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Two Roads

She decided she was going to take her path. She realized she needed hope to start her new journey, but did she want to leave the fire of the rebellion behind? Did she want to stay away from the fire that made her feel alive since her father’s death, the fire that may could have been the reason of her sister’s demise?

She used to be fire too, but she changed: now she was weak, insecure and her eyes showed melancholy and a dark past she thought she had forgotten… until she saw him.

Fire had turned into ashes. Once, he wanted to ignite the spark: he wanted to burn everyone alive with his anger and his strong desire of revenge. But once the fire was extinct, he was lost. He lost himself after the finale battle.

Even though it hurt a lot, he had already chosen his path. He decided the best would be to stay away from her. He knew, just because of the way she looked at him, how much his presence hurt her -he understood that it’d be selfish to keep close to her.

In silence, they took two different roads.

She chose safety.

He chose loneliness.