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demigod’s on their period:
  • campers are given the option of not doing their camp activities or taking part in capture the flag
  • hazel isn’t comfortable talking about her period but annabeth is the type to yell “get out of my way stolls, im bleeding from my vagina!” (she grew up with them so)
  • of course there are going to be those dickheads that talk shit when someone is on their period but they learn fast that in a community as small as camp half blood, STI rumors spread very fast and are almost never lived down
  • the artemis cabin is the place where campers can go to get away from the noise and rest. artemis herself expressed how honored she is every time a camper throws a portion of their meal into the fire, thanking her for having a space where they can relax and feel totally comfortable
  • a godly menstrual hygiene line 
  • because those hunger pangs are really stubborn and food is served at set times, the hermes cabin sells snacks and sometimes even full out meals at very reasonable prices all summer
  • the infermery is never short of pills, pads/tampons and heating pads
  • those items are all free to use
  • whole cabins sometimes sync up their periods
  • chiron tries to pretend he knows whats going on but really he’s just clueless
  • mr. d is surprisingly lenient and lets campers on their periods off cleaning duties
  •  demigod periods are some how worse?????

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Today in poorly-advised camp activities: “pod racing”! I came back from my time off only to be seized upon by a dozen children, forced into a wheelbarrow, and tied so that I was unable to escape… supposedly this was for my own safety. As the smallest and lightest (i.e. easiest to push) counselor, I was drafted into this and didn’t get any say in my participation.

“Before this starts,” I said, “Let it be known that I think this is a very bad idea and would veto it if I had the authority. When someone gets injured, remember this: I told you so. Also, if I die, tell my parents I love them.”

The campers took off running and pushing/dragging each counselor in a wheelbarrow. Less than thirty seconds into the race, everyone wiped out, a bunch of kids slipped and bloodied themselves on the gravel, one boy might have broken his finger, and my cart went careening into the ditch and tipped over backward. I was fine, but I had to be untied so that I could rush campers to the nurse’s station. Several bandages and a splint later, everyone was laughing again.
“I told you so,” I said.
“Yeah… but it was so much fun, it was totally worth it!”

It… actually was pretty fun. Let’s never do it again.


The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

On June 13, 1977, a thunderstorm ripped through Mayes County, Oklahoma, forcing the fifty or so attendees of a Girl Scout camp to abandon their activities and go back to their tents. Amongst the girls attending the week long camp were Lori Lee Farmer (8), Michelle Heather Guse (9), and Doris Denise Milner (10). All three girls were good friends who shared a tent on the very edge of the camp, virtually out of sight of the camp counsellors tent, and obscured by trees.

After a long night, the storm passed and normal activities resumed at the camp. Around six a.m a counsellor on her way to the showers noticed a huddled form partially hidden in the undergrowth; when she investigated further, the shape revealed itself to be the corpse of a young girl wrapped in a sleeping bag. Only a few feet away, two more bodies were found, also hidden in sleeping bags. The camp was quickly searched and it was discovered the occupants pf Tent #8 were missing. The bodies were identified as those of Milner, Guse, and Farmer. Their tent had been broken into during the night, and the killer had raped all three girls before strangling them.

Autopsies on the girls bodies revealed a short but vicious attack: they had been beaten around the head, thrown on the wooden floor of the tent (which was covered in blood someone had tried to clean up), and choked repeatedly. All three victims had been subjected to a violent sexual assault before being dragged from the tent to the forest 150 yards away and killed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Camp Scott closed down after the murders, and has never been reopened.

While the crime scene was chaotic, it yielded very few clues. What evidence was present didnt make sense. However, a camp counsellor came forth to the police with a very bizarre story; several months before the murders, her tent had been ransacked and a box of donuts stolen. The box was later mysteriously returned empty, with a note (apparently from the donut thief) that declared three campers would be chosen and murdered. The counsellor handed the note to police, but unfortunately no solid leads resulted from it.

Only one person was ever arrested in relation to the brutal crime, a Cherokee man named Gene Hart. Four years prior to the murders he had been in prison for kidnapping and raping two pregnant women, but had escaped custody and was known to live in the woods around Camp Scott. Hart was arrested and charged with the brutal triple murder, but a jury acquitted him. He died in 1985.

Blood and semen samples were collected at the crime scene and tested for DNA over the years, but this has produced no conclusive results. No suspicious activity was reported in the camp on the day of the murders and no new leads have surfaced. After over forty years, the Girl Scout Murders are likely to remain unsolved.

From the team that brought you the first Camp Undersoul event, Camp Wintersoul is continuing the Undertale AU for all the Human SOULs to enjoy, play, and take part in cheeky camp activities!

 For 10 days, all children with a Human SOUL will be called to the SOUL ISLAND, led by the power of their Patience, Bravery, Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Determination, and Virtues not yet discovered. The ISLAND, in its own right, is a floating phenomenon superseding the laws of life and death, of reality and void itself. 

 No matter the circumstance, no matter if the child is alive, deceased long ago, trapped in an alternate existence – no matter what, so long as the child has a human SOUL, and is 18 or under, they will be called. And… what will they find at the Island? 


 The chance to be free and connect with other Human SOULS scattered across time and space – through winter camp activities! Hosted by the unusual inhabitants of the SOUL ISLAND, an alternate breed of bald Temmies referred to as “Sky Temmies”, all campers will have the chance to participate in snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, bonfires, dancing, sparring, paintball, mysteries, and so, so much more! 

