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History Means Nothing (Part 2) // N.M.

I pull myself out of bed to find to source of the obnoxious knocking noise that was ringing in my ears. I open the front door and Nate is standing there. He’s wearing black vans, black ripped jeans, a camo button up and his hair was all messy. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t look good. He looked beyond good. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days and by the smell of him I know he’s smoked a handful of blunts.

“Nate, what are you doing here?” I ask.

“I need to talk to you.” He says. 

I open the door for him and let him inside. He walks over and takes a seat on the couch, making himself comfortable. 

“Talk.” I say sitting next to him. 

“I just wanted to talk about what happened last week.”

“Nate, there is nothing to say. You have a girlfriend. You broke up with me. You have a girlfriend and were asking to see my body. You weren’t asking her for pictures, you were asking me.”

“I don’t think you understand.” He says.

“No, no I don’t understand. I don’t understand how or why someone would ask their ex for nudes, while dating someone. I don’t understand that. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just ask your girlfriend. I don’t understand how you can be so nonchalant about it either. How would you feel if the positions were switched?”

“It’s a lot more complicated than that. You don’t understand.” He groans. 

“Than enlighten me. Make me understand.” 

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” He says. 

My breath hitches in the back of my throat. 

“Nate, you made that choice. You were the one who walked out of my life. You were the one who said you didn’t think it would work. It is all on you, not me. I would’ve done anything for you, but you never gave me the chance to. I swore I was going to marry you and you ruined me.”

“I know, I messed up. I get it. I just can’t stop thinking about you. I should be happy. I should be content with life and where I am, but all I keep picturing is you. I can’t sleep at night without you next to me. I can’t function. It’s like I’m going crazy. I’m still so into you. I want you next to me on this journey.”

“Nate, you made the choice to leave.” I say, tears brimming my eyes. 

Nate hands come up and grab my face. His thumbs stroke my cheeks. 

“I’m telling you I messed up. I’m telling you if I could go back in time I would change it. You moved on, so I had to as well.”

“I think you need to go.” I say.

With that Nate stands up and walks out the front door, slamming it behind him.

I begin sobbing. I can’t control it anymore. I never moved on. I never wanted Nate to go. All the emotions just became too much for me. He is the one that moved on. He is the one that thought I moved on. He’s the one that left me to begin with. Here I am looking stupid for wanting him again. He ruined me. 

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A Part of Something - Shawn Imagine for Anon/Molly

Author’s Note: Once again, sorry it’s late and long. Enjoy.♥

You threw your backpack onto the ground, kicking off your shoes, and racing upstairs to your laptop. You just recently uploaded a new YouTube video and wanted to see how it was doing.

Can you turn on any faster? You moved the mouse repetitively, till it finally asked to enter your password. You typed it, making a mistake, and groaning. I should just have auto correct on my laptop. You logged into your YouTube, which was synced to your email.

You checked your email, scrolling through ads,news, and your eyes landed on an unfamiliar name. Magcon Tour. You mouse hovered over it and double clicked. 

(Y/N), I have recently seen your video, and than I couldn’t stop watching! Your just so funny and unique! Not to mention your sense of humor could get people laughing! I wanted to ask you if you would like to join Magcon Tour for a few months, please contact me at, and here’s my number, 805-345-1234 I’m sure you’ll love it! I guarantee you will!”

Your mouth opened in shock. “I can’t just leave-" What the hell are you thinking? Away from school? For months? That’s a dream come true.”

You ran downstairs to tell your mom. “Mom, guess what?” She nodded for you to continue, I got invited to go on tour to visit fans from all over the world! It’s going to be a couple of months so I’ll have to miss school-“

"Now hold on young lady, I am not going to let you just go all of a sudden, and let your school work slip. Let me talk to this manager of this tour.” You rolled your eyes, and headed back up to get his contact info.

You dialed, and immediately the receiver picked up. “Hello, I am the manager of Magcon Tour, may I know who I am speaking too?”

“My name is (Y/N), and I was the girl from YouTube and emailed me about a chance to go to Magcon Tour.” “Oh yes! May I help you?”

“Can you convince my mom? She’s worried about school work, expenses, and things like that.” “Sure, just hand the phone to her.”

You raced down stairs, and handed your mom the phone. Mouthing that it was the manager. She took it and started asking questions, while walking around. You sat on a stool and tapped your foot impatiently. Come on, can you be any slower?

 She finally finished, and set the phone on the counter. You eyes lit up with excitement. “Can I go?” “Dear, you can’t go.” You stared at her in disbelief. “Gosh lighten up! I’m kidding!” “That’s not even funny mom!” “Listen to me, you get to go but you will still be taking courses, I expect you to keep your grades up, and be safe alright? I’ll come visit every now and than, but I still have to work. Go pack your things, you leave this weekend.” You hugged your mom and kissed her on the cheek. Your the best mom.

The weekend finally came, and the surprising part, was that it was difficult to say bye to your mom. You eventually boarded your plan and were getting ready for the long ride to Magcon. In a matter of hours, you arrived and the manager picked you up, and caught you up on things, and gave you your hotel key.

