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Thinking back on that little scenario I had with Corrin having a gay crush on Felicia when they were younger and…it doesn’t really bother her, but she’s definitely confused about having feelings for another girl, especially since so many of the books she reads really only talk about traditional straight unions. Luckily by this point in time Camilla has settled comfortably with her sexuality, so Corrin has someone close and reliable to talk about this with.

Imagine a world where Hoshido and Nohr are switched. A glory seeking Hoshido bent on war. A plentiful and stable Nohr seeking peace. A grim King Sumeragi ruling with an iron fist. A kind King Garon with love for his citizens and his children alike. The four Hoshidan siblings growing up fighting tooth and nail in order to live another day in the midst of a concubine war. The four Nohrian siblings growing up in peaceful times and happy stability.

But Corrin still hailing from Hoshido and getting kidnapped to Nohr.

What would happen?

Bitty decided, with definite surety, to come to Samwell because his older cousin had told him about how supportive her athletic team was of her coming out, and how great the hockey department was, from what she’d seen (she was pretty sure a few of the members were crushing on each other, but she’d never blatantly say it - you never know who’s closeted, and accidental outings could be the worst). Of course, Bitty looks up to and trusts his slightly older cousin (Bitty likes to emphasize that it’s barely any age difference) with the matching brown eyes and the blonde hair that the two of them used to intertwine with his own to compare colors. So he makes his final decision based on her affirmation that the college is wonderful. After all, who wouldn’t believe a bright, enthusiastic smile like that permanently etched one on the face of a certain Camilla Collins?

Things I’m sick of in fire emblem, and what I want to see more of: The unrealistic fan service. How does Camilla fight in that outfit? And I’m pretty sure it’s not a good idea to wear a dress in battle… And, the beach? Really? I can let that slide, but PLEASE let the girls wear pretty armor instead. I loved Sumia’s design because she wore full armor that was slightly pink, and her hair was both cute and practical (bangs and NOT COVERING HER EYES.) I’m excited for the remake because the character designs would be more realistic.

The fact that there are people who ARE so unrealistically in love with your character, to the point that they’re all “meh” in EVERY S-Support except for your MU. Examples include:

1. Camilla. When I see her supports with other male characters, many of them are cute, until the S-Support. She never seems enthusiastic or especially happy to marry them, and she makes it revolve around your character 90% of the time (Example: nearly divorcing Silas when they spent almost the WHOLE S SUPPORT fighting over who gets to tell you. Lame.)

2. Jakob: Nasty to nearly everyone but you. Never really excited to marry anyone but you. (I pair him with Azura cuz she’s an exception)

3. Rhajat is better than Tharja (who always insists that she’ll love Robin more than her spouse and children, no matter what) because at least she’s excited to marry who you pair her with. Still, she’s a little too obsessed (“I don’t care about this stupid war! You’re all that matters.”)

Silas and Felicia were better. They loved and were devoted to your character. They truly supported and respected you, but they weren’t nasty to others, or unrealistically obsessed with you.

Many people have said this, but again, the 1-D anime trope characters. (Severa is the red-haired twin-tailed tsundere? Really?)

Lastly, the story should revolve around your character, sure, but not to the point where others would occasionally put their country at risk for you. (Thankfully, this doesn’t happen much, but still.)

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Thoughts on Ep?

I loved last nights episode! For the first time in ages I enjoyed all 3 storylines, but I’ll talk about zollie because everyone knows they’re my life :))
Loved the cuteness in albies at the beginning and the arguments throughout the day because real couples do argue about silly little things and i lowkey love watching them argue! I also thought Camilla/the writers portrayed the pregnancy symptoms really well, and seeing ollie be worried about her. The whole not talking thing was annoying, but I suppose it will lead nicely into next weeks episode and Zosia does have a good reason why she didn’t tell him because Ollie was being an idiot!
Best scene of the ep had to go to Hanssen and Ollie with the mmmbop saga, that’s a classic now.
Elsewhere, Isaac is still a complete dick and I love Jasmine and Morven to bits so I hope they make up soon :(

Jack & Camilla’s friendship

Something I needed to write today after having lunch with @audiaphilios (it’s not often I get to hang out with a fandom friend, so yes, I am totally bragging that I got to have lunch with her TWICE this week). (And we could probably hang out and talk for hours and still do it the next day.)

