows who Steve is and he knows who he is when he’s with Steve.

No personal details.

And I’d imagine that he limps along like this for a while. Steve is the only one who would notice and when he is with Steve, he is fine.

(When Steve hits his shoulder like that, he is supposed to duck his chin and roll his eyes; when they get a chance to be in a car, he makes sure to put on old timey jazz; when they fight together, he has to make sure the other guy comes after him more…)

So he’s fine and there’s fighting and craziness and he doesn’t have time to worry about it.

And then, after maybe (or maybe during), something simple happens. Something like- They are eating breakfast at a little diner and Bucky grins and tells the waitress “I’ll have what he’s having” with a nod to Steve and Steve doesn’t notice because he’s in the middle of a story or a call with Nat and the food comes – waffles topped with strawberries and blueberries – and Bucky digs in, but Steve hesitates and-

“Buck,” Steve says and the note of alarm in his voice is enough to send Bucky’s fork clattering to its plate.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“You hate strawberries,” Steve says. And Bucky can’t figure out if it is question or suspicion in his voice and he freezes because he doesn’t know how to explain that he didn’t bother recalling any of his personal preferences, not when they don’t matter – not after what he’s done – not when going back to his own past might call up something-

“Oh,” he says and he is surprised to realize that it’s true. He doesn’t particularly enjoy the tart flavor bursting across his tongue, he just hadn’t considered being able to change it and didn’t think that it mattered but Steve is still looking at him with concern and he has to do something and- “Right. Uh- I didn’t actually hear what you ordered. When I said to get me the same.”

Steve still makes no move to eat his own food.

“My mistake,” Bucky says, picking up his fork and diving back in. He shrugs with one shoulder – the same move he uses when Steve is worried he’s hurt – “Not gonna waste it, though, right? People these days waste too much.”

It’s a common complaint between them and Steve nods and it’s a bit stilted but he picks up his fork and starts eating and Bucky remembers the steps to this dance well enough and has even picked up a few new steps these past weeks and-

There. Crisis averted.

Except, obviously, something that big – that Bucky doesn’t remember anything about himself – that can’t stay hidden forever.

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[…] Back at Camp Lehigh. I was just a kid in short pants when dad first showed me the place, but I didn’t get to stay a kid for long. Dad died in a training exercise back in ’37… just before Christmas. I spent the next three years trying to be him. They tell me I was better.

I was good enough to catch the attention of the brass, tough enough that they gave me a mask and made me Steve Rogers’ partner. For four years, I played Bucky to his Captain America. Four years of fighting nazis and defying death. I loved it a lot more than I should have.

In the Bloom of Life

Steggy Positivity Week, day 5
Prompt: Tropes, Kinks or Cliches 

Summary: Five times Steve gave Peggy flowers, and one time she gave one to him.

AO3 link here.


It’s not the first time he’s seen anything green — he was a Fresh Air Fund kid for a couple of summers, and there’s Central Park, of course — but the lawn outside the barracks at Camp Lehigh is the first place where the green doesn’t really belong to anyone. There’s no groundskeeper, no housewife keeping a careful eye, and Steve doesn’t think anyone would even bother watering this spot, so he doesn’t feel bad about absently picking at the grass.

He’s not sure the sentry would agree about that, or even about him being outside instead of resting up for his big procedure tomorrow, though, so he makes sure to press into the shadows as a flashlight beam shines around.

“Best be quicker next time,” a voice says by his ear. “You would have been caught if Stokes were actually paying a bit of attention to his job.”

Steve scrambles up. “Agent Carter.” His eyes blur from looking into the light of the window where she’s framed, but he salutes quickly at the negative space where he knows she exists. “I was just looking to get some air.”

“Relax, Private.” She sounds vaguely amused. “I’m not looking to write you up. I think you’re entitled to a little relaxation.” After a very minor pause, not even long enough for him to think up a response, she adds, “I actually was coming to see if you were prepared for tomorrow.”

Steve shrugs. “No one’s given me any real details about what’s going to happen, so I don’t know how prepared I can be.”

“A fair point.”

