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Do you have any tips/suggestions for anyone making a Morrowind character? Been kind of stumped and figured you were the right person to ask since your Morrowind character is amazing as are all your characters really.

1)thank you so much wtf and 2)what i usually do to create a character is set up a list of criteria i want them to meet and then kinda think up ways to connect the dots between them if that makes sense! 

 For example, I don’t remember everything I had laid out for Lurdge, but i do remember wanting her to fill the “immortal hermit” sort of archetype, to be magic oriented, to be scornful of government/society, and to be largely pessimistic about human nature but reasonably altruistic regardless. I also wanted her to fit perfectly into the Nerevarine prophecies, particularly the “orphan and an outcast, born on a certain day to uncertain parents” bit

 For super game-specific characters i also like to keep in mind things that are very unique to the game and base them around that! Morrowind has a lot of these so its p much a jackpot, you have:

  •  the political houses
  •  the system of slavery and its underground railroad
  •  the temple and its ordinators (i need to make an ordinator character wtf theyre so COOL)
  •  the Ashlanders and their culture, and the related dissident priests that face oppression by the Temple
  • the tribunal!! super cool fucked up dudes
  • the morag tong!!! tbh i love them way more than the dark brotherhood they are SO COOL.. and there’s also the camonna tong!!
  • all the Daedric/Dwemer ruins !!
  • the ancestral tombs!! when i got morrowind my first character was a tomb robber, not only is it super fun to play but it is so opposite to the Dunmer’s fucking intense veneration of their ancestors that it makes it pretty interesting to think about! 10/10 would recommend 
  • the three Vampire clans!!! 
  • The huge kwama/glass/ebony mining industry
  • the Imperial presence in Vvardenfell! Most Dunmer fuckin hate the Empire, and Imperial forts are sooooo different from the rest of the game’s aesthetic that it makes for a big culture shock. that would be interesting to mess around with!
  • Silt striders :’’’’) 
  • guar/pack guar!! and all the other weirdass animals of morrowind
  • City based characters!! The cities in Morrowind all have so much personality. There’s Suran and Desele’s House of Earthly Delights, Vivec with its soo many cantons (the shrines, the underworks, the ordinators, the foreign quarter, etc), Ald’Ruhn and its Emperor Crab and ash storms, all the little backwater swamp settlements on the west coast, etc etc etc

as for appearance i like drawing from the game’s aesthetic for inspiration! Mostly by looking at CONCEPT ART. Morrowind’s aesthetic is so alien and ancient and there are so many things consistent in its concept art (ornamental jewelry, drapery, insect carapaces, things i cannot possibly describe, its kinda star wars-y actually) that it gives you a ton of stuff to consider for character design. imo the most morrowind-y characters are the ones who look at least a lil bizarre!

 For example, Lurdge was inspired a lot by Vivec’s design and her mohawk was sorta channeled from the appearance of the Ordinators (if only hers actually was that impressive). Most of Morrowind’s characters are bony and harsh and shrunken and I wanted to play off of that with her. Ofarazzi was more inspired by the colors of Morrowind because I wanted him to appear more camouflaged, and I gave him markings that were sorta predatory/elegant to go along w that and also invoke that ~*morrowind elegance*~

ANYWAY sorry this got long holy fuck I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK and i would love to hear the kickass stuff you come up with!!!

tl;dr: if there’s something in the world of morrowind that you really really love or are super interested in, find a way to make a character about it!