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DIY Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Make the easiest friendship bracelet ever by tying one knot over and over again. The button closure makes this a cheap and easy summer DIY for every age group.

My friend Hannah loves to make friendship bracelets of all kinds. She made this really short video for my readers, showing how to make this colorful twisty friendship bracelet.

For more friendship bracelets of all kinds go here or see these roundups below. 

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can i request 4 with burr/laurens? <333

(for passersby, here’s the prompt meme. Prompt is:  Making them a friendship bracelet after years of marriage) Enjoy <3

Aaron had been at the computer for a long time. He wasn’t sure how long, having lost track of time somewhere along the way. The case wasn’t done, so he wasn’t done. Alexander had been needling him again, about motivation and commitment. As usual.

There was a mug of tea by his side. Aaron did not remember where it came from, certain for a fact that he had not gotten up to make it. Unthinkingly, he dipped a finger in- it was ice cold. It also wasn’t there the last time Aaron had looked up from his work.

Carefully, Aaron took stock of his surroundings. A plate with crusts sat further out- but hadn’t John brought him soup? No, that was earlier, he’s had the sandwich sometime later. Aaron blinked, surprised to find his eyes dry and irritated. He stretched, there was a painful kink in his neck.

Aaron took a peek at the clock, and winced at the time. “John? Dear?” His throat rasped. A trickle of guilt wormed its way into Aaron’s chest. John had been quietly taking care of him all day, and he’d barely even noticed. Aaron knew John had damn good reasons for hating that.

Almost stumbling, Aaron stood up and poked his head out the study. The lights were on, but the big living room windows revealed the incriminating pitch-black outside. “You here?” Aaron wouldn’t blame John for going to bed. He was not being a charitable spouse.

Somehow, though, John was curled up on the couch, under a blanket but awake and with a book. His head poked up at Aaron’s voice. “Finally done, sugar?” His smile was small, a little uncertain.

Aaron’s guilt doubled. “Yeah, I’m done. Sorry for ignoring you all night, you didn’t have to stay up for my sake.”

John’s smile grew, a touch more genuine. “I stayed up because I wanted to. Of course, whether or not I forgive you is dependent on what you do next.”

The words only made Aaron’s heart fall. “I’m sorry. You know I won’t be able to sleep right away after this. It’s my fault for letting Alexander wind me up, I know, but all I can think about is that case.” It wasn’t the first time Aaron had overworked himself and tried to sleep right after, nor the first time John tried to help him sleep anyways. “I can lie in bed next to you, though?”

Somehow, John’s smile did not fall, and did not morph into that disappointed look when Aaron refused to take care of himself. “Not that. Somehow, after years of marriage, I’ve learned that much. But I’ve been looking online, and I found an interesting idea. One to distract you.”

“Oh?” Aaron felt a smirk growing. “What kind of thing online?” His voice went low, and he moved over to John’s side. “I wouldn’t mind a distraction.” Aaron leaned over, snaking an arm over John’s shoulder, cornering him into the couch.

“Hah!” John snorted at his attempts at seduction. The noise startled Aaron into losing his balance, poor after a whole day of not moving. He fell against John’s chest with a yelp. “Darling, you are adorable.” Aaron felt a sloppy wet kiss against the crown of his head.

“I’d rather be sexy,” Aaron grumbled.

John laughed, airy breaths tickling the wet spot on his head. “You are, when you haven’t been hunched over a laptop since dawn. And no, it’s not that kind of distraction.”

Aaron whined, cuddling into the body underneath him and nuzzling into his chest. “Why not?”

“I’ve got something better than sex. Look!” John tapped Aaron’s ear with his phone. Aaron obliged, looking up and into a picture.

“Friendship bracelets?” Aaron raised his brows, baffled. “Do we even have the coloured string for it?”

“No, but going to the dollar store three blocks away will get us both some fresh air, and I’ve heard they’re very good for distracting people from negative thought.”

Aaron hummed. Truthfully, he didn’t feel like making friendship bracelets, and the whole idea sounded dumb. But John wanted to try it, and he only wanted to help, and he was looking at Aaron with that soft, playful grin on his face.

Aaron sighed. “I’ll get my shoes on.”


The air outside was brisk; the walk to and from the store actually pleasant. A light flush rose in John’s freckled cheeks from the cold. Aaron couldn’t stop himself from leaning his face in, either to nose or lightly kiss the cool, reddened skin.

“Oh my god, how are you so damn clingy!” John pushed Aaron off, putting on a face of mock exasperation quickly ruined by barely-held back laughter.

Aaron snorted, holding no such restraint. “Only when I’m work-exhausted. Don’t pretend you aren’t cuddly after a long overtime shift- I was perfectly non-touchy before you, you know.”

John sighed, unlocking the apartment door and pulling a shoe off with his free hand. “Fuck that, you’ve craved physical contact from the beginning. I just taught you not to be shy about it.”

