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Thrift Store Blessings

That moment when you’ve been searching to buy an army camouflage jacket and after a month of searching, God blesses you with one.

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A black business was selling one for $70 because it was going to be customized. Ebay and Etsy were selling some between $25 - $40. But after going to four different thrift stores, I found mine for $5!

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Before I went to fourth and final thrift store, I literally prayed before entering. Then I looked to my left and my beautiful jacket was right there, like it was waiting for my arrival. To top it all off, it literally fits like a glove.

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Y'all can’t tell me God ain’t good.


Last night celebrating my friends birthday!
I really just wanted to be comfortable, didn’t even look at the weather and was so cold! Especially with the sandals but I liked my fit!

Keyhole jumpsuit: REBDOLLS
Fave camo jacket: Voluptuous Vixen Boutique
Ankle strap sandals: Torrid

Accessorize with gold bangles and hoop earrings!