camilla jade

made this for a classmate, in college-bound, bc i finally met someone else who knew about RHG. i can’t remember the last time i felt so determined to draw something 

DS by me, eachcharacterbelongstotheirrespectableanimator 

I am so fucking tired of all this 5H and Little Mix “feuding”. IT’S NOT THE GIRLS THAT HAVE PROBLEMS WITH EACH OTHER. IT’S THEIR SHITTY TEAMS. I am so sick of both fandoms being mean to each when we both love groups of AWESOME TALENTED WOMEN. The whole point of both bands as far as I know is girls supporting each other and being there for each other. SO CAN WE STOP ALL THE FIGHTING AND REALIZE THAT IT’S NOT WHAT ANY OF THE GIRLS WANT. It’s literally just their shitty teams.