So hyped for this new game from one of the biggest inspiration as a kid, I was literally in tears of joy yesterday at the reveal. Happiness ahead !


I loved pc4sh’s idea for Dragonite mega evolution and I wanted to make one too! (On top) This suggestion of making an fake mega evolution was brought to me by @sjru over twitter.

Although, I passed way to much time on it for doodles, it was fun!

Inspired by a photography, again it was a good exercice again of coloured shading and general ambiant feeling of forest.

Experimental commission for a friend who wanted a painting like the ones i’ve done earlier this year. (Here!) Making this was sooo relaxing ~

Wanted to see if I could do a more complicated pokémon with the same style as the Dugtrio doodle I did earlier. However, I painted better textures with photoshop; chibipaint is quite limited with these.