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a fe14 alternate universe where they’re all literally contestants in family feud

  • Kamui is the host
  • Sakura and Mikoto are the priestesses that say oddly sexual answers and Kamui yells at them
  • Marx is the guy who says something really specific/obscure and is surprised when it’s not one of the answers on the board
  • Garon tries to fistfight Mikoto and Ryoma so he gets escorted out and replaced with one of the Nohrian sibling’s subordinates
  • Camilla accidentally turns around during the final round and sees all the previous answers
  • Takumi accidentally slaps the table instead of the buzzer and Leon gets to answer first
  • Leon can’t answer because he’s too busy laughing and Takumi gets the first answer anyway
  • Ryoma answers questions with answers that aren’t even valid. i.e.: “Name something that has the word ‘soda’ in it.” “Sparkling water.”
  • Hinoka and Elise are the only sane ones and usually get the final answer to clear the board

Thinking back on that little scenario I had with Corrin having a gay crush on Felicia when they were younger and…it doesn’t really bother her, but she’s definitely confused about having feelings for another girl, especially since so many of the books she reads really only talk about traditional straight unions. Luckily by this point in time Camilla has settled comfortably with her sexuality, so Corrin has someone close and reliable to talk about this with.

fire emblem tryna tell me Camilla rides a dragon in bikini bottoms and high heels ?? ?


Then he turned around. He still had the pistol. ‘Come here,’ he said to Camilla. She looked at him in horror. So did Francis and I. He beckoned to her with his gun arm. 'Come here,’ he said.'Quick.’ I felt faint. What’s he doing? I thought, bewildered. Camilla took a step away from him. Her gaze was terrified. 'No, Henry,’ she said, 'don't…’ To my surprise, he smiled at her. 'You think I’d hurt you?’ he said. 'Come here.'Henry kissed Camilla again. I love you,’ he said. Then he said, out loud: 'Come in.’

Happy Birthday, Elise!

It was halfway through the morning in Valla that particular day when the High Prince of Hoshido requested an audience with the Crown Prince of Nohr.

“What is all this formality, Prince Ryoma?” Xander asked as they both sat on the stone floor of an abandoned cathedral built in honor of Anankos, now in ruins. The nohrian  prince sat over the steps between the transept and the chancel as the hoshidan royal purposely put himself on the lower ground.

Ryoma wasn’t wearing his armor. He placed his Raijinto and his kodachi on his right side in respect of Prince Xander and sat formal style, showing every kind of vulnerability he found possible. After a few seconds of silence, Xander began to wonder if Ryoma had heard him at all and meant to repeat his question.

He was, however, cut off. “I have called you here in regards of the future of both of our kingdoms once this war is done and won.” Ryoma began, his voice deep and unfaltering; his eyes looking at the ground beside Xander’s feet. “Regarding ways to further strengthen the bonds between our lands and families.”

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Camilla for ask meme

First Impression: She’s definitely the queen and their mom. It explains why that blonde girl has purple highlights and purple eyes!

Impression now: Well she’s pretty much their mom emotionally lol

Favorite Moment: Putting her axe to Hinoka’s throat and smugly telling her how she’s Corrin’s sister and how Hinoka should count herself lucky that Corrin was there and was kind enough to spare her was pretty badass. The absolute smugness was practically oozing off of her in that scene holy moly

Idea for a story: B I R T H R I G H T  A U

Unpopular opinion: I don’t mind her design or character at all. I can’t get mad about her outfit being there for fanservice when characters like Odin exist. I also can’t get mad about her character being there for fanservice when the creators literally said they made Leo and Takumi’s characters to be romantically appealing to women. So, eye for an eye imo.

Favorite Relationship: I find her relationship with Elise to be very interesting because Camilla seems to be the one who admires Elise as equally as Elise admires her. She also seems to treat her the most like an adult because she doesn’t try to lecture her or tell her what to do. I guess it’s revealing of how Camilla was raised around Elise’s age. I’m also so so curious about her relationship to Xander as the younger sister. Their supports didn’t really delve into their relationship specifically and I really wanna know how Camilla is as a younger sister.

Favorite Headcanon: Also cheap because it’s my own headcanon but I really am partial to the idea that she loves scented candles and will light them in her room all the time. It’s so soothing and she must love the different scents she can choose from~

Imagine a world where Hoshido and Nohr are switched. A glory seeking Hoshido bent on war. A plentiful and stable Nohr seeking peace. A grim King Sumeragi ruling with an iron fist. A kind King Garon with love for his citizens and his children alike. The four Hoshidan siblings growing up fighting tooth and nail in order to live another day in the midst of a concubine war. The four Nohrian siblings growing up in peaceful times and happy stability.

But Corrin still hailing from Hoshido and getting kidnapped to Nohr.

What would happen?

If you 5H fan

If you are 5H fan, then you know how it all began.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know what means for them impossible. 

If you are a 5H fan, then when you hear if I were a boy you remember Dinah’s audition.  

If you are a 5H fan, then you laugh at jokes Camila.

If you are a 5Hfan, then you know that Lauren isn’t only hot, but also very wise.

If you are a 5H fan, then you remember about Ally when you hear Shakira’s songs.

If you are a 5H fan, then you adore Mani, even when she does so

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re Miss Movin On.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re the boss of your life.

If you are a 5H fan, then you worth it.

If you are a 5H fan, then you're must be from heaven.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know the date of birth of all girls.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know the correct pronunciation of their names.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know what is Camren.

If you are a 5H fan, then when you knew about IKWYDLS you were in a panic, because you thought that Camilla left the group.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re in love with a monster.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re singing like Mariah

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re brave.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re honest.

If you are a 5H fan, then you’re beautiful.

If you are a 5H fan, then you know all about them.

If you are a 5H fan, then you lovin’ this life ‘cause you really don’t care.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you make them happy. 

If you’re a 5H fan, then you proud of them.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they’re beautiful.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they’re also funny.

If you’re a 5H fan, then with each their reward you thank them for what they helped you believe in yourself

If you’re 5H fan, then you love Camila and Lauren not because of Camren. 

If you’re a 5H fan, then you love their smile.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you also love their laughter.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you ain’t going nowhere.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you have one wish - meet them.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you don’t wanna dance alone.

If you’re a 5H fan, then you know that they love you.

Oh, and you’re not just a 5H fan, you’re part of a big family



Some would say Xander was the luckiest member of the family. He was a beacon of Nohrian patriotism. He was spared the horrors of the concubines’ infights, and even his ascension to the throne came with little fuss from the citizens. But those who really knew Xander could tell a different story. In general, he was not a happy man. Garon’s cruelty and Xander’s own acts as a soldier have destroyed the man’s sense of idealism. And then, the matter of his wife…

Xander was as obedient as they came, but even he had lapses. Toward the middle of the campaign, he and his former wife, Azura, had sired two boys. Fraternal twins, to be exact. The children had to stay behind in Windmire while Xander and Azura left for Hoshido… but Xander was the only parent to return.

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Nohrian Festival: Selena and Camilla Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Whoops, looks like Severa let an old name from the past slip~ 

I like the relationship between Camilla and Selena, because Camilla lavishes Selena with all the affection and attention she wants. It’s actually something that Selena needs, what with her inferiority complex and deprived childhood. Though she lets it get to her head a bit too much…

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