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Corporate Media Has Complete Collapse Over Hillary [x]

[Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp]

June 10, 2016:

“The corporate media keeps telling us to now celebrate this grand moment in history. Okay. First, I only need to celebrate if the candidate is a good person, who stands for… Oh. I don’t know… anything! Hey! Here’s the first female corporate election fraud Presidential nominee! Brought to you by the good people of Goldman Sachs and Monsanto! Ah, well. Break out the champagne!

 Secondly, she’s not the first woman to be a Presidential nominee. Jill Stein was the nominee, for the Green Party, just last election cycle and there are many others! So yeah, “Anybody who isn’t celebrating Hillary is a misogynist.” Meanwhile, you’re bulldozing over history, to knock other women out of the way. 

Sorry ladies, you weren’t on a corporatist party platform, so you don’t count! Out of the way, Victoria Woodhull, who was a presidential nominee in 1872. You mean nothing, in your sepia photos. You’re no Hillary!” - Lee Camp @redactedtonight
Bernie Sanders says Trump voters aren’t 'deplorable' in jab aimed at Clinton camp
Senator criticized the Democratic party at an Our Revolution event with Elizabeth Warren, saying they lost the election rather than Trump winning it
By Martin Pengelly

BERNIE SANDERS: “Let me tell you something else some of you might not agree with, (…) It wasn’t that Donald Trump won the election, it was that the Democratic party lost the election. We need a Democratic party that is not a party of the liberal elite but of the working class of this country, we need a party that is a grassroots party, where candidates are talking to working people not spending their time raising money for the wealthy and the powerful. And when we do that, when we transform the Democratic party, we transform America.

"I'll Have What She's Having" - Berena Minific (Fluff)

Prompt help provided by @mylittleredgirl

When the morning light gets too bright to ignore, Bernie squints an eye open and groans in protest. Why she keeps forgetting to close the bloody drapes before going to sleep, she’ll never know. Perhaps it’s something about the moon’s reassuring glow that fills her with serenity. Perhaps it’s the way moonlight glimmers ever so sweetly on her lover’s naked body, allowing her eyes to trace it appreciatively long after the light has been switched off and the candles extinguished.

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Redacted Tonight #127: How The Recount (& Election) Was Rigged By Both Sides!

December 16, 2016

And let me just say, some people get mad at me for even covering the recount. Because their like, “What if it helps Hillary?! She’s a war criminal, she’s in bed with Wall Street, she stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders.”

And to them I say, those are all true statements. But, none of them change the fact that we have an electoral system that should make everyone about as comfortable as a game of Cards Against Humanity with your mother, your sister, and your third grade teacher.

I’m not interested in propping up either candidate! I’m interested in having a legitimate fucking Democracy! Alright? - Lee Camp

A little piece of birthday fluff for @tea-and-procrastination

Bernie rolls over in bed, eyes still half stuck together; licks her lips and savours the taste, still present, of Serena, some hours before, ecstatic and glorious.

“Morning sleepyhead. Not like you…” The warmth in Serena’s voice trickles through her ears, echoed by the touch of her finger, tracing soft lines down Bernie’s cheek. “…to sleep in…”

 “Sleep…in…? Oh shit!” She jerks upright, can feel her hair on end, skin burning. “What time is it? I was supposed to start at seven! Shit-shit-shit, how did I sleep through my alarm…” Bernie’s hand is already half way out, reaching blindly for her phone.

Serena watches her, uncharacteristically relaxed, not fazed in the slightest. “Mind your coffee, do. You’ll knock it over the way you’re going, and you know how I feel about cleaning that rug.”

“What…why… Why didn’t you wake me?” Bernie casts a reproachful glance at Serena, beginning to take in, for the first time, how perfect she looks. Far more so than normal, that is. Far more so than someone who has just woken up has a right to. “Hang…on… Why aren’t you…?”

“Penny dropped yet?”

“We’re both supposed to be on earlys today…” Bernie glances at the carefully made up tray, with a mug of newly brewed coffee, a melt-in-the-mouth Croissant, flaking and buttery, a bud vase with a fully open Peony barely keeping its head up, so heavy the petals are. Then back to Serena, in a silk leopard print camisole that Bernie knows fine well she didn’t go to sleep in; hair brushed (it never looks like that when she’s just woken up) and eyes bright with laughter. “What have you done…?”

