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Being clingy

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Word count: 503

Request: Hey! Can you do like a blurb on living with Cam and how he is just on a daily basis, maybe on what type of boyfriend he is? Thank you so much! Have a great day!

„Babe! I’m home.“ I heard him yell through the apartment. I heard the front door shut. I was in the kitchen preparing something for dinner.

I felt his hands on my waist as he left a soft kiss on my cheek. „Hi.“ I simply said cutting the potatoes. „How was your day?“ He asked me as he held on to me from behind.

„Boring. What about yours?“ His chin rested on my shoulder and his hair lightly brushed against my jaw, making me smile. „Not exciting.“ I was done cutting the potatoes and turned to face him. „Well.“ I said before leaning in to kiss him. „Is it more exciting now?“ I whispered against his lips. He lightly nodded leaving an other kiss on my lips.

„Do you need help?“ He asked pointing to the food. „No you’ll just ruin it.“ I walked to the fridge to get something. „Can’t ruin what’s already bad.“ He chuckled. I gasped at his respond. „Cameron!“ I laughed hitting him with the kitchen towel in my hand.

He didn’t say anything and just left the kitchen. He went to the bathroom. I continued with preparing dinner. When once again he came into the kitchen. „You look pretty.“ He whispered when he again hugged me from behind. „You’re a little clingy today.“ I chuckled and he nibbled at my ear. „I just missed you.“ He chuckled.

„You are so stupid.“ I laughed a little and he bit my shoulder. „Hey.!“ I lightly hit his stomach with my elbow. He stumbled back and made an overdramatic scene, consisting of him falling to the ground. He groaned. „Y/N!“ He whisper shouted in a hurt voice. He gasped for air.

I turned to look at him. „Really?“ I chuckled. „This could have been my last breath and you are gonna waste your time saying really?“ He rambled. I kneeled down and straddled his lap. I ran my hands over his torso. „Where does it hurt, baby?“ I pouted. „Actually I feel way better now.“ He pulled me down leaving a kiss on my lips. „Thank you.“ He whispered against them before leaving yet another kiss.

Before he could deepen the kiss I got up. „Come on. Dinners not even ready.“ I say trying to pull him up. At first he protested but he gave in. After he helped me preparing the rest we put the potatoes in the oven with some vegetables.

„What do you want to do tonight?“ I asked him leaning against the counter. He put his fingers under his chin looking to the side. „Hm…“ he hummed. His head quickly turned to face me. „You.“ He said with a pointing finger at me. „That’s quite an idea, Mr. Dallas.“ I couldn’t help but smile before his lips met mine yet again.

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I need a Cammie so bad

For me - Part 1

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Word count: 958

Request: You were apart of old magcon and Cameron is trying to get you to join new magcon but you refuse because last time you worked with Bart it went down hill and he starts polls on twitter and what not to try and convince you to join.

I was just about to end my long day when my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID. „Cameron?“ I mumbled before deciding to ignore it. I got into the elevator. Soon I got to my apartment. I threw my jacket on the couch. I just opened the fridge when my phone started ringing again.

I picked up without even looking at the ID. „Hello?“ I sighed while looking for something to eat in the fridge. „Thank god you picked up.“ I heard him say. „Cameron?“ I questioned. „Why are you calling? We haven’t talked in like-“ He interrupted me ending my sentence. „Months? Yeah I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted to check in. So what’s up?“

I frowned. What is going on? „Uhm nothing, just got home. What about you?“ I grabbed some sort of yoghurt and closed the fridge. „Nothing really. Hey do you wanna grab lunch tomorrow by any chance?“ He sounded like he was nervous. He’s never nervous. The hell is going on?

„I gotta check my schedule but I think it should work.“ I said before shoving a spoon full of yoghurt in my mouth. „Great. I’ll pick you up, alright?“ He said and I simply hummed an „mhm.“ He ended the call by wishing me goodnight.

Despite my tired and exhausted ass I stayed up later than intended. So when I woke up I was not sure wether it was a dream or what day, month or year it was. Simply said I was confused. My mind rambled on about how I had stuff to do but all I could think of was last night’s call. „Why did he call? What is he up to?“ I mumbled while getting up.

I looked at my phone it was already 10am. „Great.“ I kept on talking to myself while getting out of bed getting ready for the day. I took a shower and ate some breakfast. I got dressed casually. Nothing much planned for today.

It was around 12pm when the doorbell rang. „Hold on. I’ll be right there!“ I said getting of my couch collecting my leather backpack on the way out. I opened the door and was faced with a beaming Cameron. „Hi!“ He said pulling me into a hug. I was taken aback. „Wow. So… what’s the word? Friendly?“ I giggled pulling away. „Really funny. Can we go?“ He pointed down the hall. I nodded closing the door on the way out.

