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I thought all witches were supposed to wear all black and be weird loners and super gay.

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Listen to me.  
WITCHES *claps* CAN *claps* BE *claps* OR *claps* DO *claps* WHATEVER *claps* THEY *claps* WANT!

Witches can wear black, pink, green, purple, camo, rainbow, chevron, whatever pattern or color they choose.  They can be gothic or nerdy, waspy or couture, urban or country.  They can and should wear whatever the hell they feel like.

Witches can be weird loners…or not weird loners.  Or just freaking weird because they feel like it.  They can be super sociable extroverts.  They can be athletes or into drama or lovers of science.  They can literally be whatever they want.

Witches can be gay or lesbian or queer or straight or bi or pansexual or HAVE ANY SEXUAL PREFERENCES BECAUSE THAT REALLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRACTICE OF THEIR CRAFT.

Witches can be young and old, male or female or somewhere in between.  Witches can be from the city or the middle of nowhere; from Dubai or London or the goddamn Arctic Circle.  Witches can be Wiccans or Druids or Heathens or Voudou Priests and Priestesses.  Hell, there are even Atheist and Christian witches because BEING A WITCH ISN’T ABOUT LABELS.

It is about a very personal connection that someone feel to a plethora of objects, deities, places, spirits, and so very much more.  You cannot pigeonhole an entire community of individuals–no two are the same!

Just stop with the generalizations, research and educate yourself, or be quiet.  ‘Cause if ya don’t, this mama witch DOES use curses. n_n