When Lucas breaks his arm in tenth grade, the result of a particularly competitive bike race with Dustin, he refuses to let anyone sign his cast because “that’s what kids do.”

Lucas does, however, make an exception for El, who he catches staring at his cast with dismay during one of their D&D campaigns. He agrees to let El make his cast “pretty” (her word) as long as she promises not to make it too “girly” (his word).

That afternoon, Lucas leaves the Wheeler’s house with a cast that’s no longer ugly off-white, but decorated in a pretty awesome camo pattern, courtesy of El and a box of Crayola markers. Just over his wrist, in tiny black letters, she also scrawled “Get well soon. El.” And Lucas doesn’t mind too much because he’s got the best friends in the world.

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at my senior prom a girl came with what seemed like a normal prom dress but when she stepped into the light it was a fucking hunting camo pattern. 1 kid came with a cowboy hat and american flag suspenders too

Summer Fashion 2017

Day 11

You reach a point after seven hours on shift where everything becomes suddenly and vividly surreal. Time seems to slow down. You look at the words popping up on your register but you swear they’re not written in any sort of language you can understand. And the store lights–have they always been this scorchingly bright?

And the customers suddenly become only that much weirder. 

Today near hour 6 of my shift, I swear to god two military men dressed in full camo fatigues materialized straight out of the dirty store tiles like some kind of unwanted genies. Each of them were buying the exact same products–a single Rubik’s cube. 
The lingering rational part of my mind wondered if this was some sort of weird military trend or something—buy yourself puzzles during your free time to help distract from all the ghosts you had made earlier that day. The other part of me (the majority, to be honest) was convinced that there were faces hidden in the camo pattern of their clothing. 

Things only got weirder as they aggressively started trying to recruit me for the US Army. One of them even gave me his fucking business card. They spent a good 10 minutes giving me the speech about how gratifying it was to serve one’s country. 

My only response was delirious laughter, which only seemed to offend them. 

Nice try, Uncle Sam. 
I’m not quite so dissatisfied with my life where I actively want to die yet.

Try again in a week. 

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I am so proud of u for getting through all this discourse bravo!! Curious: could you rate the bnha beebies according to most fashionable? We only ever see them in their uniforms minus a few outside scenes, so I wanna know what you think! You could rate their costumes too! Love ur blog for all the hell it creates 😄

“getting through all this discourse” I wish,,, thanks though 

So….who’s the most fashionable? 

please note that I myself have no fucking sense of fashion


Yuuga Aoyama: surprisingly stylish. sometimes. if he can remove the glitter. stop putting glitter. stop. no we don’t need the tiny mirroRS STO- 5/10

Mina Ashido: cute, but has a slight tendency to wear those garish animal print clothes. like neon pink with leopard print. also strange patterns. but if it’s important, she looks pretty damn good. 7/10

Tsuyu Asui: froggy. cute dresses. simple blouses and skirts. in winter, those fluffy earmuffs and coats and mittens. cute, simplistic style. nice. 9/10

Tenya Iida: kind of a ‘old man’ kinda style. button up shirts with sleeves. pants. belt. a modest, sensible style for a modest, sensible person. 8/10

Ochaco Uraraka: cute, simple style. similar to tsuyu’s, but with a tendency towards graphic tees or animal print shirts. shorts, skirts. nice. 9/10

Mashirao Ojiro: casual, laid back style. t-shirts with kanji, pictures, that kind of thing. he’s underrated, but he’s got good sense. 8.5/10

Denki Kaminari: He’s actually pretty good at the fashion side of things. casual, with occasional accessory like a chain round the neck or on his pants or whatever. 8.5/10

Eijiro Kirishima: my boy got that casual game. similar to kaminari but he’s usually got some kind of loud graphic tee on with a pattern or some band or something. 8.5/10

Koji Koda: dresses simple. nothing really noteworthy. neat. i mean he looks like he’s made of rock… 6/10

Rikido Sato: those one-word on them t-shirts + shorts kinda guy. simple. casual. nothing really noteworthy either. 6/10

Mezo Shoji: likes camo patterns a little too much. tank tops are his go-too. does he have different face mask things? 7.5/10