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iamnmbr3  asked:

I don't really wanna watch the whole Captain America: Super Soldier walkthru, but i am curious. what's in it that u liked stucky-wise? (or character motivations wise)

I would be more than happy to share my observations/headcanons!

There are a few extra characters; Baron Strucker, and Madam Hydra, who are fascinating to puzzle over, but for the sake of brevity this answer is only going to focus on Zola, Steve and Bucky, and a little of Dugan and Falsworth.

I will be making a post about the other characters at some point though, since they definitely deserve exploring.


Alrighty, here we go!

Note: Video clips are highlighted and underlined. Clips are timed to start at the specified scenes, but do not stop on their own. You will need to close the video browser after a scene has ended.

Character motivation:

Arnim Zola

The first time we hear Zola speak, he says this:

Zola: After years of planning and research, my time has come at last. *Project Master Man is a reality. History shall record that Dr. Amim Zola was the first to unlock the secrets of the human genome. And thus my immortality is assured. Using the blood of my benefactor, Johann Schmidt, I will replicate and surpass the work of the traitor Abraham Erskine. The Americans believe they have created a perfect human specimen in their precious Super Soldier. They are fools. The perfection of the human body is a false goal. What does it profit us to perfect something inherently limited? No, to truly evolve must improve upon it. Herr Skull has secured a remote research facility and outfitted it with Hydra forces for my protection and assistance. The Skull has also honored me with the loan of the Tesseract Cube to aid in my research, under his supervision, of course. He will not be disappointed. I shall work tirelessly until I have unlocked Erskine’s secrets and taken them to places he never imagined or perhaps feared to tread. It is my goal. My purpose. My destiny.

*Project Master Man = Zola’s version of Project Rebirth

This clip gives us some pretty good insight into Zola’s motivations for, and methods of, recreating the super-soldier serum. First off, we know that he was already experimenting on Bucky in Austria; here we have a Zola telling Steve that he had been using samples of Red Skull’s blood to understand the formula. Now, however, he has a large sample of Steve’s blood to study, along with notes he’s been taking on his abilities.

In this clip Zola has already perfected the serum. And, even though there appears to be only the one vial, I don’t believe Zola would have neglected to create some sort of backup, or at the very least memorize the formula.

This clip shows Falsworth in a Vita-Ray type chamber prepared to be enhanced, assumingly into a “Captain Britain” soldier from the presence of the Union Jack near the chamber. Steve is about to free him when Zola shows up in a prototype of his future computer-consciousness self. We will come back to that in a minute.

The exchange between Zola and Steve goes like this:

Zola: You thought me dead? I am beyond life and death. I have transcended flesh. Mastered it. Including your friend Falsworth. You have inspired me, Captain. Your colorful symbolism. The way your inferiors worship you… follow you like sheep. After I’ve killed you, I shall drain your blood to re-create the Super Soldier Serum… and use it on your friend. Transforming him in to a symbol just like you. He will be my puppet… the perfect assassin.

They fight, Zola’s robot falls, Steve gets Falsworth out of the chamber.

Captain America: Easy. You were drugged.

Falsworth: Thank you. He was going to…

Captain America: I know. It wouldn’t have worked. And he lost his chance.

From the exchange between Zola and Schmidt earlier, we know that the serum was complete; it would have worked. Falsworth is the intended victim in this scene, but everything said applies equally to the Winter Soldier.

Just to reiterate:

Zola used Steve’s blood, directly or indirectly, to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier.

This could simply have been Zola being an opportunist when Bucky (the man he had already partly enhanced) fell from the train, or it could have been far more personal, and therefore demoralizing. Zola is a master manipulator, so I don’t see this as being too far out of his character.

When Steve crashes the Valkyrie, Zola may very well have known he was still alive; he is after all using ice as a method of suspension for his own super-soldier. No matter what Zola does, it’s important to remember that he is a genius, and he knows far more than he lets on.

More on Zola’s computer-consciousness:

This conversation gives a glimpse into Zola’s personal agenda/ego, which interestingly, is very close to Ultron:

Captain America: The castle’s in ruins. Your work’s buried. It’s over, Zola.