You unlocked the door, and slammed your body against the bed. “Can I just lay here forever.” “Hurry up (Y/N), you have to meet the other members!” “Coming!" 

You followed him, taking your hair out of your pony tail, and as you sat down, you fixed your hair, shaking your hair with your hand, and setting your bangs on the right side of your face. "They will come in one by one, and sit down after they introduce themselves." 

Taylor Caniff here, and I’m basically the whole package deal.“ You couldn’t help but smirk, I’m guessing that bandanna is a part of him.

"Aaron Carpenter, enjoy my awkward jokes." Those cheekbones are something else.

"Cameron Dallas, I’m basically the loudest one here." Cameron has a nice smile, he seems funny.

"Matt Espinosa, I’m a dinosaur." We can be dinosaurs together.

"Nash Grier, the boy with blue eyes, but I can turn up like there’s no tomorrow." His freckles, and that smile.

"Jack and Jack. Jack J, I’m blonde and I’m a crouton. Jack G, I have that smile that you would melt for. You laughed loudly, and covered your mouth.

"Carter Reynolds, talk dirty to me.” He winked. Turn down for what?

“I think that’s it-”

“Wait, sorry! I’m Shawn Mendes!” He slipped but caught him self before falling to the ground. He blushed, and continued. “I’m a singer, and I play guitar." You nodded, his clumsy. Like me.

"My name is (Y/N), and I’m an entertainer with my horrible sense of humor, and lack of vocal lessons.” You did a funny bow and lost balance. “Oh, and I’m clumsy." 

"Great, intros are done, get ready, tomorrow is going to be a big day!" 

You sighed and kept your body pressed to the ground.The boys laughed and tried to help you, but you waved them off. You closed your eyes, and felt someone’s shoe touch you.

"Are you going to lay there forever?” You looked up, and saw Shawn. “It’s Shawn right?” “Haha yeah, come on let’s get you up.” He extended his hand, which was huge, but you couldn’t help notice how you felt when he grabbed your hand.

“I’m sorry I came late, I was doing something.” “Let me guess, making a cover for your fans?” “How did you know?” “Your a singer, I don’t blame you. I do it all of the time, but I’m sure your way better.” “Don’t say that! I’m sure your amazing!”

You guys started to head toward the hotel rooms, when the manager stopped you guys. “Oh I forgot to mention, you and Shawn will be preforming a duet, so I suggest you pick one out and get working on it.”

“Are you kidding me-” “Nope, now close your mouth before you catch flies (Y/N).”

You groaned. “What are we going to do?” “I have an idea. Come to my hotel room.” He took your hand and led you to his hotel room. Shawn unlocked the door, and you saw his camera, his guitar, his iPod, his music, just everything you would imagine a musician has.

“Okay, call me crazy but I have an idea to do a Pitch Perfect song, you know the Just The Way You Are/Just A Dream one?”

“Yeah! It’s one of my favorite soundtracks from the movie!”

“Do you want to do that?” “Sure, I would love too! But how do we divided the parts?” “I got it!” You watched him grab a notebook, and started making notes, writing down the lyrics, making notes to add guitar, marking which part was his and yours, and parts where you both sing together.

You didn’t know how long he took, but you started to look at him. Noticing his hair, and his side profile, the way he smiled when he put something he liked on the paper. You didn’t realize you were staring at him for so long until he turned to you, and laughed. “I’m sorry I took so long, here it is.”

He handed you the notebook, and your fingers brushed against his. Why do I feel like I’m tingling? You read the lyrics, and started to hum it out. “I love it.” Shawn smiled, “I’m sorry it’s not as good-” You cut him off by punching him lightly, “It’s good Shawn. Should we have a run through?”

He nodded. You started singing it, and he started adding his part. “Oh, her eyes her eyes make the stars look like their not shining.” “Oh oh, I was thinking about her, thinking about us what we gonna be, open my eyes it was only just a dream.”

In the end you ended singing most of Just A Dream, and he sang Just The Way You Are. You guys ended up singing the last note, and staring at each other. You read his eyes, and he read yours, and suddenly someone opened the door, “My bad man, I didn’t know you had company.” Shawn coughed awkwardly, and you got up. “It’s cool, I was just about to leave. Nice job Shawn, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Bye-” You didn’t hear the rest because by than you closed the door. 

You went to your hotel room, and got undressed to take a shower. You turned on the warm water, and got in. Leaning next to the wall. Why do I keep thinking about Shawn? I only just met him. But I can’t stop thinking about his smile, and the way he laughs. And those lips. Oh my god, snap out of it. You barely know him. With that, you blasted cold water, and Shawn rinsed away.

The next morning, you were still in bed, When you heard a loud knock. “Mom it’s the weekend!” You heard laughter. “Uhm, (Y/N), your not at home, and we have a duet to prepare for!” “Oh shit.”

You got up and freshened your self up, throwing on a throwing on light blue shorts, a white tank top, and a camo button up, but you left it unbuttoned. Grabbing your red beanie, you opened the door and slammed into Shawn. 

