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Your thoughts on The Hunger Games?

It was a really interesting premise and I liked the first book. (Though I struggled literally the entire time with the sheer stupidity of the fact that a boy working in a bakery is named Peeta. Like, excuse me, have you seen how mad the HP fandom gets about Albus Severus? How the fuck is Suzanne Collins getting away with a bread-boy named Peeta and a couple who’s ship name is Peeniss? Just, what.) But after the first book they got kind of progressively more and more ridiculous, to the point where I couldn’t take any of it seriously. Like, the lizards who smell like roses and crawl around in the sewer whispering Katnissssss? Omg. DYING. So funny. How did anyone read that and go, “Yes. This is a very frightening thing which we should all take very seriously.”

I realize this post is not going to make me any more popular on Tumblr, but there it is. I’d much rather have a kid read this than Twilight, and I admire Collins for raising questions about what kind of effects violence and consumerism have on young people, but I could have gone without the silliness of Muttations and birthday cake camouflage.