camp delaware

rareata  asked:

can you send support to the East coast the fuckbois have sent floods and we're losing good skeletons

Ah yes. The East Coast. Below are battle plans my troops will follow to take back the remaining sections of your area.

Washington: One of the few remaining capitals for the fuckbois. Some of them are dressed up as Congressmen, but once you blow off their cover, the true fuckboi nature will be more obvious than the failed experiment that was “Gigli” by Ben Affleck.

New Jersey: My troops will pass through my base camp in Delaware and enter through the anus of the state. The trip should be as smooth as an intervertebral disc.

North Carolina: After the torrential rain the area’s had we’d be happy to send in some troops to help fight the fuckbois. Also General Skelenhower’s Camp officially supports the American Red Cross. They are a fantastic organization and any donation helps.

Be safe and happy fighting.

With Spoopy Intention,

- General Skelenhower

Christmas 1776 - the day George Washington saved America from the British

We would likely not be celebrating Christmas as free Americans today had it not been for the bravery of George Washington on Christmas Day in 1776.

from Mt Vernon:

Washington also understood that the element of surprise was the only way that he and his army stood a chance of defeating the highly trained Hessian mercenaries.

On the morning of December 25, 1776, Continental soldiers woke up in their camps along the Delaware River to a frozen, snowy covered ground. Weather conditions worsened and temperatures continued to drop throughout the day. Late in the afternoon, the Continentals left their tents and began to form along the river in anticipation of the night’s events. Washington kept almost all of the details of the crossing a secret; as a result, none of the soldiers knew anything about their upcoming mission.

Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 allowed his army to strike the Hessians at Trenton the next morning.

Washington’s plan was to cross the river at night, march to the nearby town of Trenton, New Jersey, and attack the Hessian garrison right before dawn. Time was Washington’s greatest enemy; to combat it his orders called for the various regiments to assemble at their designated crossing points no later than sunset. The close proximity to the crossing points allowed the soldiers to begin the journey immediately after nightfall struck and complete the crossing no later than midnight. Once across, Washington intended for the armies to reassemble and march approximately ten miles to Trenton, arriving there no later than five o'clock in the morning to achieve surprise. Despite his meticulous planning, the schedule failed almost before it even began.

Many of the regiments did not arrive at the river until well after dark. Additionally, a severe winter storm that included wind, rain, snow, hail, and sleet met the soldiers at the banks of the river significantly slowing their crossing. Many of the boats had to combat ice jams and unfavorable currents. To make matters even worse, the extreme darkness caused by the storm made it hard for the boatmen to see the opposite shore.

The necessity of using larger ferries to carry pieces of artillery across the river caused even more delays. Washington crossed the river with John Glover’s Marblehead mariners and upon arrival debated whether or not to cancel the entire operation because it was more than three hours behind schedule. Washington decided it was too costly to retreat and he painfully watched as his army continued to trickle across the river.

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Washington’s decision to cross the Delaware led to the first major victory of the Continental army against the British.  This Christmas, be thankful for the bravery of General Washington and his men, who sacrificed everything for our liberty.