We just sat down at Urth. I know, who would have thought. „So what’s up?“ I said being straight up. I knew this wasn’t just for fun something had to be behind all of this. „I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m kinda bringing back MagC-“ „No.“ I quickly interrupted him. „You didn’t even let me finish!“ He argued.

I sighed. „Okay. Sorry, continue.“ I played with my fingers not looking at him. „So I am bringing back MagCon and I was asking myself if you wanted to be a part of it.“ He sounded so casual about it. Like what? Does he not remember why we left MagCon in the first place? „And this would be the part where I say no.“ I said with confidence as I was now finally looking into his eyes.

„Come on. It’s not gonna be like last time. I know you loved MagCon as much as everyone else.“ He tried to convince me. „Cameron, I am flattered that you think I would come back but I don’t want to. I am busy with my own stuff and I kind of want to grow beyond MagCon and maybe you should too.“ He slowly nodded taking in each word I said.

„Maybe you’re right. But just one event as special guest, alright?“ I shook my head no. „People wouldn’t even want me there.“ I sighed. „I’ll ask them. I’ll go and make a poll on twitter. Easy as that! They would love you there believe me.“ Before I could even protest I had a notification on my phone. Twitter.

@camerondallas: GUYS! Would you want @Y/N at one MagCon event??
                             - YES!!
                             - EVERY EVENT!!!!!
                             - meh… not really

I sighed looking up from my phone. Non the less I retweeted it. „I hate you, you know that right?“ He simply smirked at me. „The poll is up for a good hour. In the meantime we can enjoy our meal, right?“ I rolled my eyes.

It’s been a good hour. We were just talking about what’s happening in our lives. „The hours up. Ready for the reveal?“ Cameron said smirking up from his phone. I shrugged and waited for him to continue. „Come on! Where is the excitement?“ I shot him a fake smile. „Just tell me what the poll said.“

He made a drumroll by tapping the table with his fingers. „Ready?“ He said all excited while I tried to hide my face in embarrassment. Everyone was looking at us by now. „The poll decided with. 8% meh… not really. 37% YES!!. And clear winner with 55% would be EVERY EVENT!!!!“ He smiled at me. „See they want you there!“ He said before wiggling his eyebrows.

I sighed. „One event. Just one.“ I said sternly and a smirk played across his lips. „That’s a deal.“ He held out his hand for me to shake. We shook on it when he quickly added. „For now.“

Part 2

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Cameron Dallas fanfic: What now? - Sequel to I’m not that kind of girl.

* = smut

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3*

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Chapter 15

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zach and cammie headcanons?

thanks to @averagejoesolomon​’s headcanons and @satisfied-with-my-beasts’ wonderful conversation

  • Zach is clean with a degree of surgical, military precision. Cam is…not. They’re still trying to work that one out. 
  • Abby and Townsend finally conceded to a night out in London when the twins were about 2, and Cam and Zach practically had to force them out with a crowbar. They got back late that night to find all 4 of them asleep in a heap on the couch with the DVD menu for Toy Story playing on a loop, am empty box of Cheerios on the floor near Zach’s hand. 
  • Cam is really good with kids. Zach would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about this a lot. 
  • They eat a lot of pizza. A lot of pizza. 
  • After about 6 years into their relationship, Rachel cornered Zach and told him in no uncertain terms “you and my daughter are getting married before I’m dead, Zachary” and he gulped and said “yes ma'am.“ 
  • Cam has worse nightmares than Zach does, and sometimes it’s all he can do to hold her until the terror and shaking passes. 
  • Cam is older than Zach by about a month, and Cam always teases him about being younger. 
  • Zach considered changing his last name to Solomon or Townsend, but it was Cam (and to a lesser extent, Abby) who convinced him to keep the Goode names and change it for the better. Not to mention he loves the sound of it after’s Cammie’s name. 
  • Joe was very hesitant to approach Zach for "The Talk” at first because it’s one thing to do it when you don’t know the woman in question but Joe TOTALLY DOES it’s his STEPDAUGHTER for God’s sake and he kept putting it off and Rachel was like “I agree that it’s awkward but do you really want to keep avoiding this? Or have Edward talk to him about it?” and Joe finally pulled Zach aside for a solid hour
    • “joe I really don’t want to do this” “well I don’t want to let you take any stupid risks” “I know how biology works, Joe. This is unbelievably uncomfortable–this is Cam we’re talking about” “fine, just imagine we’re referring a doll” “shit joe that’s worse”
  • The first time they had sex, everyone just kinda knew. No one said anything but if Cam locked eyes with her mom or Bex she looked away immediately. Zach was far worse though–he couldn’t stop smiling
  • Zach is used to subsiding on very little food, so he’s literally terrified of his girlfriend’s eating ability
    • “cam jesus christ where are you putting all this”
    • “LOOK AT THIS MENU BABE” “we don’t all have a GARBAGE DISPOSAL for a stomach, gallagher girl” “ok that’s uncalled for”
    • Cameron “once ate an entire chicken” Morgan and Zach “a single Cliff bar should be fine for the day” Goode 
  • Cam was fully prepared to have to dress Zach, based on what she’s seen of boys in the media. But it turns out that Zach is quite fashionable, even when he’s not totally trying. Especially in a suit. 
  • Cam isn’t a bad cook, actually. Everyone thought she’d take after her mother–an eventuality Cam was terrified of–but while she’s not the best, she and Zach make some mean chicken parmigiana. 
  • They go on runs together all the time. Cam can outrun him in terms of distance, but Zach is faster in a straight line. 
  • Zach is the big spoon. 
  • The first time they said “I love you” was by accident. They were about 23 and Cam was leaving the hotel they were staying at in Johannesburg for a reconnaissance mission; she kissed him on the cheek and said “Love you, see you in a few” as if they’d been saying it for years, and Zach responded with a very shocked but very deliberate “I love you too, Cammie.” They froze and stared at each other and then kissed with such passion it should’ve lit the room on fire, then pulled away and laughed a little and Cam quickly left, both of them smiling like idiots. 
What now? - Chapter 15

