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What exactly does "the look is sexy burglar meets classic east coast prep" look like? I am very curious here. Is this a year round look?

It is when you wear your oversized black wool turtleneck the day before Thanksgiving, to a half day of work, with black skinny jeans, black lace up boots and a black beanie, to hide dirty side braid hair and your French Studio manager says you look like you’re set to rob a bank. But then, the next week, you wear the same turtleneck (because you wear it at least once a week when the weather permits) with cropped demi-boot cut cords, black chelsea boots and your hair in a long CBK-like ponytail and another coworker tells you that you’re ready for a weekend further up the east coast like the girl she hated in boarding school.

So then it becomes a game, to see what each day’s outfit falls more on the burglar or classic east coast prep spectrum… typically a confused-somewhere-in-the-middle look. It’s a lot of black, charcoal or neutral color clothing. It’s a lot of oversized sweaters: wool, cashmere and cable knit. It’s more stripe shirts, ranging from t-shirt to men’s rugby shirts. It’s boots: Bean, ankle, calf and riding. It’s trainers, ballet flats and mules. It’s totes, totes and totes: leather canvas, camo, and one of which is a monogramed boat tote. Oversized sweatshirts, Carhartt wip overalls, baseball or fisherman’s caps… the list goes on. 

It’s really just more of a fall through early spring look. During the summer it is less of a burglar look.. but still the same amount of black. 

Splurge or Save: 6 Stylish Bag Types for Men

Guys, we know there were simpler childhood days when the only things you had to carry in your pockets were keys and a wallet. As you get older though, inevitably more and more things get added to your daily carry. Books for school, your cellphone, maybe a handheld game console, a laptop, possibly a tablet, stuff for work, a camera, and the list goes on. Even with all the pockets included in your outfit of the day, you obviously can’t carry all these anymore without a bag… and please don’t try to, it just looks awkward! The good news is, besides carrying your gear, there are so many styles for men’s bags that they can be matched with your personal style. Whether you’re always in casual mode, or draped in 3-piece suits, here are 6 types of bags to match your outfit. 


Splurge: Valentino Camo Leather & Canvas Backpack
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Splurge: Gucci Coated Fabric Messenger Bag
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So guys, don’t leave your essentials at home, and don’t settle for making your pockets bulky. Discover stylish men’s bags, and specifically men’s folios (one of spring’s must-have accessories for guys) that suit you on Wantering.

Have a dope bag that you’re using as a daily carrier? Show us what it is in the reblogs!