Aaron sighed, toeing his shoes off as well. “Still your fault.” He peered over at the plastic bag John was already dumping over the coffee table. “We can’t possibly need that many thread colours.”

John’s eyes widened, as if serious. “You can never have too many colours in a friendship bracelet. Have you never been to summer camp?”

Aaron padded over with a wry smile. “No, actually. Never made any friendship bracelets either, before you ask.” A genuine note of surprise quickly overtook John’s previous teasing.

Suddenly, Aaron’s arms were full of Husband. “This is awful. How have you never made a friendship bracelet? My childhood sucked and I still got to.” Arms tightened across Aaron’s back. Aaron patted his back in return, touched despite the dramatics.

“It just never came up. I’m not saying I never had friends as a kid, you know, we just never went to camp or made bracelets. I had to work in the summer, usually.”

“Ugh,” John made an automatic, disgusted sound. Aaron could relate, when it came to his childhood.

“Though, you know,” Aaron said, quietly because John’s ear was so close already. “You can show me how.”

John  nodded. “I’d love to.” He punctuated his words with a quick kiss on the lips. No matter how long they were together, Aaron would never get used to how nice casual affections were. Then, he shot Aaron a mischievous little smile and ducked down a bit, bending his knees. With a sharp heave, John lifted Aaron, waddled over to the table with Aaron only a scant few inches above the ground, and dropped him down on the couch.

Aaron blinked, dazed into silence at his husband’s casual show of strength- despite not being much taller than Aaron himself. “You just wait there sugar, and I’ll get some fresh decaf tea.” Aaron would never get used to that, either.

In the end, the bracelet itself was simple. John demonstrated for a few minutes, strands of colourful string taped to the table on one end for leverage, and twisted over each other. It was a very repeatable pattern.

“Your colours are boring, sugar.” John said, raising an eyebrow.

Aaron frowned at his Red and Brown. “I like them, what’s wrong with them?”

“You need more! Come on, where’s your pink? Your orange? Your teal?” John gestured dramatically at the veritable pile of colours. “You need four minimum.” 

It would, perhaps, be a shame to waste such variety. Aaron huffed a short laugh, and reached for the White and Black. John sighed. “You’re hopeless.”

John’s bracelet, of course, had every colour he could feasibly use. “One of us has to be the reasonable one.”

“Oh, just keep braiding. We’ll see whose it better.” And so Aaron did.

When Aaron stopped braiding, it was only to John’s outright laugh. “Sugar, I think you’re done.”

Aaron took another look at the braided string. It’s pattern was perfect, but it was perhaps twice as long as it needed to be. Aaron tried to wonder how he had lost track of time yet again, but all he found was a yawn. He blinked slowly- was he actually sleepy?

“So, can I assume it worked?” John teased, smirking as Aaron rubbed his eyes.

“Oh shush,” Aaron objected, if only because of how damn smug John looked. But he wasn’t wrong. Aaron also couldn’t remember when the thread of case thoughts had been replaced by thoughts of actual thread. “Just show me how to tie them off.”

John obliged, but didn’t lose the self satisfied smirk. Aaron let him have it, following the directions closely.

“And now, the most important part of friendship bracelets.” John raised his voice, as if making an important announcement. Aaron humoured it, straightening his back to attention. “Give me your hand.”

Confused, Aaron did so. He watched as John took his bracelet and carefully knotted it around Aaron’s wrist. Right. He’d forgotten that these things were generally exchanged. Slowly, Aaron took John’s arm and repeated the process in turn.

“It is boring, after all.” John turned his wrist in front of his face, considering. “But it wouldn’t be you if it wasn’t at least mildly tame. Thanks, sugar.” He shot a toothy smile.

Aaron looked at his. It was exactly the mess Aaron had expected, far too many threads making the bracelet thick and bulky and an absolute eyesore of colours. “I love it,” Aaron whispered, completely sincere. “I’m also going to fall asleep. Let’s go to bed.”

John whooped, pulling Aaron into a deep kiss. “Then let’s go to bed.” He bounced to his feet.

Aaron followed, sleepy and more than a little gone. He was wearing this bracelet forever.

But what if Daniel is actually super confused by how cheerful David is. I mean, he knew David was a happy guy from his first visit at the camp, but it’s only during house arrest that he realizes this guy is the literal embodiment of human sunshine.

Sure, there was that one moment where he threatened Daniel’s life if he so much as thought about hurting the kids, but other than that, he is so…HAPPY. Daniel’s happiness from before had mostly been part of the whole ‘cult’ ordeal (catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, as the saying goes) not to mention he had his faith pretty much shattered after his time in the hospital, so what’s even the point in pretending he’s not super pissed off and annoyed with his situation?

But David is…something else. Surely he has to have SOME weaknesses (ones that Daniel could possibly use to torment David with during his time at the camp). Sure, there were the obvious self-esteem issues, but considering Daniel’s the one under house arrest at a shit camp with an ankle bracelet, he can’t really claim he’s ‘better than David’ anymore. His life fucking sucks while David gets to live out his dream job.

