camo & orange

I saw the Rent tour last night so here are a few things:
- “April left a note before she slit her wrists; ‘We’ve got AIDS.’” Mark looks at the ground.
- Angel makes her entrance for “Today 4 U” by jumping from a fucking raised platform onto a table in 7 inch heels
- Mark resting his hand on Roger’s shoulder and saying,“take your AZT,” then resting his head on Roger’s back and heading out the door
-Benny pulls up Angel’s skirt during “You’ll See.” Angel sits far from him the rest of the song, looking really anxious as Collins holds her
- Mimi straight up balances on a ledge with only her leg and spins around it during “Out Tonight” and walks backwards down the stairs in her heels
- when Roger starts singing to Mimi after “Life Support” the life support group stares down at him from a raised platform, Angel at the front
- during “On the Street” Angel is looking for a jacket for Collins at the bodega. she is going through them, repeating “no” to herself quietly. the bodega worker lifts up a disgusting orange camo shirt and Angel legitimately screams “NO”
- Mark and Collins holding Roger tightly and singing to him amusingly
- at the beginning of “Santa Fe” after Mark’s altercation with the police, Angel says “yayyyyy New York” really nervously
- during “Santa Fe” Collins spins Angel into Mark’s arms where he’s sitting on a table. they spend the rest of the song in each other’s arms, smiling
- in “Over the Moon” Maureen made the audience moo with her
- ok this is about La Vie Boheme
a. Mark fucking throws his body onto the table like a plank of wood
b. when Collins and Angel sing “brothers!” they Eskimo kiss and it’s super cute
c. when they sing “to any passing fad” Maureen and Mark dab at each other and everyone in the audience lost it
d. when the waiter returns and seeing chaos, he joins the dancing
- during “Take Me or Leave Me” Maureen gets on her knees and sings to JoAnne’s vagina
- in “Without You” Collins lays with Angel, then picks her up and carries her to a different table, where she starts convulsing, then crying into Collins’ arms
- all the couples get under a white blanket and moan and grunt during “Contact” while Angel emerges from the top and rings a reprise of “Today 4 U”. the couples leave one by one, shouting “it’s over.” finally the blanket is pulled away and Collins sits on the table facing the audience while Angel faces the back of stage, motionless. bitterly, Collins whispers,“it’s over.”
- during “I’ll Cover You Reprise” Mark and Maureen sob in each other’s arms while Collins sings at the top of the stage, voice cracking
- the priest kicks the group out and calls Collins a “queer who can’t pay” and Benny offers to pay the burial change. Collins says “you should know the persons funeral you just paid for killed your dog.” to which Benny replies,“I know. I hated that dog.”
- Mark stands apprehensively at the edge of the darkness during “Goodbye Love” waiting to see what Roger will do
- Mark slamming the phone so hard during “What You Own” that the stand shakes
- during “Your Eyes” Mimi convulses and starts repeating lines from “Candle” and Roger looks horrified. when she comes back to life and says she saw Angel, Collins beams
- Angel’s spot is left vacant during “Seasons of Love Reprise” -During the finale, Angel runs back onstage to the group wearing a white smiley faced t shirt and white pants, although no one on stage notices her
-Mark projects images and videos of the group onto the walls of the theater, moving his projector from side to side so it moves across the walls

sorry if this was long but the performance as incredible so I thought I’d share


Welcome to Monster HighToralei Stripe


Rihanna stepped out after midnight for a meal at an Italian restaurant in Soho, wearing a Black Shearling coat, Orange Camo pants, and her hard to get, Fenty x Puma Creepers , also in Orange Camo. She arrived to the restaurant 10 minutes after they closed, at 1:10am, and forced them to stay open passed 6am, 5 hours overtime, as she wined, dined and had a business meeting inside.

Gaby’s Green and Cream Racetrack Ensemble - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

This may just be my favourite ever movie outfit. Everything about it is perfect! Unfortunately, there are very few elements of this outfit that are available for purchase (and the ones that are cost a lot!) but it’s just too lovely to skip. 

The dress is another original design by film costume designer Johanna Johnson. Similar to the orange camo play dress, it has the most beautiful cutout design in the back and it is such a shame that you never actually get to see it in the film.

The dress is also paired with a long cream coat which, considering the co-ordinated green panel on the inner collar, is more than likely another piece designed specifically for the film. 

She also has the most lovely bright yellow small Delvaux Brillant bag.

She wears the same Theirry Lasry Milfy 101 sunglasses as the orange play dress outfit.

I was unable to find exactly which hat she is wearing but it is a fairly generic broad brimmed, white felt design with a ribbon trim.

The shoes she wears with this outfit are a pair of low block heel white and silver sandals. Once again, these look custom made.

Finally so far as her jewellery, she once again wears the second black pearl/listening bug engagement ring that Illya gave her, the same random vintage butter yellow resin ring as well as these gorgeous oversized lucite hoop earrings.

So there you have the full outfit! For a break down of her orange camo play dress outfit check out my other post here. Also, if you wan’t to keep track of all the other outfits I post about in the future please follow. I will also be eventually be posting “get the look for less” suggestions as well as an analysis of her hair and makeup.