camp fires gone wrong


Surprise, surprise, I actually wrote some snowbaz. It’s not very good and doesn’t really have a plot so much as it’s just Baz’s dramatic inner monologue. It’s really short but I haven’t written snowbaz in forever so I’m a little rusty. Pls be kind to me and do not yell at me if it’s shit i will cri

Simon Snow was a wonder to love.

How had Baz survived all these years in such close proximity to a star? Simon was a bomb with a 5-mile blast zone that he never meant to detonate. Simon was a forest fire from a camping trip gone wrong, burning down the surrounding trees inside Baz’s heart until it reached the core. It sizzled his heart until all that was left were its charred remains and a weakness left in its place. Simon was a dangerous gas that arose from two chemicals mixed together that should never have touched each other, and now, Baz was choking on his own air.

But Simon, no, Simon never even meant for anything like that to happen. He never meant to become the next atomic bomb. It wasn’t his fault he had been born into lethality.

And it wasn’t his fault he wound up having someone like Baz love him.

But Simon was so much more than a bomb, than a fire, than a gas. He was freckled constellations and a heart-melting smile. He was a walking calamity with a beautiful ending. He was the subtlest hint of smoke and he was power without control. Oh god, he was power. What must it feel like to have so much power? To be Simon Snow?

Baz supposed it felt like holding his hand, like kissing him, like lying in a bed side by side with him. He supposed it was the same kind of thrill being in close proximity to Simon gave him, the same thrill knowing Simon Snow loved him as well.

Simon Snow was a wonder to love.