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  • Okay people have been doing this so here's mine
  • -Watching 8x08 with my brother-
  • Me: Oh gosh, Dean and Cas are alone. OTP.
  • Tom: Nothing's going to happen, they're not gay.
  • Tom: Wait, is he going to talk to him?
  • Tom: About his feelings?
  • Tom: That's gay.
  • Tom: They're gay.
  • Tom: -pauses TV- Let me think about this
  • Me: I told you
  • Tom: Destiel is canon. Is that right?
  • Me: That's right

I love Tumblr because between fanfiction and photo edits and gif whatever-the-hell-you-call-that-sorcery-you-do we all make incredible art and we make incredible friendships through it and we all help build this thing that one day we’ll look back on and not regret and be proud of the things we made and did.

And at the same time we’re all pretty much socially awkward teenagers and young adults who can barely get their pants on in the morning.

  • Me: -writing fanfiction-
  • Dad: -walks over- What you got there, sweetie?
  • Me: Oh, nothing.
  • Dad: Is that fanfiction?
  • Me: Um, yes.
  • Dad: You know, I'm so happy that you write that. You're such a creative person, and I would hate to see you have it go to waste. It's such a good outlet for you, and it's skill-building. I know that your mother doesn't like it because sometimes it can get graphic, but hey, it's art. I'm proud of you.
  • Me: ...... woah.
Haha this is from Valentines Day and I never posted it.

If I were Sherlock

You’d run a blog online,

About my deductions,

And my knack for solving crime.

In our flat,

We’d think all night long.

I’d be Sherlock,

And you’d be my John.

If I were Cas,

I’d grip you tight,

And pull you from Hell with all of my might.

In your Impala,

We’d make quite the team.

I’d be Cas,

And you’d be my Dean.

If I were the Doctor,

We’d travel time and space.

Nothing would be prettier than the sight of your face.

In my blue box,

I’d take you higher,

I’d be the Doctor

And you’d be my Rose Tyler.

I guess what I’m saying,

Is that my real OTP,

Is really quite simple,

It’s You/Me.

when I was in the second grade my teacher taught us the ‘Fifty Nifty States’ song, you know the one that lists all the states in alphabetical order, and she was teaching us a few at a time. Well, the school, year ended and we had only gotten to Michigan. I still have no idea what comes after Michigan and it kills me everyday.