Zola: How wrong you are, Captain. My victory is only beginning.

Captain America: All those people you killed… tortured… changed into monsters… and for what?

Zola: For what? For this! One learns as much from failure as from success. My goal should never have been improving flesh… but rather, leaving it behind. You had your body altered. Improved. Now I have improved upon you. You are but a footnote on the evolutionary path… one that will soon be extinct.

Captain America: If this is your idea of a body, you’re sicker than I thought.

Zola: How small minded you are. A body is but a casing. The true power lies in my mind… in what it controls. Let the Sleeper rise! Behold the glory that is the Sleeper and be in awe. Don’t you see, Captain? You’re too late. I have transcended flesh. Destroy my housing and I will simply find another.

Zola is very similar to Ultron in this scene; he intends to take humans, or at least himself, to the next level of evolution: consciousness based machines. His appearance in CA:TWS is far from his only attempt of preserving his consciousness. I believe he would have made escape routes into the internet for himself long before the explosion at Camp Lehigh, meaning even now he is still very much alive.

Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place.



These are the major Steve and Bucky interaction scenes:

Here, Bucky is being escorted somewhere by two Hydra goons, and Steve steps in to help. Instead of just tossing the shield and knocking the guys out by himself, (which he very easily could), he moves in so he and Bucky can take them down as a team. They throw identical punches, meaning they’ve either practiced being a single unit when they fight, or they are extremely attuned to each other.

After this, Steve asks if Bucky is alright before hearing his report, then when they hear voices, he protectively pushes Bucky out of sight. The danger passes and Bucky outlines a plan for freeing the prisoners Hydra has been torturing; Steve agrees by saying “consider it done”, Bucky gives him a two way radio, and continues laying out his plan:

Bucky: Here, courtesy of Stark. Miniaturized short-range radio receiver so the invaders can keep in touch.

Steve: Amazing. Look at the size of it.

Bucky: I’ll be impressed when it picks up Fibber McGee and Molly. Now, once I get the prisoners out I’ll come back inside and…

Steve: No. You’ll rendezvous with the others and head to the extraction point.

Bucky: When hell freezes over!

Steve: Buck, if what you told me is true, these men will never make it on their own.

Bucky: Always a killjoy, huh, Rogers?

Steve: Take care of yourself.

Bucky: You too, Steve. *followed by a long lingering gaze.*

This interaction could have easily been shorter, and probably should have been for the sake of the mission, but neither Steve or Bucky seem to be in a hurry to be out of each other’s sight; especially Bucky who intersperses his report with ruminations about their past. There are also definite echoes of “not without you” here, and they both make a point of telling each other to take care even though they will be talking through the radio, and meeting back up in a few hours.

This scene takes place directly after Falsworth is rescued from the radiation chamber; Bucky is ready to blow up the building, but Steve knows there’s another threat underground that has to be dealt with first.

Falsworth: Well, then we’ll deal with it.

Dugan: “We” nothing. You’re going outside, where the POWs are waiting. The rest…

Steve: No. You’re all going.

Bucky: Cap, if you think you’re putting me on the bench again…

Steve: I’m not. We need everyone on the field. Whatever’s under there is their ultimate weapon. I’m not sure I can stop it. I’m not sure all four of us can. I’m gonna need heavy firepower. Long range support. I’ll need you manning the mortars.

Bucky: Dugan and Falsworth can do that.

Dugan: Or you, boy. What makes you so special?

Steve: Listen to me. None of us are special. If we win, that’ll be why. Because Zola and Skull think they’re some master race and we know they’re not. We know no man is more valuable than any other. We know it’ll take all of us to stop this evil from spreading. All of us standing together. Doing our part.

I’m best equipped to go down there and see if there’s anything I can do to stop it. To find out what I can and relay it to you. But the truth is, it’s probably more than I can handle. Which means it’s up to you to stop it for good. With mortars, or airstrikes or whatever it takes. We either win together or we die together.

Falsworth: We’ll carry out our duty, Captain. Have no fear of that.

