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so steve and peggy knew each other/worked together for years, not months? because that would make way more sense, considering how deep their feelings seemed to run. i never did get why they were so intense if they only knew each other for a little time, but if it was years, then that explains it. do we have a timeline?

Yes! Steve and Peggy knew each other for almost two years before Steve died! Which is why it drives me nuts when people say they barely knew each other. The timeline isn’t well-explained in CATFA, but here’s my rundown of events: 

Steve is recruited by Erskine on June 14, 1943. The year is also confirmed by the newspaper in that scene. He meets Peggy a day later, when he arrives at Camp Lehigh for his training. It’s love at first sight for Steve, but it’s not long before Peggy starts noticing him, too:

(I should mention that the flag at Camp Lehigh says it’s 1942, so mistakes in the MCU are entirely possible. Moving on!).

Steve is chosen for the SuperSoldier project within a few days of arriving at camp. On the way to the operation, he and Peggy have a heartfelt talk about the discrimination they face in the military, and she begins to fall for him (…even though Steve tries to flirt with her but kind of insults her instead. Oh, Steve). But her crush is especially noticeable after the serum, because… well:


According to a newspaper in the film, Captain America is born on June 23, 1943! (Okay, technically it would be June 22 because the paper would be the next day, but semantics). It’s been 9 days since Steve was recruited, and 8 days since Steve and Peggy first met. Mutual crushes have been established!

After Erskine’s death, Steve tours the east coast of the USA and parts of Europe from July - October 1943, selling war bonds. Peggy is sent to London during this time, but it’s possible they kept in touch. Or, alternatively, the Captain America tour poster states he would be in “London, Bristol, Manchester, Allied Bases in Europe, and North Africa”, in that order, so maybe they met up in London before reuniting at the Allied Bases. Regardless, Peggy knows of Steve’s adventures and they’re comfortable with each other when we see them again in Azzano.

In early November 1943, Steve learns that Bucky has been captured by HYDRA and he and Peggy plan the illegal rescue mission. This is really the first time Steve and Peggy flirt with each other, not just little glances and smiles (”You’re late!” becomes their Thing). The day Steve brings Bucky home is November 24, 1943, according to Steve’s condolence letter:

Everyone moves to London a few days later. It’s here where things become serious: Peggy flirts with Steve while wearing the red dress, and they promise to go dancing after the war (which becomes a euphemism for their future, with ‘the right partner’ line). From the moment she walks into the bar wearing that dress, her eyes only for Steve… they’re going steady, in my mind. Especially because Steve tells Bucky “Maybe she’s got a friend”, as if he and Peggy are already together. It explains why Peggy is so pissed when she sees Steve kissing a woman in the bunker a few days later – she thought they were a done deal. At this point, they’ve known each other for five months (which is around the time you would get serious with someone. Just saying!).

From December 1943 onwards, Steve leads the Howling Commandos through all their famous missions. Peggy is part of this Special Ops team, shown in the wartime montage in CATFA. And Steve carries a photo of her in his compass, like she’s his Girl, so I’d say they’re serious about each other. 

Their time together is also mentioned in CATWS, in the video at the Smithsonian; Peggy talks about a mission they did together in the Winter of 1944. Plus she’s still upset talking about Steve, eight years after his death, which speaks volumes about their relationship:

So we can assume that they worked side-by-side for the entirety of 1944. Maybe they were in correspondence throughout each mission and met in London between them (going off the bombed-out pub scene)? Although I’m betting Peggy joined in on a few of those missions, too!

(BTW, by my best guess, Bucky dies around Feb-Mar 1945, but it’s completely up for debate. I know the Smithsonian tribute says he died in 1944, but… it doesn’t really fit with the timeline of CATFA, so I’m electing to ignore it).

Finally – Peggy and Steve share their first (and only) onscreen kiss right before Steve’s last mission, which is in 1945. We know this mostly from CATWS; Natasha teases Steve with “Was that your first kiss since 1945?”, which suggests it’s a known fact that Steggy macked (who knows - maybe Colonel Phillips wrote about it for the history books). Most people accept that VE Day in the MCU is the same as real life (May 8, 1945)… which means Steve probably died sometime in April 1945.

So! This means Steve and Peggy knew each other for almost 2 years (June 14, 1943 - April 1945), and were ‘going steady’ (or at least only had eyes for each other) for ~1.5 years. That’s a pretty long time, especially in the 1940s when most people were married within a year of ‘steady’ dating – even less during wartime. And while it was cool to casually date, it wasn’t cool to sleep around or even have makeout sessions, which weren’t popular until Car Culture in the 1950s. Many couples in the 1930-40s wouldn’t have done much with each other before their marriage night, even if they had been Serial Daters before getting together. 

So when people say “Steve and Peggy weren’t serious because they only kissed once!” …it’s not a valid argument, in my mind. TWO YEARS, MAN. That’s a longterm relationship!


[…] Back at Camp Lehigh. I was just a kid in short pants when dad first showed me the place, but I didn’t get to stay a kid for long. Dad died in a training exercise back in ’37… just before Christmas. I spent the next three years trying to be him. They tell me I was better.

I was good enough to catch the attention of the brass, tough enough that they gave me a mask and made me Steve Rogers’ partner. For four years, I played Bucky to his Captain America. Four years of fighting nazis and defying death. I loved it a lot more than I should have.


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Also, some nonsense for @saltdryad. Sorry your day has sucked xxx

The Captain America exhibition at the Smithsonian, like many permanent exhibitions, starts to get regular attendees. People come for the atmosphere, or the history, or the sense, albeit fleetingly, of being close to a legend.

