camp bisco music festival


If you haven’t ever gone to Camp Bisco, what the fuck are you doing with your life man?

Never have I ever experienced happiness of this magnitude. I am so grateful for such an amazing opportunity to bond with new souls and create a new family under the sky in the mountains of PA.

Camp Bisco 2017, you better be fucking ready for me ♡

Festival Game

Holy Ship!- Age?
Dancefestopia- Favorite food?
Hard Summer- Favorite festival/ concert/rave memory?
Tomorrowland- Current musical obsession?
Ultra Music Festival- Favorite DJ set/ performance?
Electric Daisy Carnival - Dream festival?
Stereosonic- You just won an all expense paid trip to your fav festival.. who you taking with you?
Ezoo- Ideal venue?
Paradiso- It’s rave day… what’s your outfit look like?
Electric Forest-  You can only have one with you:iPhone( no charging stations available and can’t buy water) or Hydration pack (only have to fill once)
Imagine Music Festival- Your two favorite dj’s are playing at the same time… who you choosing and why?
Northern Lights- Hardstyle or House Music?
Camp Bisco- Camping festival or no camping?
NOS Alive- Going abroad for a festie or staying in the country you live in?
Airbeat One- If you could run into one dj who would it be?
Veld Music Festival- Themed festival or no theme?
Mysteryland- Ever had a festie crush that?
Austin City Limits- Shuffling or just failing around?
Escape Psycho Circus- Early Spring(March-May) or Early Fall Festival?(August-October)