“Ah! I’m so sorry Shawn!” It’s okay, and you didn’t realize you were pressed against his chest, until he laughed. “Let’s go get ready.”

You guys practiced for a few minutes, and than started messing around. Eventually getting off task.

The rest of the boys entered and saw you guys fooling around, and laughed. “You guys want to show us a preview?” You and Shawn looked at each other and smirked. “You have to wait!” And they whined, but you and Shawn laughed.

The tour started, and you and Shawn were the final act, and you guys were nervous.

Right before the performance, you had a nervous break down. I can’t do this. I’m scared. What if I screw up? They would hate me forever.

Shawn found you, and wrapped his arms around you. “Hey, I’ll be next to you, so just look at me, keep eye contact with me, and things will go smoothly. I promise.” He put out his pinky, and you took out yours.

“And now please welcome, Shawn and (Y/N)!" 

You waved, and took your seat. Your mic in your hand, and you were gripping it a bit to tight. The boys sat around you and Shawn, and Shawn kept his eyes on you. "You are going to do fine.” he whispered.

As the beat started playing. He stared into your eyes. “She’s so beautiful, I can tell her everyday.” “Open my eyes yeah, it was only just a dream.” Shawn strummed his guitar, and kept his eyes on you the whole time, smiling to boost encouragement. 

“When I see your face, face.” you guys sang together, and stared at each other, maybe a bit to long. It’s like that time in the room, it’s that feeling again.

You guys got in your stations to sign autographs and sell merch, and of course you and Shawn were partners.

You and Shawn walked to the station, but not long before, Shawn pulled you into a hug. “You did great!” You blushed, “It’s all because of you!” You guys went to sit down in the station, and the fans started coming. One fan came up and asked Shawn, “Shawn, do you and (Y/N), have a thing?” You didn’t really pay attention to her because other fan was in front of you, and was talking to you, so when Shawn leaned close to give you a kiss on the cheek to show the friendship between you and him, you turned to asked him a question, but instead you crashed into his soft lips. You guy didn’t pull away quick enough, and the fans took pictures. 

“That was on accident, me and (Y/N), don’t have a thing.” “I think you guys should, you guys had a connection on stage. Everyone could it see. It was magical” With that, she picked up her autographs and stalked away.

 A few hours went by, and the event for that day was over.

“So for the next few months, I have to deal with this?” you asked Shawn as you guys cleaned up your area. “Yeah, you’ll get use it.” Somehow you and Shawn’s hand ended up picking up the same trash, and he intertwined your hands with his. You didn’t mind, so you let him, and as you guys walked to dinner, the guys started to smirk. “I see a couple has sprouted.” they yelled.

Immediately, you and Shawn released hands, and you guys both blushed deep red. You guys laughed, and always ended up brushing each other’s legs and arms.

From than on, you and Shawn had more moments. Touching hands, holding hands, making up new duets, singing together, and eventually it led up to kissing. The kisses meant so much to you, and to Shawn, that it usually led up to a intense make out. Both of you guys didn’t know how it happened, it just did. It felt right. His hands under your shirt, and your in his lap. Your hand pulling his hair, and biting his lip. But other than that, you and Shawn weren’t dating. Just liking each other. Okay, more like crushing. Big time.

One day you woke up and saw that you were tweeted. You opened and saw pictures of you and Shawn. No, those are the ones when it first happened, when it was on accident. Shit. Oh no. I’ll ruin his fandom, if this leaks out.

You woke up and got ready, and raced to find Shawn, “Shawn, did you see the pictures?” “Yes.” “I’m so sorry, I’m so stupid, I shouldn’t have turned my head-” He pressed his lips against yours. “I don’t care what the fans think, besides we have to practice for our duet, so let’s go get prepared. If he didn’t care, why won’t he ask me out?

You guys practiced, and finally it was time to perform, and you guys got on stage. Shawn reminded you to look at him if you get nervous. You nodded, and the song started. What song is this? What beat is this? Shawn help. You stared at him, panicked, and he laughed.

Cause I finally found the girl of my dreams
Much more than a Grammy award,
That’s how much you mean to me, you could be my it girl.“

You felt yourself cover your shock, and couldn’t help but laugh and blush.

Baby, will you be my girlfriend?“

You looked at him, and couldn’t help but have memories as weeks and months went by, and as you and Shawn got closer, you already knew the answer.

"Of course, Shawn Mendes, I’ll be your it girl.” He came up to you and embraced you, and pressed his soft lips against yours. The fans awhing, and some booing, but it didn’t matter. You were happy. “It’s offical now babe.”

You guys got into your station, and a fan came up. “Shawn, so are you and (Y/N) really together?” “I think this can answer that.” He took you hand, and placed one hand on your face, and pulled you in into a kiss. Surprising you at first, but than your lips caught on, and moved in sync. You pulled away, and smiled. “Yes, we really are.” And you guys stared at each other, having the connection you guys had since the first day you met.