“Well, suffice to say, AAU won’t be expecting either of us today.”

“You…But I…”

“I cleared your schedule yesterday. And my own.”


“Did you really think you could keep today a secret?” Serena quirks an eyebrow, dimple deepening as she twinkles at Bernie.

“Today…? …Oh.” Bernie falls back on her pillows and begins to laugh weakly. “Tell me you haven’t gone to all this…”

“…To celebrate your birthday? Oh, darling, this is nothing.” The cadence of Serena’s voice is rich with suggestion, as she leans down to drop a kiss onto Bernie’s still surprised lips. “But do drink your coffee before it gets cold.”

Bernie sits herself up, wriggles the pillows behind her till they provide support; gives silent thanks that the room is warm enough that she doesn’t have to go looking for the t-shirt that got thrown off somewhere in the early hours of the morning. Reaches for the mug, fingers brushing an envelope beside it. She glances at Serena from underneath her fringe, and picks it up instead. Opens it.

A voucher flutters out, but Bernie’s eyes are drawn first to Serena’s cursive scrawl; tidier than when it’s on a report or a discharge sheet.

 Bernie, darling.

           I couldn’t think of a gift small enough for you to unwrap that was still big enough to carry everything I want to say to you, today and always. I hope you like this instead.

           All my love,

                       Serena x

She picks the voucher, wondering. It’s for a ‘luxury getaway cottage’ somewhere in the Mendip hills, with the arrival day bearing today’s date. 

“I thought you’d prefer that to a Spa, somehow.” Serena smiles, soft and comforting. “Macho mad woman that you are.” She winks.

Bernie grins. “You know me so well.” Picks up the coffee. “Although…if a certain…masseuse…felt like…”

“Leave it with me.” Serena snuggles into her shoulder, kisses the now pale scar on her neck. “I’ll…see…what she can…do.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Couldn’t disappoint a birthday girl, now, could I?”
I Felt the Bern But the Bros Are Extinguishing the Flames
Violence and bullying undermine the spirit of his movement

The Bernie Bros are real. I’ve been the target of Bernie Bros on social media, and when I endorsed Sen. Sanders at a Brooklyn rally in front of more than 30,000 people, a not insignificant portion of the audience booed me for praising Clinton in my remarks. Forget the plainly self-defeating results of that behavior in terms of trying to recruit would-be Hillary supporters to Bernie’s column. It was disturbing from a visceral, human level.

It’s also too easy to suggest that Sanders’ supporters are a different kind of angry than Trump’s. Are we entirely sure about that? The populist right may be more inclined toward misogyny and xenophobia, but the populist left is not immune from these afflictions. 

And as I’ve written before, when you see progressive white men—many of whom enthusiastically supported Barack Obama’s candidacy—hate Clinton with every fiber of their being despite the fact that she’s a carbon copy of Obama’s ideology (or in fact now running slightly to his left), it’s hard to find any other explanation than sexism. Either way, the brutish, boorish behavior of Bernie Bros (and their female compatriots, too) was a huge reason I was reluctant to seemingly side with them in endorsing Sanders—and has been the only reason I have ever questioned my decision to do so since.

But what’s perhaps most disconcerting to me about the events in Nevada is that if you remove the ideological valence, it’s easy to see an anti-establishment movement rising across the U.S. that is disturbingly proto-violent. Let me be clear: I am all for populist mass social movements and even anti-elite revolutions. The sooner the better. But what I am not for is hate and violence in the service of those ends, movements that seek to lift up their marginalized base by marginalizing others.

This is the philosophy behind Trump. I’m not saying that all or even most of Sanders’ white male supporters are violent xenophobes, but they are certainly angry, and in the past and present of America it is impossible to disentangle white male anger from gender and racial bias and resentment. This is, after all, all happening at a time when white male supremacy is finally, if only slightly, on the decline. 

It’s not inevitable that these voters’ anger would be captured and catalyzed by Trump and his message—and even more worryingly, by the truly dangerous spirit of a larger swath of his supporters. It’s not inevitable at all. But it is possible. And incidentally, being wary of the events in Nevada and the general bullying behavior of Sanders supporters throughout the campaign doesn’t make me a bad progressive or a bad Democrat. It makes me a good human being. And to not worry about any of this would be naïve.


