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Bucky likes to cook, Clint likes to taste, but isn’t allowed anymore.

(Bucky has good reason, even Clint will admit. Which doesn’t mean he won’t try. Unless he asks for the help of a certain redhead though, he will never be stealthy enough to get past the former Winter Soldier.)

I work at Cracker Barrel and something really upset me today. This couple in camo gear came up to buy this Santa calendar, when suddenly the lady (maybe late 20′s early 30′s) goes “Wait a minute, what color is he?” And I said excuse me? And she says “Does he look black to you? Would you consider him to be black?” And I paused and said “I mean, yes I would say he’s black.” And she fucking shoved it at me like she was touching something putrid and said “Ugh absolutely not take it. That is not fucking right Santa is not black.” And I had to fake my customer service smile while I wanted to absolutely throw up on her. So I took it back with a smile, saying nothing, and they stormed out. I would like to note that this Santa was so racially ambiguous, she had to squint to even realize he might not be totally white. 

I hope that lady gets ugly ties and whiskey stones for Christmas and chokes on a fruitcake.  

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Span and Gear came through to the other side, Span letting out a wheeze.

“That felt weird-” He fiddled with his sleeves, letting the portal close as he looked for a nearby monster to speak to about the location of Lav and Sylphy.

“See ya later.” Gear decided to go off in another direction, snickering to himself. “I’m gonna move here so I don’t have to deal with your moodswings!” He was thinking of ways to make money to buy a house as he walked, not exactly paying attention to where he was going.

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Social Suicide part 10 (Fin)

Bucky x reader

Notes: Violence, angst, fluff, smut, intentions of abuse

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This is bad; shit, this is really bad.

You frantically sought for a way out of the room, HYDRA operatives blocking every which way; there was no escape. Too busy fighting off another panic attack, you couldn’t find the strength to fight the actual threat in front of you. You stood backed up against the wall, scowling at yourself mentally, pushing your body to make a move. But you wouldn’t budge. The men dressed in black combat gear slowly came in closer as your eyes drifted off to Sam’s unconscious body. He defended you with everything he had. This wasn’t his fault, the agents shouldn’t have gotten this far in the first place. They somehow managed to override any security protocol the Avengers had set up upon their leave. They were following up a lead on where HYDRA’s headquarters was located, and left you in the capable hands of Sam, who’m you had grown close to over the last couple of weeks. Bucky didn’t want to leave you at first, but you urged him to go, knowing that his team would need him. Now you wondered if the situation would be the same if you had let him stay.

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Really quick 10 min doodle of these two. At first I was just going to draw Techno but the expression or I don’t know what was it gave me the thought of this scenario

Techno @silvurgalaxies and just to let you know I will draw Techno soon too don’t think I have forgotten

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“Heaven or Hell?”

Noodle of priest AU “DiEsus” that was floating around a while ago. With god!MM (”MMod” lol. with ye almgihty banhammer) and devil!LP (”lusatan”)