 ….   ….   ….

Jack has always enjoyed Camilla’s company. She’s a good friend. That everyone has assumed that they’re something more than friends is on them and their collective assumptions about both him and Camilla. Jack has never thought to correct them and no one has ever thought to ask, which he thinks is stupid on their part. Going to places with someone doesn’t mean they’re dating. He goes to places with Lardo all the time and no one has assumed they’re a couple. (Although there was that one time in the Swallow but Lardo had stormed into their office and set them right. He’s not quite sure why Lardo was so incensed about being linked with him).

He goes places with a lot of people. All of his team mates, some of his class mates, other people, and yet out of all of them being seen with Camilla in public seems to start the grapevine faster than anything before or after it. He doesn’t get it. However, neither he nor Camilla can bring themselves to care. Instead they actually start to find it kind of helpful.

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Dearest Priorities

1. Sleepy

“Big Brother…” Woozily she mumbled, chin slowly nuzzling on his right shoulder. “Giddy…up…” Snores then bubbled out through parted lips. Eyes still nicely shut, Kamui resumed her peaceful slumber.

Marx only curved a lazy smirk as he gave the snoozing girl a piggyback ride. “As you wish, milady.” Hands tucked under her knees, the prince brought her closer until Kamui subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. With more snores bubbled out from her, Marx popped a breathy chuckle and resumed his steps toward her bedroom.

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Towel Malfunction (Camilla x M!Corrin)

As the day came to a close and the sun set behind the castle walls things always began to grow very quiet as most of the troops in the army returned to their quarters for some much needed sleep after a long day. Sure there were a few odd ones like Xander keeping up his practicing late into a night and Laslow sneaking around outside the castle to do something. But aside from the few night owls of the army, the fortress always grew very quiet come the end of the day-

-Which made it hard to sneak around.

Camilla stood under a tree, finding herself a few yards away from the entrance of the hot springs the castle featured. She had seen Corrin stroll in there looking exhausted and achy. Her “brother” hasn’t looking too hot and looked like he was in need of the gentle touch of a woman to take care of him.

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Then he turned around. He still had the pistol. “Come here,” he said to Camilla.

She looked at him in horror. So did Francis and I.

He beckoned to her with his gun arm. “Come here,” he said. “Quick.”

I felt faint. What’s he doing? I thought, bewildered.

Camilla took a step away from him. Her gaze was terrified. “No, Henry,” she said, “don’t …”

To my surprise, he smiled at her. “You think I’d hurt you?” he said. “Come here.”

She went to him. He kissed her between the eyes, then whispered something—what, I’ve always wondered—in her ear.

[…] Henry kissed Camilla again. “I love you,” he said. 

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What would Leon and Takumis pokemon team be?

this is a wreck

ryouma is takumis super op shiny clawitzer who destroys everything

takumi got his exeggutor from sakura on his birthday, she has a japanese copy of pokemon and trained it hard and named it after her bro and all. takumi was so moved he swore to train it to lvl100

megafart the salamence is a token of broship from leon (takumi gave him tomato the noivern in exchange) they promised to get each others favourite dragon and then trade

leons brunhilde is the famed indestructible spiritomb who pisses off eveyone he battles against

revenant is named after camillas bike (i thought camillas wyvern in game has a name but alas i found nothing, if im wrong pls tell me)

deathnote is leons fav pokemon but everyone makes fun of it

rest is p much self explanatory


“It was nothing to do with him going. The most awful thing had happened before he went. I was in his study talking to him about his trip, the telephone rang. It was Camilla…So I thought, shall I be nice, or shall I just sit there? So I thought I’d be nice, so I left them to it. And - it just broke my heart.”

-Diana, Princess of Wales