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I’m sorry but did @mydrunkkitchen predict her future?!?

This is from an @autostraddle interview in 2011

2016 Hannah: - Currently filming a show that she is hosting on the @foodnetwork

- Stars in @dirty30movie that recently came out, also in @electrawomandynagirl that came this year as well as @camptakotathemovie-blog in 2014

*also adding in the fact that she has written TWO books with her second one coming out in October* (


Last night, I went to a live reading of The L Word, which featured Elicia Sanchez, Mal Blum, Gaby Dunn, Rhea Butcher, Cameron Esposito, Jenny Owen Youngs, Riese Bernard, G Rivera, Alaina Monts, Dr. Lizz Rubin, Robin Roemer, and DJ Carlytron Usdin.

It was 38% more self-aware, 76% less biphobic, and 169% funnier :D

Also, I apologize for being MIA lately, but I promise to be better despite the fact that I’m on a mountain with only a cellphone & spotty data service!

Guess who's going to A-Camp?


I’m really excited–I’ve never been to California! (I have been camping in the  woods with a bunch of ladies, but I had to break up with that so I really, really hope this’ll fill some of that ladies-and-allies-in-the-woods vibes.)

…omg what am I going to wear?

Also, if ya’ll have a suggestion for the best wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free cookies in NYC, I am all ears. (Want to bring a treat from the city to my cabin.)

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I would love to tell y'all all about @autostraddle camp, but perhaps I should show y'all instead…

#SneakPeek #TrentDoesACamp #FullVideoComingSoonerThanYourExBoyfriendsMixtape #autostraddlecamp @autostraddle (at #TrentDoesACamp)

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