do not pay attention to Ronan’s clothes, please.

and i forgot to mention it before, but Adam is wearing Ronan’s hoodie from this pic. and dino shirt is not pyjamas :D

i imagined it like this - Ronan was wearing his camo hoodie and Adam had only a t-shirt and then it started to rain and Ronan was like “hey Parrish your teeth are chattering too loudly” and gave him his hoodie and then there was dino shirt and Adam was laughing and Ronan was like “oh shut the fuck up” and they kissed the end thanks

Faith | 3

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Chapters: [1] [2]

Pairing: Namjoon X Reader

Word Count: 5,785

Genre & Warnings: Angst, Smut, maybe a dash of fluff. Sex in public, because this is me we are talking about and that’s becoming a recurrent theme. Unprotected sex. Cheating. Weed references. NC-17 & TW Rated. 

Notes: I have hated every Keisha I’ve ever met, except Keisha Cole. So, sorry to any Keisha’s that read this and get offended. Love you boo. 

Tonight was going to be off the hook. 

You were looking good in an oversized camo hoodie, combat boots, and a cute jean skirt with fishnets underneath. Casual, comfy and cute. 

For the first time in…God…forever, you were going to go out, hang out with your friends, and get fucking wasted. Faith had fully been weaned for a couple months now, so it was safe to finally indulge in the sweet oblivion that being wasted off your ass for the first time is almost two years will bring. 

Watching Faith and her sitter play while you put on the last bit of your makeup, you can’t help but smile. Even though you felt guilty as hell, since this was the first time you’d ever left her behind for any reason other than work, she seemed perfectly content. She usually was. Faith was one of the least fussy babies you’d ever seen in your life, and you thanked your lucky stars every day that she was yours.

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therock Beast training session/photoshoot in the #IronParadise for our new #ProjectRock @underarmour men and women’s collection called #USDNA dropping this fall.
We got after it hard core like a MF, but it was appropriate considering the collection is inspired by the warrior men and warrior women of our US MILITARY.
I got after it in some key pieces that’s coming your way. Desert tan #RockDeltas and camo green hoodie which I cut that shit outta of ‘cause I keep it 90 degrees when I train.
USNDA drops this fall in October. Til then, stay strong, cut your clothes up and have a productive week. #HornsUp 🤘🏾🇺🇸