camp hood

Max: By the way, gonna lead the kids of Camp Campbell in a revolt against you.
Campbell: And why should the kids listen to you?
Max: Because. Unlike some other Campers, I can do this.
Max: -pulls his hood up and tightens it so that only a large fluff sticks out-
David: What has that got to do with anything?
Campbell: No no, he’s got a point.

UPDATE: Holly was recovered from the Hood River on 4/22. She is no longer with us.

My friend Holly went missing from where she was camping on the Hood River on March 15th. She was last seen with two men she had known conflicts with, and all of her belongings are where she left them.
Oregon Police have not sent out a search party and are going to close the case soon, while a femme of color has disappeared suspiciously.
I am looking for people with Oregon connections, experience contacting media outlets, or search and rescue experience  please contact 

 the @Find Holly Lester page on Facebook, or 

Hood River Police: 541-386-2121


Summer camping trip near Mt. Hood, Oregon. Check out the lights of the hikers moving up and down the slopes.

David: Mr. Campbell! You’ll never guess what happened to me today!
Campbell: Is it bad news? I bet it’s bad news.
David: Of course it’s not bad news! It’s the best news ever!
Campbell: All right, lay it on me.
David: I bumped into Max of Hood, he’s back in town, and he just beat the crap out of me and my men! He hates you, and he wants to see you hanged!
Campbell: What? This is terrible news! Why are you so happy?
David: Because he had so many new friends with him!