Dugan: Give them a boot in the head for me.

Bucky: See you soon.

Steve: When the evacuation plane comes, you be there to meet them. With or without me. *This appears to be directed at Bucky for the most part.*

Now, there are some interesting details here:

Bucky mentions being ‘put on the bench again’; he could be referring to their earlier conversation, (being told to help the prisoners instead of coming back to fight with Steve), but, this may also be something that’s happened before. Steve knows Bucky isn’t as strong as him, and the easiest way to keep him safe is to give him alternate missions as a long range sniper, or helping with prisoner extraction.

Steve says he needs all of them to work on long range firepower while he goes underground. Bucky argues that the others can handle it; he wants to fight with Steve. Dugan calls Bucky ‘boy’, and asks what makes him so special.

First, why did Dugan feel the need to snark at him specifically like that?

Bucky isn’t a boy, he isn’t even the youngest of the Commandos; he and Dugan fought together in the 107th, and they’re both sergeants, as well as teammates.

Second, what makes him so special?

I know Steve wouldn’t play favorites among the team, at the same time Bucky is probably treated slightly different from the others because he and Steve are best friends, (or more). Dugan may have simply been feeling dismissed here, or there may be other things going on under the surface, (conscious or unconscious), that haven’t been addressed.  

Steve’s response is to make a morale boosting speech about everyone being equals, and fighting together, winning together, and maybe dying together to stop Red Skull and Zola.

No one argues, and they part company to complete their missions.

In this scene Steve vanquishes the last of Zola’s robots which then proceeds to crash, shaking the foundations of the castle. At the rendezvous point, Bucky, Dugan and Falsworth cheer as they watch the castle explode, meanwhile Steve is inside running for his life to escape in time. A particularly powerful explosion blows out part of a mountain, making the rendezvous party flinch and become quiet.

Falsworth: If Rogers was still in there…

Bucky: He got out. *said with complete confidence.*

Dugan: Buck, that explosion took out the whole side of the mountain. You should prepare yourself for the possibility that…

Bucky: He got out! *barked very stubbornly*

*long pause filled with dramatic music*

Bucky: There!

Steve strides heroically back into the scene, no worse for wear; Bucky claps, cheers, and runs to greet him followed by the others. Bucky gives a status report on the prisoners, Steve gives another speech.

Fade to black.

In this, and to an extent CA:TFA, Steve tries to keep Bucky safe, and Bucky refuses to give up on Steve; even, or most especially, in the face of impossible odds.

Because they’re with each other till the end of the line.


I thought the Stucky was pretty good in this game/movie, and it gave me a lot of great ideas for my writing.

Thank you for letting me ramble, and I hope this answered your questions. If anyone wants more posts about this topic, let me know. :)



cap 2 could have fucked me up even more than it already did: the blog

Meme: What are your top five fics, according to kudos?

Tagged by the incredibly prolific @indiefic! I have uh, a lesser-known body of work, but what the hell. They’re all Steve/Peggy MCU/Agent Carter fics.

1. Meant for More, 94 kudos

AU where Steve comes to Camp Lehigh not as a recruit, but as a secretary for Doctor Erskine. Peggy!Cap, eventually.

2. Misdirection, 76 kudos

In an AU where Steve lives and works at S.H.I.E.L.D. with Peggy, Howard Stark gets the wrong idea. Then there’s a party.

3. turbulence, 72 kudos

In which Peggy suddenly finds herself in the future, drinking Tony’s scotch out of Howard’s decanter. Less than 1,000 words, so more of a ficlet.

4. Breakfast Special, 58 kudos

Peggy and Steve’s son wants to surprise them on a special day. (I love this one so much, y’all.)

5. pin wheel, 53 kudos

Peggy’s a very good friend. Angie, well, Angie’s the sort of friend who will talk you into coming to some downtown performance art but never actually show. Luckily for Peggy, that works out just fine. All-human AU.

I won’t be tagging anyone, but please feel free to act like I tagged you and tell me all about your most popular fics!

