camilladerrico replied to your post: im so confused this is bs we barely got new elena…

I got teary with Grams! But other than that WTF? Damon and Elena didn’t even speak to each other! Their ENTIRE future was wrapped up in a hollow montage where we didn’t see him propose, them get married or having kids or being together happily with each other and friends. 8 years for that ending? Where Elena and Damon are seperated?! How about spending your afterlife with the love of your life Come on! I’m so glad its over. I can’t take anymore TVD disappointments.

I’m sure they did spend their afterlives together, but their peace is together and with their family, it’s both of those and they needed to have that separately. The show mostly failed at executing and showing that which is why the writers had SO many interviews after that, there was simply no way to cover it in a 40 minute episode. The proposal was there but got cut out, I hope it’s on the DVDs deleted scenes. Trust me, I wasn’t happy with this finale either, but at the very least I know they got to be happy together. Damon and Elena Salvatore. And that at least reassures me a little bit, now more than yesterday because I was livid about this yesterday hahah

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🌈🐙 #Sunday 🎨: @camilladerrico
Camilla d’Errico is an Italo-Canadian artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla lives the double life of comic artist, character creator and painter. Creator of BURN, Tanpopo and Helmetgirls, she has also expanded her style into designer toys, fashion, merchandise, videogames and even movies.

Camilla has distinguished herself through her ability to seamlessly weave comic art and manga with surrealist elements, wrapping it all together with an extensive emotional palette.


Did you see the super moon today?!🌙✨ I drew little “Super Boy” here in honour of the occasion!🌝😊💖 Apparently he hasn’t swung by this close to earth in 68 years and doesn’t plan to drop by again until 2034!🙀If you get a chance today check out an online viewing of the amazing super moon before it’s gone!😘❤️ #camilladerrico #supermoon2016 #supermoon #drawing #blackfriday #illustration #anime #manga #superboy #maninthemoon #graphitedrawing #art #artwork #popmanga #moon (at Downtown Vancouver)

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It’s a new year full of new colorful possibilities! 😁🌈✨But it’s always good to reflect on past work to contrast where you’re at now! 🤔⏳🖼So for #throwbackthursday I have this little cutie called “Twizzler”! 😁💞She’s definitely a great example of contrast! 😉 I painted this piece back in 2014 and she debuted at SDCC

TGIF & it’s Mario Day too! 😀 Double whammy! 😎 Super Mario Bros is one of my all time fav games! 🤓🎮 To celebrate I wanted to share this Mario Bros. themed piece I did called “Peach Pie.” 👸🍑 Princess Peach is so cute with freckles don’t you think? 😍 I have to thank the wonderful Amanda Duarte for her coloring! 😘 She used my original line work from my painting and made this stunning piece of work! 👏✨ I absolutely love it! 😁💖 So much so, that you might see her at future conventions 😉

PS fun fact about me! 🎊 My wedding cake was Super Mario Bros. themed! 🎂🎮⭐ I am a dedicated fan 😜


It’s #wipwednesday and I’ve got a brand new painting I’m working on! 🎨 This girly and her dragon are going to be part of “Mythos” @havengallery opening April 8th! 🖼This is going to be such a fun show! 😊✨ I chose an Asian water dragon for the show theme of mythical creatures. 🌈🌊🐉 Right now I’m building up colors on it’s mane and around it’s face. 🖌 I want the mane to be a colourful rainbow from it’s head to his tail! 🌈😀💖 hope you like him so far!
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Framing a new graphite drawing to bring to my booth 204 at Emerald City Comic Con 😊✍🏻🌞✨ Sure wish it was as sunny in vancouver as it is in my drawing 😅 hope you are all having a great weekend so far! @emeraldcitycomicon

Say hello to “Pika Pals”!! 💖 She is another @emeraldcitycomicon original drawing that I’ve whipped up for you lovely lovely people! ✍😁 Come by my booth 204 this weekend and see me! And Pikachu! Did you know Pokemon is celebrating 20 years??!!! Holy hot cakes! 😮🎉

It’s International Women’s Day so I would like to share with you an oil painting of mine the represents my idea of a beautiful woman “Yuuta” <3 The snake represents - to me - what makes a woman most beautiful: her mind. It is beautiful, mysterious, sensual. She holds the snake to show that she owns her own power; her own mind. This painting shows that we as women are a sum of all our parts not just one thing. Feel empowered ladies! Because you are all beautiful! ^_^