camp cedar falls

camp cedar falls;

so sabbath morning the family got up & left for the church retreat at camp cedar falls. ate breakfast there before going to sabbath school. worked in small groups with @g3lat0n, @ceeediine, @snowkjd, @ellenangie & mm. practiced with binata for a few minutes for special music. sang Jesus, Name Above All Names, again, with binata since it was special music done by the tlts. this time we did it acapella. caught some kids in the act of sleeping & @awwestruck. ;D

had lunch before going on a hike with the parents & some of the young families. took lyche with me cause i couldn’t find auntie cheryl or uncle wilson. wiljon & jarylson was hiking too but as an ate, i took her with me so that the boys can go hike & not get held back from her. lyche & i made it passed the bridge & the log. took pictures at the lil house & going up the ladder, hurt my left leg/butt area when i pulled myself up. back to worship again before going to dinner.

had social night. the girls were going to sing & dedicate “lullaby” to me. :] but avery wasn’t feeling good. got to talk to sophie & play with her. joni & jesse’s solos were great, oh dang. put my stuff into eagle cabin room with angela & @roseycoseyposey. met up with angela, claudine, @justejay & jovan in the basketball court & watched them dance. barely did anything cause younger kids & parents would pass by. started walking to camp & had to stop when @sentimental2love & itssocyril were passing by. we stood there & started dancing. back at the cabin,

angela, @nadeeny & cosey & i went to the bathroom to brush our teeth & wash our faces. angela & i raped cosey…who screamed so loud that nadinne heard her all the way from inside her cabin. the parents/staff shared the same cabin as we did too, HAHA.

angela & i got up before 7 to go shower. we woke up cosey when we got back to the cabin & got ready/packed up. at breakfast,
cj & breanainn kept talking about how their night was. during worship after the hike, nadinne, @radioqueens & cosey put pinecones under the guys’ sleeping bags & pillows. that there were spiders in their room & a dead moth on breanainn’s pillow.
so the guys left after they ate to get us girls back. i stuffed the last half of my burrito into a bowl & wrapped it with napkins & stuffed it into my purse & left the cafeteria. cosey, nadinne, @saranghaeasia & i were walking back to our cabin to see what happened. the guys took all our stuff & put them on the ground & in the trees. LAME PRANK GUYS! ryan & royce tried to distract us & call a truce. cosey’s stuff was put back into our room but when they were distracting us, the others came from the other room & took her stuff again. but because we were so boring, they gave it back. they took one of the lil girl’s towels & they even took angela’s stuff. she was “pissed.” when the guys came in through the other room, they put stuff into uncle israel & auntie charity’s stuff. BUSTED! put my stuff in the back of jace’s van.
sat on the stairs by the tennis & basketball courts with stephanie & jace. went to the playground & met with nadinne & breanainn. hung at the table with jace, nadinne, breanainn & ryan.

finally leaving camp, we were in the clouds. along with the olarte, malimban [& angela], cabanada, & trinidad families, we ate at thai spoon in highland.

wasn’t at camp the whole weekend, but it was fun. :] thanks for the memories guys!