camille coudori

The End of the World - Deleted Scene, Rose Phones Jackie Again - Scene 38
  • ROSE pressed up against the blackened wall (though no expanse needed - this scene can be shot tight).
  • COMPUTER VOICE: Warning! Platform One unsafe. Warning! Platform One unsafe.
  • And over that - her mobile rings! Rose gets it out, sees the ident, answers, overjoyed -
  • ROSE: Mum?
  • INTERCUT with ROSE in the VIEWING GALLERY. JACKIE with some damp food cartons, the fridge and freezer wide open. She's fast, bristling, keeps on the move.
  • JACKIE: No, listen, I won't keep you, but I switched the freezer off by mistake, it's all defrosted, so we're having a mixed bag tonight, I've got paella and beefburgers and that tex-mex thing -
  • ROSE: Never mind that, it doesn't matter -
  • JACKIE: Don't have a go at me! If you labelled those plugs like I said, then I wouldn't be in this mess! All I'm saying is, don't have a big sandwich cos there's plenty for your tea. Now off you go, I won't keep you -
  • ROSE: No don't hang up! Mum? You still there?
  • JACKIE: You get back to work, go on.
  • ROSE: No, but I'm not ... I mean, I don't have to ... (helpless) Thing is, you don't have to rush off, you could just ... stay on the line. Talk to me.
  • JACKIE: Oh I like that! Every time I phone up, you haven't got time, now all of a sudden you're begging. Well excuse me, I'm not hanging on your every word, I'm a very busy woman - I'll see you tonight
  • -And she hangs up.
  • ROSE: Mum - ?!
  • But no one's there. Just the ominous:
  • COMPUTER VOICE: Warning, abandon ship. Warning, abandon ship ...