A Happy Halloween--Steggy drabble

Here’s a little Steggy drabble about Halloween. All you need to know is that Peggy’s been brought from the past to be with Steve. They’re married, and Halloween is approaching. Hope you enjoy it!

A Happy Halloween

On a fine Saturday morning in early fall, Peggy and Steve had just managed to cook themselves a very respectable, and even partially decadent hot breakfast. They had used a truly astonishing number of pans, bowls, and utensils, which were now scattered about the sunny kitchen as they sat down to enjoy the results. Peggy started to open a pile of yesterday’s mail methodically with a letter opener. “Peg, you should eat your breakfast while it’s hot. We have all day to go through the mail,” Steve chided.

“I will, darling,” she answered, taking a bite of her eggs. Steve had started to read the front page of the newspaper. His hair was still mussed from sleep, and when she looked across the table at him, she brushed her bare foot across his under the table. He looked up at her, a smile spreading across his face. Peggy sighed softly; she wondered if his smile would ever fail to make her melt.

As she sorted through the mail, a thick black envelope caught her eye, addressed to “Captain and Mrs. Rogers,” in a florid gold calligraphic script.

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dreaminglikeeames-deactivated20  asked:

steve and peggy headcanon

  • first and foremost, they were absolutely together during the war. did you see the way they looked at each other? there’s no way they weren’t
  • they actually danced a lot during the war, even though no one saw them. peggy would sometimes pull him in after a late-night briefing or on missions, while the commandos slept. it tended to be pretty tame, lots of swaying back and forth and spinning. steve especially liked to twirl peggy around and watch her curls fly. (when peggy finds herself in the future somehow, steve is the one who pulls her close and whirls her around whatever room they are in)
  • in every version of his uniform, steve has a special pocket that holds his compass next to his heart, and the weight of it is reassuring against his chest, like peggy is beside him with every breath he takes. when he gets knocked down in a battle, that is what helps him stand up again.
  • peggy and steve are really bad at separating what is personally and professionally appropriate in really weird ways. they bicker about laundry and dishes and whose turn it is to take out the trash in the middle of missions, much to the frustration of everyone who works with them, and then they clean and repair their gear on the dining room table, right next to their dinner, usually.
  • the annual carter-rogers push up contest. one year, natasha actually sold tickets. dugan did the same thing during the war.
  • neither of them cook (or cook well, anyway), so they eat a lot of takeout and frozen dinners (until the avengers stage an intervention and all crowd into their tiny kitchen and watch as sam and, surprisingly, tony, show them how to live off of things they prepare themselves)
  • peggy taught every single one of the avengers the “star spangled man with a plan” song and routine, and one night, during a team get together, they spontaneously burst into song and dance, until steve is fire engine red and peggy is on the floor laughing so hard she’s crying
  • steve and peggy have many comfortable silences. during the war, most of the time they spent together was around other people, so they got used to just sharing space and enjoying each others’ presence, which has continued into the present. they arent overly demonstrative of their relationship, but it’s rare to see one of them without the other nearby
  • whatever brought peggy to the future/somewhere within the many years she lived led to her losing that photograph of pre-serum steve from camp lehigh. she makes steve draw one just like it for her, and she pulls it out before every mission to remind herself of everything she gets to come home to
  • they smile a lot. they cry sometimes. they laugh a lot more. they are happy.

I wrote a (somewhat pointless) thing! AU where Steve and Bucky don’t grow up together, and therefore don’t meet until the events of TWS; 3.8k.


The first thing Steve learns about the Winter Soldier, besides the fact that he’s fast, strong, and stabby, is that his eyes are a delicate shade of blue-grey.

Sea-grey, to be exact—cloud-grey, storm-tossed—and altogether more vivid and expressive than they have the right to be. It makes Steve curious about what the rest of his face looks like. It makes him rip the muzzle off. It makes him ask—baffled, because those eyes are not the eyes of a mindless murder machine—“Why are you with Hydra? What’ve they got on you?”

It makes the Soldier stare at him, equally perplexed, as if this is the first time in decades anyone has spoken to him from one human to another.

It changes everything.

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