camilla monet


~Fifth Mini Challenge - Camilla Monet~

So this look, minus the wig I have on, is the first actual drag outfit I had pulled together. I did blue eye shadow and a pink lip when I wore this for the first time. It’s kind of street-walker, and I like that! I mean how else am I gonna afford all of my drag things~

I wanted to show that my main focus is beauty! I love being beautiful and being beautiful loves me. Thanks Judges, hope you like it! 

Nicole: I love your pretty much everything in this look and runway. I liked how you went back to almost your first drag everything. Even though this was what you were wearing the first time you were in drag, it still is very cute. I’m sure you probably have a better mug now then you first did drag though ;) I love your makeup, it is so amazing and looks very gorgeous; I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I love the wig too, I like the style, color, and placement. Only thing I didn’t really like about this video was your walk. You relied a bit too much on placing your arms on your hips and pushing your arms forward. Also, we didn’t get much personality within the walk, but we got more of it when you were showing off your mug to us. Overall excellent job Camilla. Keep your drag at this level, or higher, and you could win this competition.

Fawn: Your body is flawless and you know how to werk it. I like your outfit, it’s very “off the rack at Forever 21”, but that’s what I wear every day so I can’t judge. Your wig is gorgeous (all your wigs are gorgeous) and your makeup was very bold, but pretty. On a side note, you must be very good at tucking, because horizontal striped shorts usually look awkward on girls, let alone drag queens, but you pulled it off.