“It doesn’t matter who you support for President. You should still want a legitimate and accountable system. Because, until we have that, we have nothing! We have the meaningless façade of Democracy. Until we get that, this is not over.” - Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp [#103]


Redacted Tonight #118:  DNC Lawyers Basically Admit Primary Election Was Rigged (x)

October 2, 2016:

“The lawyers for the Democratic National Committee have admitted that the DNC have rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton and pissed in Bernie Sanders Cheerios. Not in so many words.” - Lee Camp @redactedtonight

anonymous asked:

Sir, sir, reporting for Anon News Network. What is your opinion on Hillary Clinton and her lack of presence at the woman's march. Do you think she was trying to make a statement by not being there? And what do you say to the people who are now divided in the Bernie Camps who say that it's evidence that she didn't really care about people while Bernie is still out there mobilizing constituents and marching?

Lmao! Anon News Network, love it.

I don’t think it was any sort of a statement at all. I think she was a candidate who lost the biggest election of her life, a moment she’d probably been building her way towards for a very long time, and she wants some time away from the public eye.

Moreover, people need to stop comparing her to Bernie and saying how Bernie is still in the public eye, Bernie didn’t run in the general election, he lost back in mid-2016 and he didn’t do any public events until like late Sept or Oct, that mother fucker took his dear sweet time not opposing Trump when it counted so the fact that his soggy ass comes out now acting like he’s ready to go seems really fucking convenient, but aside from that. By the end of the election Clinton didn’t have much political capitol left to be able to go run around and tell people what to do. I mean, if she did try and do that the media and Donald Trump would be hounding her for not letting the nation “heal” after the divisive election. I’m sure that Clinton is still doing her thing to help by meeting with democratic leaders and helping to formulate a plan to combat Donald Trump, but I’m also sure she understands that she better serves the anti-Trump cause from behind the scenes rather than at the front lines which makes democrats seem like they are unable to let go of this election. Also, as a side note, no one who loses an election really does much in the public eye after. People really don’t ever seem to take into consideration the level of stress that running for public office entails, it’s exhausting and it’s something Michelle Obama touched on when she was asked recently by Oprah if she’d run herself and she basically said hell no and that she gets low key annoyed when people ask because it shows how little they understand about the sacrifice that’s required to run and then occupy that office.

Basically, I’ve just come to expect that Hillary can do nothing right in the eyes of progressives. If she tries she’s pandering, if she doesn’t then she’s a dejected neoliberal bitch… it’s almost like the sexist inclination to constantly police women’s behavior pervades even progressive circles, but like that’d be crazy because we progressives have totes transcended past that or whatevs

Dear Bernie supporters. More positive Bernie stuff less negative Hillary stuff.

Why? Because Hillary can not be negatived easily. Hillary is the mud slinging master. The more we talk about her the more attention she gets the less people are hearing the Bernie message. We need to support the Bernie movment not destroy Hillary. After all people already don’t like Hillary. We just need to show that Bernie is better. Only flooding the world with positivity can drown out all the lies coming from the Clinton camp.


Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp [#106]

July 1, 2016:

“This debate over the platform of the Democratic National Committee showed the DNC’s true colors. Here’s another example. After everyone agreed that America has to get to 100% clean energy by 2050, to keep alive… Here’s how the committee responded to actual ways to get there.

A carbon tax. Voted down 7-6. A ban on fracking. Voted down 7-6. An effort to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Voted down 7-6. A measure to mandate that federal agencies even weigh the climate impact of their decisions. Voted down 7-6. A plan to stop fossil fuel companies from taking private land by eminent domain. Voted down 7-6. And then Bill McKibben, of wrote, “We did however reach unanimous consent on more bike paths.” Yes! Yes! The Revolution is here!!…

The point is, the DNC and Hillary Clinton may at times talk a good game. But, they will lead us off of an ecological cliff. Just like the Republicans will.

The difference is that we’ll go off that cliff, on a bicycle!

This is why it is that much more infuriating that this election was stolen from Bernie Sanders. And it will happen, again, and again, and again. Until we stand up against it.” - Lee Camp @redactedtonight