camp and vamp

The Library

Summary: Reader is a book loving vampire. She finds Raphael’s hiding spot and she stays there, basically living there.

Characters: Reader, Raphael Santiago

Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)

Word Count: 585

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

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Nights When They Play

This is a band AU that’s been in the works for years, literally. I could never let it go, and I’m thrilled that it is finally seeing the light of day. My endless thanks to @madfatty, who I rely on a frankly shocking amount. She listens to me whine, makes the bust suggestions, names all the things, and gives the best compliments a girl could ask for. When she read this, she literally said, “I’m never talking to you again.” and if that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Tags and a little author’s note at the bottom. 

Nights When They Play

He’s expansive tonight, stage Finn. She watches him from her seat at the bar, shaking her head as he claps a tall guy on the shoulder and squeezes, wearing his familiar manic energy like a costume. Finn elbows the guy in the ribs, and the whole group laughs riotously. Rae rolls her eyes.

She hates when he gets like this. She much prefers regular Finn, easy Finn, Finn of the haughty opinions and careless banter, Finn whose laughter always sounds like a surprise. She even prefers grumpy, sullen Finn, who scowls into his pint and can’t be drawn out with anything less than the boldest of taunts. Performer Finn just makes her feel small.

“Nelson’s on fire tonight.” Manny laughs, leaning over the bar in front of her. She shoots him a brief, tight smile, and they both return to watching Finn as he shakes a rail-thin girl jokingly and all her friends giggle in envy.

“I hate when he gets like this.” Rae says, because it feels good to talk about him behind his back, because she owes this Finn no loyalty.

“Seems obnoxious.” Rae swivels on her stool to face him, turning her back on Finn Nelson. Manny shrugs and pulls a pint glass from under the bar. “But I can see why he’s got so many fans, I guess. He seems to be charming them pretty well. Another one, babes?”

“It’s my round, so for the whole table, if you don’t mind.” Rae sighs, spinning to look at Finn again. No less than three girls are touching him in some capacity; she rolls her eyes again and looks away. “Oh, the fans. All the many, many female fans.”

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Demi Lovato ❤️


I’m concluding that they just wanna kill me everyday wow thx the camps

Those “other” award shows

So now that it is Not Just For Teens Choice Award Season…

I thought I would share those standout scenes in S1 that deserved Emmy consideration. 

Stop laughing, I am being totally serious here. For young fans viewing this, Emmy awards are real. They are deserved. They are voted for and won by industry professionals. Not bought. Not manipulated by fan matrices or a popularity contest. 

They are earned.

Here is a short list of great scenes from the past season for your consideration:

  • Red Tornado: you know the one. I’m a grown woman and I cried.
  • Falling: all of it. Okay, no, that’s too much. I LOVE Chyler’s acting. Mel can act too, but for real that apartment scene where Mel is chewing the scenery and really camping (or vamping, maybe?) it up and it is all kept under control by Ms Leigh’s “underperformance”. This had the potential to really go off the rails into ridiculousness but just the facial expressions and body language of Alex while Kara descends into some dark personal space and Alex stays close to her like some kind of umbilical cord to the real world is spectacular. So many great scenes from just this episode but this for me was a standout. Chyler made some fantastic choices in this and she barely had any lines.  This is called “Ac-ting” b*tches and it is harder to do than it looks.
  • For the Girl who Has Everything: how on earth does Mel just lie there with a giant rubber spider on her and pretend to be unconscious? She is a pro. I would have cracked up and needed like 800 takes before they just sent in my body double.  What a trooper. How Chyler doesn’t lose it either I’ll never know.
  • Pilot: some great scenes, but for me the first DEO reveal where Kara wakes up scared and alone but won’t let Alex hold her hand but you can tell she is happy to see Alex but seriously pissed and doesn’t want Alex to know she is less scared now that Alex is there and Alex is all worried about Kara but can’t say anything cuz her boss is being a giant tool at that moment and she is silently pleading with Kara for forgiveness while actively defending her but trying to keep her job and is hurt that Kara is hurt and won’t hold her hand anymore….phew…..such great work and all without really saying anything, they just look at each other.

Gawd, I miss how good this show was…..


Dean x Reader One Shot

Title: Moose Tracks

Word Count: 3,412

It would have been stupid to expect the relationship to have actually lasted, you knew that just as well as he did, but that certainly didn’t make things any easier.  It was the sad truth: there wasn’t enough room in one person’s life for both hunting and a relationship, and now that you stood outside the bunker door with your jacket and car keys in one hand, the bunker door in the other, you realized how cocky it had been to assume your relationship would have been any different.

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