So hyped for this new game from one of the biggest inspiration as a kid, I was literally in tears of joy yesterday at the reveal. Happiness ahead !


Both of my quick experiments with my ferals characters, I am really happy with these. They are so relaxing and fun to make, a real delight.

They are available, by the way, as my Style A for my commissions type that are opened. I consider them as ‘’Wing-it’’ type, as you give me your feral character and I draw them in a background that I see fit ! I can take a few slot of these, will be done in-beteewn longer commissions as breaks. 


Design commission to @pocketseizure for both, Zelda (Twilight Princess) and Ganondorf (Wind Waker) - I don’t usually take design commissions but having the opportunity to make some new unofficial designs for both characters looked too much fun to pass by. 

I suggest you go read their little screenplay about their speculative, airships and sky pirate themed timeline for more information and inspiration for these as well ! A second commission will feature both characters and will be made soon.


Wing-it commissions are opened !

What is the wing-it portion? It’s the artistic liberty to let me choose a background and color ambiance for your characters ! Poses and expressions are left to you, the client of course.

🖼  Example above would be the only kind of commissions opened.  
✍️  Working on Thursday & Friday afternoon to late evening.
( The only holes in my college schedule ! )
💰 Payments only with PayPal, with invoices and upfront please.
( Can be split up for huge commissions if needed. )
⏰  Two pieces per week, at maximum! A queue will be posted weekly to keep up with each commissions and the commissions for the next weeks. (Reservations can be taken!)
🚫 As always, commissions are digital only - please do not resell the art (unless it was paid for and talk with me!) and repost without credits. 

Please, contact me by email at !

Thank you so much, as always !

I really love the new emotes, plus, it’s been a while I wanted to do something finished instead of just little sketches. 😌 Speedpainted one of my screenshot.
(Please do not repost, reblog this post instead - thank you!)


(Previous comic about getting new client I am referring about !)

There’s a lot of place, not just galleries that I post to (Like Linkedin and soon Behance), but as a graphic designer I think I may have some sort of advantage because I did my own identity (Logo, business cards and such) without having to hire someone.

But you’re not obligated to hire a graphic designer, I think as a illustrator you can design quick business cards by yourself for you little publicity and for conventions and that will work for sure! Just as long you have your title (Illustrator, scultor, and ways to reach you. A pretty business card is also a plus!) Facebook and social media are a great way to extend your business, your family and friends can be your very first clients !

DVA and Mercy in their New Year skins, commission for a co-worker from a previous job. 😊 I was very happy to draw some more characters from the game - by the way, one slot is left on my current commissions if you are interested. ( Commission information can be found here ! )