Tentacle Crowns by camilladerrico

“I’ve been working for months with sculptor Killer Tentacle Octopus on real wearable Tentacle Crowns, based on the one in my Dream Melt Painting ^_^ "Tentacle Crown” is live on Kickstarter now! There are different colours, ones you can paint yourself, crowns I’m hand-painting, art prints and original artworks available through the Kickstarter!“

Losing my shit, omfg. 

“Mademoiselle Gatto” will be part of my Beauty In The Breakdown show at Thinkspace Gallery on feb28th! If you are interested in the original painting please contact @thinkspace_art for info! Can’t wait for the show it’ll be my 10th yr anniversary show. One decade of painting can you believe it? 😳😁 #TGIF #popsurrealism #poppainting #camilladerrico #frenchbulldog #frenchie #pug #bulldog #cats #kitty #kitten #blindness #blind

Just had to splurge on a new @camilladerrico print to add to my growing collection. It’s like she knew I was obsessed with rainbows when she painted “Beyond the Rainbow” My most recent fav by far! Love it <3 #camilladerrico