People also come for Jim the tour guide. 

He’s one of five or so that are on rotation: God knows how he got hired, though, because while the other four are professional, respectful, and informative, Jim has a very unique style.

Jim tells blatant lies.

“Here we can see Captain America’s favourite breakfast.” He stands next to an grenade, a dud from Camp Lehigh. “Ate six of these before starting out every morning.”

Next up, a video of Peggy Carter, speaking slowly and seriously to camera, Forties glamour faded but not yet gone.

“Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter was a direct descendent of Queen Boudicca. Ripped the top off a tank once. Didn’t even smudge her lipstick.”

The tour groups love it. It’s a miracle he hasn’t been fired.

After a month, Jim’s packing up at the end of the day (Stan the security guard’s going to take over and they can talk, for a bit at least, about sports and the state of kids these days) when a straggler from the group approaches him.

Jim?” says Steve, crossing his arms. Bucky shrugs.

“I figured you guys’d find me eventually, no matter what I called myself.” He nods at the exhibition. “Nice show they’ve put up for you.”

“I dunno.” Steve looks back, hands on hips. “Personally, I’d fire that lousy tour guide.”

Beginner fitness tip

Just so you know–

Getting started is the hardest part. Finding that initial motivation. Figuring out what to do, what will work, and what is worth the effort.

You know what is even harder? Getting started when you’re starting over.

When you’re beginning for the first time, each new day is likely to be the most “in shape” you have been, but when you’re starting over, you have to fight one of the most crippling mental obstacles there is– Ego.

You will be plagued by memories of when this was all so easy. You’ll think back to all of the amazing things you used to do and just how thoroughly you took it for granted. You’ll start to see just how all of your hard work was paying off and how long it took to get there, even when you didn’t notice the first time.

I will tell you this, though– Whether you’re starting from scratch, or if you’re trying to get back to where you were after an injury, too much off-time, or something else that caused you to fall from your former levels of fitness…

It is worth it. You can get it back, and better.

So go out there and do whatever you can. Make the changes where they’re needed, and get on the right track to the level of health that you want and need in order to live a long and healthy life. It will suck as first. It always does, but it will get easier each day, until you’ll be looking back and saying, “I can’t believe that I once had trouble with that!”

There’s no shame in difficulty. There is no shame in failure. The only shame is in never even trying.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” - Suzy Kassem

Well kids, it’s been a great ride.  But you know what?  All great rides come to an end.  And so it is that I must announce my retirement from the role of Tony Stark.  Tony has been one of my favorite characters that I’ve ever cosplayed and I’ve had a total blast every time I’ve drawn on that silly eyeliner beard— but sometimes life throws you a curveball and you know it’s just time to move on.  I’ve been Tony for three years.  I’m ready to try something new.  

I want to say a special thanks to my friends in Camp Lehigh.  We have had so much fun together over the past two years, and I wouldn’t trade those good times for anything.  Those girls made me feel so welcome and so included; I’m honored to have been a part of their wolf pack.  Best of luck to you, guys.  I hope your future adventures are everything you want them to be.

Don’t cry for me, Argentina.  I’ve had the time of my life.  Now it’s on to the next chapter! 

Yes! It is I! Coffee Bean! The girl who is hated by technology/webcams/all the internet things!

(Look what you started the-bucky-barnes, the-natasha-romanoff, & colonel-bastard. This is absolutely beautiful.)

On another note, if you were part of the epic Camp Lehigh chat this evening please let me know because you were all wonderful :’)


December 4th is my wonderful Natasha’s birthday! She is incredibly special to me, I don’t know where I would be in this world without her, and I seriously owe her so much. There’s no one else in this world I would ever want as my Natasha, she’s my perfect partner in crime. So I want her to have the best birthday yet! Please go HERE and wish her a happy birthday, I would appreciate it so much(and I know she will too when she reads all of the birthday wishes)! If you’d like to send her a card check this post for details! Thank you so much, you’re all amazing!

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Is the Winter Soldier assassinating the Starks canon in the MCU? Because I usually write 'allegedly' before attributing anything to Bucky that I've haven't seen... I hope I haven't been making an ass of myself!

It’s never outright said, but it’s heavily implied in the HYDRA historical files that Steve and Natasha watch at Camp Lehigh! 

The Zola computer introduces the Winter Soldier by saying “For 70 years HYDRA has been secretly feeding crisis, reaping war. And when history did not cooperate? History was changed”:

The images reinforce that the Soldier is a secret assassin who’s never identified and used to keep people in line. Natasha remarks that it’s not possible – SHIELD would have realized the chaos and stopped them. But Zola replies “Accidents will happen, and then shows Howard Stark’s files:

Stark’s death is seen as an accident in public files, but even then, the article says the accident happened so quickly that there was no way to see what had caused it, and foul play may have occurred. But in HYDRA files, Howard’s cause of death is listed as Classified:

Zola basically confirms that HYDRA caused Howard’s death – and it’s reasonable that they’d send Bucky for such a high-level mission.

Immediately afterward, Zola shows a picture of Fury, which we know the Winter Soldier assassinated (well, not really, but y’know):

Since Howard Stark’s ‘accident’ is smushed between multiple Winter Soldier files, it’s implied that Bucky had something to do with Stark’s death. So as of right now, I believe it’s canon, but it’s such a small detail that the writers could easily overlook, change the story, or imply otherwise in Civil War!