But there has to be SOMETHING beneath that sunshine exterior. He has to have SOME weakness. One that will shatter him to the core. One that will really HURT him.

Max overhears Daniel muttering this to himself and laughs before saying he remembers when he was that young and naive.

Taylor Swift Explains Her Friendship with Ed Sheeran

The singers go way back, and it sounds like they’ll go way forward too.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have a friendship that spans continents and music charts. They’ve toured together. They’ve done the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show together. They’ve taken both friendly fire and heavy fire from tabloids on separate occasions, and sometimes even together, in the same stories. In short, they’ve seen some things.

Like the millions of rehearsal-dinner speeches and millions more summer-camp bracelets that have come before her, Swift attempted to represent the true nature of their close friendship for a new Rolling Stone profile on her pal Sheeran. “We‘ve gotten matching Scottish folds, made each other arts and crafts Christmas presents, vacationed with our families, and had each other‘s backs,“ Swift told the magazine. “He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can‘t imagine a time when he wouldn’t be.”

Sheeran added to that list recently, when he told British GQ, “There’s an underdog element to it. Taylor [Swift] was never the popular kid in school. I was never the popular kid in school. Then you get to the point when you become the most popular kid in school—and we both take it a bit too far.”


Camping beaded bracelet homework. Last time I brought all my supplies in two boxes, this time I was smarter and put the buttons and cords I wanted for each bead color in the bag. I work on the clipboard, with the clasp end in the clip and the cords clipped to the bottom with the binder clip. The tin has the thread colors I selected and needles, while I am working it will be what I dump the beads into for easy access. A bit of stick on velcro to fix it to the board would be perfect. I carry a Swiss Army knife in my daypack. All that’s missing is a ruler, but as I write that I realize I can just mark lengths on the board…

Little things to live for;
  1. All types of art
  2. Happy music
  3. Sad music
  4. Loud music
  5. Soft music
  6. Music in general
  7. Fluffy bunnies
  8. Kittens
  9. Puppies
  10. Vitamin water
  11. Neon lights
  12. Journals
  13. Poetry
  14. Beanies
  15. Dream catchers
  16. Paint fights
  17. First kisses
  18. Meadows
  19. Jogging
  20. Cartoons
  21. Spring break
  22. Falling in love
  23. Ice cream
  24. 11:11 wishes
  25. Dressing up
  26. Slow dances
  27. Cuddles
  28. Long hugs
  29. Cotton candy
  30. Pillow fights
  31. Sleeping in
  32. Rainbows
  33. Kissing in the rain
  34. Stuffed animals
  35. Big t-shirts
  36. Making someone smile
  37. Getting someone to laugh
  38. Comfortable silences
  39. Getting close to people you never thought you would
  40. Pillow forts
  41. Long, meaningful conversations with the one you love
  42. Deep conversations with your bestfriend that mean the world to you
  43. Getting close to an old friend
  44. Freckles
  45. Concerts
  46. Movie dates
  47. Splash fights
  48. Energy drinks
  49. Coffee
  50. Tea with honey
  51. Playing with little kids
  52. A babys giggle
  53. Photography
  54. Dandelions
  55. Roses
  56. Flowers in general
  57. Lazy days
  58. Working out
  59. New video games
  60. Old school gaming systems
  61. Old fashioned cameras 
  62. Getting lost in a good book
  63. State fairs
  64. Carnival rides
  65. The way everything looks in the winter, when its all dying
  66. Spring
  67. Fall leaves
  68. Summer break
  69. Sweet texts
  70. Visiting new places
  71. Traveling
  72. Family vacations
  73. Tattoos
  74. Piercings
  75. Hugging someone who smells good
  76. Dying your hair
  77. Being correctly gendered
  78. Good days
  79. Good hair days
  80. Messy hair
  81. How silly people get when theyre sleepy
  82. Singing
  83. Flannel shirts
  84. Donating blood
  85. The way Christmas lights up a kids face
  86. Coloring Easter eggs
  87. Camping
  88. Waterfalls
  89. Bracelets
  90. New glasses
  91. Face paint
  92. Onesies
  93. Kool-aid
  94. Bonfires
  95. Tree swings
  96. Tire swings
  97. Cologne
  98. Swimming
  99. Refreshing showers
  100. Feeling well rested for once
  101. New shoes
  102. Bowties
  103. Birdhouse
  104. An ocean view
  105. Bay windows
  106. Long walks on the beach
  107. Picnics on the beach

Over 2 feet of doodles featuring seven years of summer camp memories including early morning blob time, baked oatmeal, golden toilet seat ghosts, M&Ms, zip lining off the lookout tower, riding in the chariot, friendship bracelets, pop stop, torch bearers, being third, putting flies on people, medieval games, Lake Ladies, Women of the River, equestrians, Trippers, mud hikes, jumping on the suspension bridge, carpet ball, and horsing around. 

This got so entirely out of hand~ :D [x]

For @inthegarishsubmarine!! Thank you for the request!