Kyouka Jiro: punk, metal-y kinda style. band t-shirts, choker, spike bracelets, skirt, kinda thing. combat boots, probably. it works pretty well for her though. 7.5/10

Hanta Sero: so you’d think he’d be ok but. sero what. are you wearing? please change into something less…baggy? those clothes look too big for you. 6.5/10

Fumikage Tokoyami: he’s a Cool Guy. Pretty good style too. Nice. 9/10

Shouto Todoroki: he can’t control most of his life so he makes up for it by dressing up real good. 9/10

Toru Hagakure: her clothes are the only thing you can fucking see so yeah she pays some attention to them. but then again she’d rather just not wear them so. 7/10

Katsuki Bakugo: ok who the Fuck let him be so good at this. unfair. pisses people off. baggy pants, open button up with shirt underneath kinda guy. 9/10

Izuku Midoriya: more than half his wardrobe is all might t-shirts or related merch. when dressed casual, it’s usually pretty simple. 8/10

Minoru Mineta: how the hell. he actually looks pretty ok. 8/10

Momo Yaoyorozu: great style. rich girl, so she’s well educated in those things. 9.5/10


costumes…maybe later.

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I thought all witches were supposed to wear all black and be weird loners and super gay.

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Listen to me.  
WITCHES *claps* CAN *claps* BE *claps* OR *claps* DO *claps* WHATEVER *claps* THEY *claps* WANT!

Witches can wear black, pink, green, purple, camo, rainbow, chevron, whatever pattern or color they choose.  They can be gothic or nerdy, waspy or couture, urban or country.  They can and should wear whatever the hell they feel like.

Witches can be weird loners…or not weird loners.  Or just freaking weird because they feel like it.  They can be super sociable extroverts.  They can be athletes or into drama or lovers of science.  They can literally be whatever they want.

Witches can be gay or lesbian or queer or straight or bi or pansexual or HAVE ANY SEXUAL PREFERENCES BECAUSE THAT REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRACTICE OF THEIR CRAFT.

Witches can be young and old, male or female or somewhere in between.  Witches can be from the city or the middle of nowhere; from Dubai or London or the goddamn Arctic Circle.  Witches can be Wiccans or Druids or Heathens or Voudou Priests and Priestesses.  Hell, there are even Atheist and Christian witches because BEING A WITCH ISN’T ABOUT LABELS.

It is about a very personal connection that someone feel to a plethora of objects, deities, places, spirits, and so very much more.  You cannot pigeonhole an entire community of individuals–no two are the same!

Just stop with the generalizations, research and educate yourself, or be quiet.  ‘Cause if ya don’t, this mama witch DOES use curses. n_n

Sora’s KH3 Keyblades So Far:

Kingdom Key: 

Second Form - Clothes: KH2 Color Scheme 

The Keyblade stays the same while Sora’s outfit reverts back to his Kingdom Hearts II outfit’s color scheme. Much like Limit Form from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Sora gains access to his old Abilities and Limits from previous Kingdom Hearts titles.

Star Keyblade*: 

Double Arrow Guns > Magic Launcher - Clothes: Blue w/Star Pattern 

The Keyblade transforms into dual guns and eventually a cannon/rocket launcher. Sora’s clothes and battle style somewhat resemble Wisdom Form from Kingdom Hearts II. 

Olympus Keyblade*:

Counter Shield > Pegasus Chariot** - Clothes: Yellow w/Diamond Pattern

Officially known as “Guard Form,” the Keyblade turns into a Shield and a Chariot ride. Although Sora’s clothes resemble Master Form from Kingdom Hearts II, his abilities are far different to accommodate fighting with a shield.  

Toy Keyblade*:

Hyper Hammer > Drill Punch - Clothes: Red w/Camo Pattern 

This Toy Story inspired Keyblade turns into a giant Hammer before turning into a devastating Drill that lets Sora Dodge Roll into the earth itself. Although not shown in the recent trailer, we did get a small glimpse at this Form with non-toy Sora a while back. Possibly known as “Power Form” (x), it gives Sora the look of his old Valor Form from Kingdom Hearts II while truly making you feel powerful with new, chaotic, Abilities.  

*Obviously, there’s no official names yet

**Not it’s official name. It’s also unclear if this transformation is still in the game.