Baweng Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko

Endemic to Madagascar, the leaf-tailed gecko is somewhat of an expert at avoiding predators, not only through their incredible mimicry of leaves, but through a number of behaviors.  They can flatten their body against the substrate to reduce the body’s shadow, open their jaws wide to show a frightening, bright red mouth, and voluntarily shed their tail in order to trick a predator.

Image 1


There are over 300 hand-colored drawings in this series of “British Dazzle Camouflage.” Unlike other types and styles of camouflage, it was not intended to hide the ship, but rather to visually disrupt the outline of the ship so that an observer–like an experienced submariner–would have no idea what they were looking at. 

Each ship was unique in color scheme and pattern layout so that the Germans would have nothing to latch onto as a template for the patterns on the ships. See more images on our blog! 


This is the pure “Innisfail” locality which is often labelled as the “Lichen” Macleay’s spectre. The lichen form is not garunteed though and only seems to happen if nymphs are surrounded by lichens whilst growing. The lichen colour morph potentially occurs in other localities. Even with the stimulus of lichen present the colour morph still seems rare, only 2 show it out of 40.


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