Here’s some cuteness to kick off the week! Fluffy bees!! This is just a snippet of the swarm I’m going to unleash on my Etsy shop for my Black Friday Bumble Rumble Release 🖤 so get ready lovelies because I have lot of fun things in store. I’ll have new bee paintings and prints, plus I made some new clothing, plates, hairpins, and necklaces for the release. PLUS since I love you all so much and want to show you how much your support means to me so I’ll be giving FREE worldwide shipping to all orders from Nov24-27th. You just have to use the code FREESHIPBF  And for two lucky people I’ll slip into your order an original bee drawing! And for orders over $150 I’ll give you a postcard with an original sketch on the back…and did I also mention that I’ve got bee tattoos that I’ll give to orders!! Whooboy so many goodies! Hope you are as excited as I am!

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🌈🐙 #Sunday 🎨: @camilladerrico
Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist, character creator and painter. Creator of BURN, Tanpopo and Helmetgirls, she has also expanded her style into designer toys, fashion, merchandise, videogames and even movies.

Camilla has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette.

There’s nothing more relaxing than some morning sketching!  🌄😊✍Especially if you wake up at silly hours because of jetlag like I did ha ha 😜 I’m so creatively energized by Rome and inspired by this beautiful city and its amazing people! Gotta love Italians!! 😍💖 I wish you could hear the music that’s playing outside my window, its amazing! 🎶😀💕 Drawings are a perfect way to for me to be creative when I travel. ✏✨ What do you like to do when you travel to relax?😊

Easter is such a sweet day so I wanted to share this cute commission I had the pleasure of doing recently!  How could anyone turn down drawing a cute girl and her little platypus?? ✍ So adorable! I love doing these fun commissions!  But if you really want to add some sweetness toyour Easter, google platypus babies, also known as puggles!  You will thank me later!


I’ve been so inspired by my recent travels that I wanted to do a piece about connectivity.💞 How we can come together.👫 Bees are just one of the many creatures that mean so much to me. 🐝❤️ They reflect life, creation, and beauty. So here’s a little taste of the painting I’m working on right now for the @LifeIsBeautiful Music Festival in Las Vegas Sept. 22-24th 😍 I’m really feeling the bee love today 💖 #lifeisbeautiful #busylittlebee

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I want to share my completed painting, “Fishbowl”, before I fly out! 🐠🐙🐟 She is one of my paintings that will be in my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome! 🖼I had so much fun painting her!❤🖌 She was the first painting I worked on streaming live on Instagram, and my first time painting a Dumbo Octopus and Seabunny! 😀 (But not the last time, if I can help it!😜) I can’t wait to see her and her sister pieces all framed and installed for the opening March 31st! 😊💞 See you soon Italy! 🛫🇮🇹💖 Oh and if you are interested in my paintings for this show please contact! 😀

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Thank you all so much, I never thought I’d get 3000 followers oh my gosh >//<

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I just wanted to take a second and say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! ❤ You guys and gals are seriously the best supporters a girl could ask for! 🙇💕 I’m always thinking of you all and I really want to do more to help artists develop their own style! 😊💜✏ I get a lot of questions about how I developed my own style and for drawing advice that I want to be able to offer more of my tips and tricks to everyone! 😀So now I have a question for you! 🤗 If I made a follow up how to draw book, what would you want me to teach you? 📚✨ I’m open to all of your suggestions! 😘💖

I imagine Carl’s injury caused him more than just physical pain but emotional loss as well. I wanted to create an image that conveyed how Carl might be on a metaphysical plain. He must have felt like he was loosing part of his soul, like the world was trying to bury him in its darkness. But Carl is such a strong character that I don’t think anything could really stop him! #strength #camilladerrico #carlgrimes #walkingdead #twd #art #popsurrealism 

TGIF & it’s Mario Day too! 😀 Double whammy! 😎 Super Mario Bros is one of my all time fav games! 🤓🎮 To celebrate I wanted to share this Mario Bros. themed piece I did called “Peach Pie.” 👸🍑 Princess Peach is so cute with freckles don’t you think? 😍 I have to thank the wonderful Amanda Duarte for her coloring! 😘 She used my original line work from my painting and made this stunning piece of work! 👏✨ I absolutely love it! 😁💖 So much so, that you might see her at future conventions 😉

PS fun fact about me! 🎊 My wedding cake was Super Mario Bros. themed! 🎂🎮⭐ I am a dedicated fan 😜

 I have some exciting news for C2e2! 😀🎉🎉 I’m making my way to Chicago for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo very soon and I’ll be in Artist Alley at  table T1 with fun goodies for the show from April 21-23rd! 🤗💖 But I’ll also be live painting on the Twitch Stage on Saturday April 22nd at 12:15pm CST! 😆🎨🖌 And for those of you who can’t make it to Chicago, they are going to be streaming the event so you can all watch it online at ! 😉👍 I’m really excited to be able to live stream again and I hope you’ll tune in on Saturday or come watch me in person at the show!! 😀❤ See you soon Chicago! 😙💕

Comicpalooza is this weekend, May 12th-14th! 😆 I’m trying to get organized because I fly out tomorrow! 🛫😊 But check this out! I’ve got a handy new tote for Houston that’s perfect for traveling! 👜✨ Hee hee 😄 Like what you see? 😉 You’ll be able to pick up your own this weekend at booth #42! 😊 I’ll be there all weekend so stop by and check out the new goodies!🙋💕 But if you’re not able to make it to Texas for the show, I left a few for Etsy after the madness of my May the 4th release! ☺💖 I’ll try to make them available on Friday! 😁 But now I’m off to pack up for the show! 😊🛍Have a good evening lovelies! 😙💗

It’s day two of Comicpalooza! Are you as excited as I am??! I’m having such a great time here in Houston!  This show is so much fun!  If you’re just making it to the convention today come find me and my goodies at my booth #41!  I’ve got new prints, books, apparel, postcards, stickers, socks, totes, and more!  Please come check it out! I’m here allll day and I’ll be back again tomorrow too!  Plenty of time to visit me and say hello 

It’s a new year full of new colorful possibilities! 😁🌈✨But it’s always good to reflect on past work to contrast where you’re at now! 🤔⏳🖼So for #throwbackthursday I have this little cutie called “Twizzler”! 😁💞She’s definitely a great example of contrast! 😉 I painted this piece back in 2014 and she debuted at SDCC