Morning mirror sessions

Every morning I begin my day with some self love and pep talk…I look at self in the mirror and I tell that thang of beauty..

You are an Overcomer
You are a winner
You are victorious
You are above and shall never be beneath
You are loved
You are faithful
You are a believer
You are a dreamer
You are a do-er
You are beautiful
You are handsome
You are intelligent
You are Radtastic
You are soulful
You are optimistic
You have the power to achieve anything you set out to accomplish
You have air in those lungs so get your butt out there and make a difference
Spread some love
Spread some joy
Share some hugs
Share some smiles
Uplift, motivate and inspire others
Stay humble
Give thanks daily
Give back/pay it forward in any kind of way
Be a positive role model
If you run into negativity, combat it with kindness, understanding, and love
Let that light shine
Notice and embrace the little things
Cherish the good and the bad…key word CHERISH
Be creative everyday
Stay true to who you are
Be the best you, you can be
Love and respect yourself
LOVE and RESPECT yourself