Cameron Dallas fanfic - Sequel to I’m not that kind of girl

Word count: 1′615

Previous Chapter

The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. I sighed as I turned to see the empty space beside me. All of his warmth gone. I started to believe that I only imagined last night. I prompted myself up and saw a note on the nightstand.

Out to get fresh coffee and some bagels. - Cam xx

A small smile appeared on my face. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t let him back in my life? However I got up and took a warm long shower. When I got out I already smelled the coffee. I quickly put on some underwear and my silk robe and stepped out of my room. Cameron sat the at the kitchen island with a bagel in one hand and his phone in the other.

„Morning.“ I said walking up to him. He turned and smiled at me before roaming my body with his eyes. He stretched one arm out to pull me closer and soon I stood between his legs. „Nice robe.“ He smirked before leaning in to leave a small peck on my lips. „Thanks for the breakfast.“ He nodded in response.

„So what’s the plan for today?“ I asked as I took the coffee and a bagel. „Well. Either we go out and do stuff or…“ His voice trailed off. „Or?“ I raised my eyebrows. „We stay inside all day and I’ll fuck your brain out.“ He said with a satisfied smirk on his face.

I gasped and immediately grabbed a kitchen towel and threw it at him. „You are disgusting sometimes! You know that?“ He simply laughed. „Well that’s not what you said last night, right?“ He threw the kitchen towel back at me. We continued to just sit there in silence eating bagels, drinking coffee. I scrolled through twitter catching up with everything when something caught my attention.

@camerondallas: I need a Valentine 😭

I looked up from my phone to see him on his phone as well. That’s when I decided I should just ask. „Cameron?“ He looked up. „Hm?“ I blinked a few time before speaking up again. „What are we exactly?“ He now completely put down his phone as did I. I nervously bit my lip waiting for him to say something. „I honestly don’t know.“ We just looked at each other.

„What do you think?“ He suddenly asked. „Uhm… I don’t know either that’s why I asked you.“ I chuckled a little as did he. „What do want us to be?“ He said getting up from the stool walking around the kitchen island, making his way to me. „I really don’t know.“ I said as he stood in front of me. „I know that I like being close to you.“ He said in his low voice when he put his hands on my waist. He softly played with the fabric of my robe.

I sighed thinking about what to say. „Cameron. I don’t think this is a good idea.“ My voice was so low I could barely even hear myself. His fingers stopped playing with the fabric. The small smile on his face disappeared. „Why do you do this?“ He furrowed his eyebrows. „I’m here. Here to spend Valentine’s day WITH YOU. What am I doing wrong? Why are you doubting this?“ He took a deep breath. „Why are you scared to be with me?“

I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. He was better off without me. I just knew it. With me here in New York and him in Los Angeles it would just make everything harder. Why didn’t I just shut my mouth at that stupid penal? Than I wouldn’t be going through this again. „You’re not doing anything wrong.“ I simply said ignoring the rest of his questions. He already knew the answer.

