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Revolution Française Icons For Bastille Day!

(From top left to bottom right: Robespierre, Saint Just, Desmoulins, and Danton)

I didn’t think I would get these done but heres some Icons to get ready for Bastille Day!

((Feel free to use any of these, credit is appreciated but not required))

You know what, I wasn’t going to do this but I need to protect Cami.

I just saw something that says she’s toxic. And I bet this is yet another one of the childish people who are angry about her being involved with Klaus.

First off, Camille O’Connell is a complex diverse, beautiful character. She is not ruled by the Mikaelsons, she is not designed to have her storyline growth focus on improved based upon any character, she is not an assisting character to one single person. She is a main, flawed, beautiful, crafted woman who is NOT toxic.

Everything she has done is not toxic. If you think its manipulation, then you are wrong. See, there is two different kind of manipulations. Positive and Negative Manipulation. Positive manipulation helps the person themselves or another person. It helps give that person a shift where they need to go. Camille is a THERAPIST! As a therapist, she has to ‘push’ sometimes to help another person see what they need help with, where they have fallen, to give them a push in the right direction. Camille does this with Klaus, with Elijah, with Hayley. She has done positive manipulation in a way to help them see they are not broken, to let them see that yes, they have a messed up past and it has effected them but it is not WHO they are. Camille O’Connell has learned how to use manipulation in a positive light.

Explain to me how supporting Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and the rest of them are toxic? Camille O’Connell is a woman with a diverse set of emotions. She doesn’t let Klaus push her around, she doesn’t let Marcel dictate what hse can and can’t do, she doesn’t let anyone them tell her what to do. And guess what? They respect her because of that! It is not toxic to tell a person they can’t do something and tell them off for trying to MAKE her do it. In the beginning of season one why Klaus was compelling Cami, Klaus was toxic to Cami, not the other way around. But see, this is where her compassion and beauty come in. Once this was done, she made sure Klaus knew he was wrong and that he had no right o control a person. But look, they became friends. Cami knew that Klaus had his faults, and yes he had done bad things, but she looks PAST that. She made it clear that his past doesn’t define him as he thinks. She moves on, she doesn’t hold a grudge, she doesn’t show constant hatred for it.

Did she hold a grudge against Rebekah for choking her out? No. Does she hold a grudge against Marcel for keeping her family legacy from her temporarily? No. Does she hold it against Kol for threatening her life? No. She makes it clear to them what they have done is wrong, but she doesn’t hold it against them. IF she held grudges and reminded them over and over about that, that would be toxic. BUT SHE DOESN’T!

Camille has all but supported the Mikaelsons. Bad things happen to people and cause them to snap. SHE STATED THIS! But she doesn’t believe in evil or that anyone is a lost cause. She wants to show the Mikaelsons that they are not lost causes. If she was toxic, she would call them monsters, evil, and who knows what else. But Cami has never done this. Cami has all but support people who are considered the darkest group of people in the history of life. But she saw goodness in them, she saw a light, she saw people who deserved a chance to be happy. Because they had all be manipulated themselves, been used, broken, hurt. She wanted to show them that not everyone hated them and that she wanted to help them. Not because they were lost causes, but because they have it in them they just forgot about it. That they are people who deserve love.


There isn’t anything about her that is toxic. She has her flaws!!!! EVERYONE HAS FLAWS! This doesn’t make her toxic. She has a desire to save her family that leads her to be desperate and irrational. She has anger that sometimes controls herself instead of her controlling it. She can be impulsive and reckless. But this doesn’t make her toxic because it’s not her ruling persona and she admits to these flaws, she knows she has them. Who was there when she was trying to save her uncle with electric shock treatment? Klaus. Who was there when Klaus was in his darkest time. Cami. Who was there when Elijah needed help in knowing that he wasn’t a monster? Cami. Who was there protecting Cami when she was kidnapped. Elijah. Even Rebekah saw her for who she was, and Freya did as well because they both have a desire to make their own choices. Camille isn’t toxic, she is complex and flawed and that makes her beautiful because she isn’t perfect. She is focused on herself, matured, and doesn’t need someone to support her. She is her own character.



you people have got to get your sand together, you hear me? booth and you scientist-android-brainiacs, you’ve got something very special here. but you are losing it.

lucy-against-ddlg  asked:

As much as I'm loving the memes with Illidan rn, I'm kinda glad he did what he did because like he said, sometimes the hand of fate has to be forced. Now the legion is going to be caught off guard, they won't be prepared (lol), and honestly now Illidan and Khadgar have the upper hand. Not to mention if they aren't killed in the twisting nether then they'll just keep coming back like Kil' jaden did when he was killed in Sunwell. So, reckless move, but smart lol

i hesitate to agree with “smart” but i certainly like it if only bc its just. so far in line with illidan’s character. its a high risk with potential for great reward (and i mean of course we as players know this’ll end well one way or another) but illidan likes to go for high stakes for the high rewards even if others dont see it that way

if nothing else it was .. an interesting move on blizzard’s part? i mean we knew from acquiring light’s heart that we were going to argus (esp for those who stick around after supposedly going to dala and getting that extra bit of dialogue) and they confirmed it further at blizzcon that thats what 7.3 would be. but with what velen said we assumed it would be a lot different. so to just. have illidan do something that is just so incredibly him while simultaneously surprising players with something we assumed we knew how it would go made things fun imo


Hi everyone! I just wanted to apologize for my absence recently. Work and life have been really busy and for the last couple of weeks I was using all of my free time to play Horizon: Zero Dawn (which was amazing!).

I’m going out of town today until next week, but hopefully when I get back I can start making CC again! :)

I’ll try and answer some asks before I leave today and will answer more when I return.

I hope you’re all doing well! <3

- Camille

speak your bleeding heart (malec)

alec and magnus talk things out after the last episode (2x08). read on ao3.

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“I’m not leaving you in that institute. Not tonight,” Jace snaps. “So you can keep bitchin’ or – ”

Magnus catches Jace’s eye as he and Alec come bickering through the door to the loft, a hand on Jace’s arm and a nod communicating I’ve got him. Jace considers, looks at Alec hunched and fidgeting, uncomfortable, before nodding back.

“I’m gonna go…pretend I have other friends,” Jace says, backing out the door. “I’ll check in with Izzy!” he calls as he disappears down the hall.

“What? Jace – ” Alec starts, but his parabatai is already gone, though the worry he feels through their bond is no less acute.

He turns to Magnus, but doesn’t look at him. “I don’t need to be babysat,” he gripes. “I’m fine.”

Magnus makes a Riiiiiight face which Alec doesn’t catch as he passes by.

“I have tea,” Magnus announces, heading for the kitchen.

“Your place is still a mess,” Alec notices, surprised, when he looks up to watch him. He eyes Magnus narrowly, concerned. “You don’t have the magic left to deal with it, do you?”

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