camp hovey



This is Richard from The Container Store. Richard installed some shelves for me today and has a tremendous mustache. While he patiently posed for a few shots we discussed his time spent in the military – in Korea in the late ‘60s. I emailed Richard a link of the shots I took and in turn he rewarded me with a few outstanding ones of his own which he took during his time in Korea. I’ll let Richard speak for himself. 

Here’s what he wrote in two emails containing his scans. 

Hi Adam, the folder shows empty. I installed the Dropbox, but still shows folder empty after I did that. Here is a couple pics of Korea. The single pic is me in my hooch on the DMZ. The multi jeep pics some got cropped on the left when I attached them. The road became a trail then a ditch, had to sort of manually turn jeep around. My jeep was in front of this one. Told every one to stand clear and did a multiple K turn myself. The guys told me one of my wheels was waist high above ground as I was maneuvering the jeep around. Fun times, Richard

The two shirtless characters on left are from the 106 Recoilless Rifle platoon. The big guy is from Alabama and Is a Chief of Police there now. The other is from Idaho, good yarn spinner and fair chess player. Never was able to beat me.the center pic is some of the guys on Andrew’s (Idaho guy) bunk in Hooch at Camp Hovey. Bob hope and Ann Margret on stage doing his Christmas Show, December 1968. Wish I had a better camera.

I fixed the Dropbox link.