camp cohen

so, yeah, i just watched “getting go”. it wasn’t awful. not nearly as depressing as most gay flicks tend to be. some awkward, rushed-sounding dialog aside, i really enjoyed the ending. there was, of course, plenty of matthew camp eye candy (which made the nurses linger). be warned: it wears its andy warhol fetishism on its sleeve. so, you know, if you aren’t a fan of his experimental films, certain segments are going to drag (for example, there’s about ten solid minutes of tanner cohen and camp kissing… an homage to warhol’s “kiss”), but i enjoyed them. fortunately, these segments aren’t silent, like the warhol flicks they cop, and the soundtrack is pretty damned good. there’s also a nice little dialogue about queer assimilation that runs throughout the movie. while i might not agree with where it winds up, i was pleased to see the back and forth. all in all, i’d say give it a watch.

From upclose, in the light of day, I can see that you’re not perfect. You’ve got blackheads, you’ve got your hair, you’ve got a mole on your stunning pectoralis major muscle. Your hairline is very slowly, but surely receding. One day, your physical beauty is going to fade, and you’ll be left with what’s underneath: a little bit of narcissism, a lot of neediness…

This is a closed set. Stage manager Paul Stratford suffers no fools and runs a razor sharp stage crew. The stage is Paul’s wheelhouse, do not muck about.