 Each human SOUL, divided by COLOR, forms part of that COLOR’S faction inside the camp. Each faction has its own customized cabin with the stuff that the kids from that COLOR like! There they may gather to do stuff like chat, play games, take naps, have pillow fights, and more! Just don’t sneak out past curfew! 

 Unspecified SOULS that wish to join can stay at the MASTER CABIN DORMITORY! 

 Applications opening soon! Check the official Camp Wintersoul Tumblr for updates. 

Like or reblog THIS POST if you’d like your human SOULS to JOIN!

Your mods are: Solar, Nero, Seis, Sims, Cam, Amatsu, Ren, Wander, and Joe.

But, please direct all comments, questions, and concerns to the official Wintersoul blog!


Deep Summer

Thank you all for the feedback on the last video. I’m loving video/scoring more and more, made a Vimeo account for future videos + watching in HD.

Ok but if you don’t think the Camp Half-Blood would not make their own version of The Office… Like I can totally see the project being run by the Apollo Cabin and Hermes Cabin, but mainly the Hermes Cabin, and more specifically by Travis and Conor Stoll since they have been Camp for a long time and know the best places to get people unexpected. I believe it would be called something like “The Camp” and I can totally see it in the documentary style of The Office and I can see Percy being portrayed similarly to Micheal Scott, (except for the racist and sexist part) Annabeth being like Pam, Leo being like Jim, etc. Obivously though, they are themselves, but I can see them filming the demigods training and doing camp activities such as Capture the Flag. I can totally see there being intereviews while doings these activites and a few good liners being said. More importantly though, do not doubt for a second that there is ever a shortage of looks into the camera basically screaming “WTF?” and “See what I have to deal with?” just like there is on The Office. Heck, I think Annabeth would contribute like 50% of those looks. But yeah, I dunno about you but I could totally see this and don’t think for a second that there would be a lack of entertainment.

disney modern AU

As a child, Esmeralda has arrived in France as a refugee, but she has come a long way since then. She is the coryphée at a prestigious ballet company in Paris and has worked hard to get there despite the prejudice she faced along the way.

She has never forgotten her roots, which is why she’s always in the front lines for every pro-migrant protest and rally, volunteering at refuge camps or being an active member of the social justice community.

Esmeralda loves Paris, but her favourite place in the whole city is definitely the beautiful Notre Dame.

anonymous asked:

I have a character who has asthma in a post-apocalyptic setting. For at least years in a part of his story he had no access to any sort of medication for it - is it possible he'd live through that or would he be screwed and I should change some things up? Thanks in advance for the answer!

Oooooh, I like this! This is a character who could theoretically survive, but would be pretty miserable. (My allergies would probably be the thing that kill me if the world ever ends.) I want to say that yes, he could live, but he’d be limited with his exercise. It would be an interesting sociological thing, assuming he’s not on his own. He would probably be restricted to some sort of indoor or short-distance-from-camp kind of activities, and he would learn pretty early on what this limits are. How does this restriction affect him in his social interactions? Does he become the camp cook? The paperwork guy (if there’s such a thing as post-apocalyptic paperwork)? The quartermaster and provisions guy? Or would people push him to do physical work until he almost dies?

One thing I would consider with this character is, what triggers his asthma? Is it allergens, and he’s useless all spring? Is it exercise? Is it cold? Is it dust? I know for me, my asthma is pretty functional. Also, consider that, because they’re not treated, his asthma attacks may become progressively worse over time. Is his motivation to find the next expired-but-vaguely-helpful inhaler?

I don’t know of any “natural” asthma treatments, so until someone synthesizes albuterol or epinephrine again, he’s going to be in trouble, and asthma may ultimately be the thing that kills him. But he’ll certainly have a shot!

Thanks for the ask, anon! This one was really cool to think about!

Camp Wintersoul -

A 10 day event for all Human SOULS to enjoy and take part in camp activities. 

 When the time comes, all those 18 or under will be called to SOUL ISLAND to have fun with other SOULS across time and space with the amicable Sky Temmies. 

Applications open soon!

Mark your calendars for December 28th, 2016 to January 7th, 2017.

Check the official Camp Wintersoul Tumblr for more updates and development.

Easy Company’s Campaigns

All credit goes to Marcus Brotherton who put together a wonderful appendix to his book We Who Are Alive and Remain; Untold Stories From the Band of Brothers.  Which includes this timeline.

July-Nov. 1942:  506th PIR activated at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.  Basic Training.  Hike from Toccoa to Atlanta in late November.

Dec. 1942:  Parachute training at Fort Benning, Georgia.  Additional training at Benning through February ‘43.

Feb.-May 1943:  Additional training exercises at Camp Mackall, North Carolina.  More training jumps.

June-Aug. 1943:  Additional training in Kentucky and Tennessee, then to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Sept. 1943:  Regiment moves to Camp Shanks, New York, boards SS Samaria for England.  Arrive in Swindon and moved to Aldbourne.

Sept. 1943-May 1944:  Additional training in Aldbourne.  In May moves to marshalling area near Exeter, England, then to Upottery Airfield.

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mouthful of gold

s/o to the wonderful lovelies over on the pjo discord group chat ya’ll are the best. 

Summary: Nico takes a nap with Will. Reflects on his life. Eats some hair. Solangelo. 


It was late afternoon when he finally awoke, feeling warmer and safer than he’d been in a while. Which immediately made him suspicious– in his experience, when things seemed too good to be true, they were.

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