„If you think that I’m gonna leave you again than you’re wrong. I’m not giving up on this!“ He said. His voice was stern. I still looked down, well if down was looking at his chest than, sure I was looking down. „Why would you be upset with me for pranking you yesterday if it doesn’t mean anything to you?“

That finally made me look up into his eyes. „It does mean something to me. That’s why I’m asking what we are! Cameron, how can’t you see! After all you did to me. I still love you. I still do. I will always deny it. But I live and breath for you! God damn it!“ I pushed his hands off my waist. He didn’t say anything. We just stared at one an other. Furiously to be exact. We obviously knew what we wanted but I was for sure the one hesitating more than him.

„And I still love you! So why can’t we spend the day like a normal couple?“ He raised his eyebrows. I sighed. „Because you are Cameron Dallas. That’s why we can’t go out holding hands. We can’t go out and be together like a couple because YOU never asked for it. And YOU would never tell your fans.“ Where was all of this suddenly coming from? Where have I been holding this back?

„Y/N. You know first hand how they treated you and that was while we haven’t even been seeing each other.“ He sighed. „Where is this even coming from? You were the one who didn’t want to be together in the first place.“ He furrowed his eyebrows yet again. „I don’t know! Alright! I’m sick of playing games. Everything I had in the past two years was based on what we had. I’m honestly sick of being everyone’s fuck buddy.“ That came out wrong. So wrong.

„First off, you are not my fuck buddy. Second, you were not Luke’s fuck body. Third, whatever fuck buddies and one night stands you had, that’s done with now. It better be!“ He smiled a little and I chuckled. „I want you to be mine.“ He whispered leaning closer. I closed the small gap between us. After a few second he pulled away. „Can we like be a thing now?“ He smiled at me.

„You’re really good with these questions, aren’t you?“ I giggled. He groaned. „Can you answer the question?“ I nodded. „Yes, we can like be a thing now.“ I laughed as I said it and he rolled his eyes. „Lets keep it lowkey for now.“ I said knowing it will make things easier for him and his fandom, I guess.

„So now that we’ve already had the big fight, luckily ending in a good way, could we go on with our day?“ His hands rested on my waist again. I was just about to answer when my phone rang. I picked up my phone and saw it was Sam. I gave Cameron an apologetic smile and answered the call.

„Sam?“ I said rushing into the bedroom. „Y/N! God. So you’re gonna be my maid of honor, right?“ She chirped through the phone. „Yes, of course!“ I grinned. „Okay. I also wanna tell you that either Cameron or Luke, Ethan still has to decided, will be the best man.“ She said as if she was afraid of my reaction. „I’m sorry. It’s gonna be awkward for you either way. One of them is for sure bound to show up at the wedding.“ She just continued.

„About that.“ I said bitting my lip a little. The door to the bedroom opened. „Me and Cameron are kind of back together!“ I said way more excited than intended. Cameron raised his eyebrows at me. „So much about being lowkey.“ I heard him mumble. „Oh my god! That’s amazing. Congrats! I’ll tell Ethan to ask him to be the best man. That’s gonna be so cute!“ She sounded all excited. „No, don’t! Let him make his own decision.“

„Okay. Okay. You’re right. Oh we already picked a date! You should definitely mark your calendar or else…“ She threatened. „Yeah well what is the date?“ I went to my bag and got my moleskin notebook out. „It’s gonna be July second. We’ve nearly got everything done by the way. Like the place and the catering, stuff like that. I need a dress though and…“ She rambled on and on. I scribbled down the date as I felt his familiar hands around my waist.

He left a few wet kisses on my neck. „Sam, honey. Listen. We can go dress shopping soon, alright? I’m gonna skip a few days and get down there so we can find you something.“ His fingers slowly stroke over my robe up to my chest. He lightly pulled it open as it slowly moved down my shoulders. „Great! Thank you Y/N. Love you lots! Tell Cameron to use protection!“ She basically screamed the last part which mad him back off a little. „Bye Sam. Love you too!“ With that I hung up.

„This girl knows me too well.“ He huffed. „Told you, we shouldn’t spend so much time with her.“ He continued. I turned and hit his chest. „Shut up. I’m her maid of honor and after that I’m hesitant about bringing you as my date.“ I joked as I stroke up and down his chest. „Well if you ain’t bringing a date than I won’t either. Better hook up with one of the brides maids.“ He winked. I chuckled.

„I heard the maid of honor is really hot though.“ He grinned and I laughed trying to hide the slight blush rising to my cheeks. „I love you.“ He whispered when my laughter died down. „I love you too.“ I smiled at him and we just stood there. Finally back together after two and a half years.

A/N: Let me now what you think of these Chapters. I have a few thinks in mind how to continue but I’m really questioning if I should even continue… what do you think? Anyways thank you for the support and everything. Have a great day. Love you :)