camilla d'errico drawing

Hehe I’ve been eagerly waiting to show this one off <3 killertentacleoctopus approached me and many other talented artists for her Kickstarter a few months back, asking if I could contribute a tentacle themed illustration as part of the rewards. I adore her work and wear her earrings all the time so of course I couldn’t say no! So I made this~ :D

I’ve been spamming this all day but I just can’t help it I’m so excited to see it launched!! You can pre-order one of killertentacleoctopus’s beautiful tentacle crowns now! You can also order my piece as a print for $12, or there’s a very limited run of my piece on make up bags! 


Hey cuties!  I’m getting everything together for Calgary because I have to fly out tomorrow!  So crazy! But I wanted to take a quick break from packing and prepping  to show you all one of the drawings I’m bringing with me to the Calgary Expo.  I’ll have other original drawings available at my tables X4-5 too!  Whichever day you’re going to the convention, come find me and say hello!  I’ll be at my booth April 27th-30th.  Have a great rest of your day lovelies!

Let’s face it, I couldn’t go to a comic convention and not make a Sailor Moon drawing! 😜✏ She’s too awesome! 🌙🎀🐱✨ I brought her with me to C2E2 along with some other originals too! 😊❤ If you’re going to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, I’ll be here April 21st-23rd with fun goodies at Artist Alley table T1! 😀 Stop by to get something special or just to say hi! 🤗💞 I can’t wait to get this con started! 😆🎉

I wanted to share something sweet this morning and this came to mind! 💓😀 It’s a fun commission request I drew from Calgary Expo of “The Last Unicorn” 🦄✨ I was excited for this one because it’s such a great movie and one of my all time favourites! First cartoon that scared me (holy moly that red bull and harpy 😱)and wowed me with its beauty 😍The unicorn and Almalthea was so pretty! 😍❤Who else watched it and loved it? 😙 Plus you know me, I couldn’t pass up drawing a unicorn hee hee 🦄✨ I love em! Wish I could transform into one! Or a Pegasus 🙀😻 What mythical creature would you want to transform into? 😀🦄🐲💞

Here’s a fun drawing I did last weekend for Calgary expo! 😊 I’m on a dragon kick ha ha, so it’s pretty fitting that I drew Daenerys! 😆👑🐲 I miss Game of Thrones arghh! I can’t wait for it to start again! 😙💕 Which character are you most looking forward to seeing?! 🤓

PS if you’re interested in a commission of your fav character or pet hee hee, you can email me at! 💌 I’m currently taking them so fire away! 😘❤ 

Farewell Houston! 🤗 I’m so thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to be here! 🙇❤ A big thanks to Comicpalooza and all the team members that helped make this possible! 💞 Biggest of hugs to you lovelies who came to see me and bought my prints and merch! 😄💖 Without you I couldn’t do what I do! You are all the best! 😙😊 Now to unwind with a little drawing at the airport before I’m back home in beautiful Vancouver! 😀✏ Which is where my next show is! 😆 I’ll be at Vancaf comic arts festival table J1 in the Yaletown Roundhouse center May 20-21 with books, prints, pins, goodies and more. 😁✨ So mark your calendars for Vancaf May 20-21 and I’ll see you there soon! 🤓❤

Just another beautiful morning here in Italy! I’m relaxing with some yummy coffee and taking it all in! ☕💕  I couldn’t help but do some more drawing too 😊  I wanted to  work on a couple of cuties before I set off to explore the city some more and start set-up for the Roma Cartoon Festival this evening! 🦄💕  I’ve only been in Rome for a few days and I can already feel the creative juices flowin! ✨ I think this city has that effect on people. 😜❤ But I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of the Roma Cartoon Festival! 😆 The past couple days flew by! You can find me at the show all weekend so I hope to see you lovelies there!😘💗

Here’s something cute to start your morning! 😘 Everything is better as chibi babies! 😆👶💕 Including Chewbacca and Yoda lol 😝😆 I thought this would be a fun new print, so I made “Baby Rebellion” my Comicpalooza exclusive! 😁🎉🎉 These little cuties are a limited colorway specially for the show this weekend, May 12th-14th! 💙✨ If you’re going to the convention here in Houston, make sure you stop by my booth #42 to grab one because once the run is sold out, this print design won’t be remade! 😉 Plus if you stop by and see me, I can sign it for you too! 😘 I’ll be here all weekend! 💕

It’s over! 🤗🎉 Thank you so much everyone for stopping by this weekend! 😀💕 I had a great con for the second weekend in a row because of you lovelies! 😊 I really appreciate the support and enjoyed getting to meet and talk with everyone! 😁❤ I hope you all had a fun at the live painting event as well as the Pop Manga Coloring book panel! 🖍❤🖌 I know I did! 😊💞 Thank you for having me Calgary Expo! ☺ I look forward to seeing you again next year! 😀👋😙💖


I did it! 😄 I finished framing all my drawings for #SDCC. ❤ I tapped into my nerd strength and got em done! 💪😁 Im so excited to go to #SanDiegoComicCon! 😆 It’s going to be amazing. Come and see me at my booth #4723! I’ll be there being my nerdy self all week! 🤓😘 

May the 4th be with you! 😆 Today is Star Wars Day! 🎉🎊🎉 I love the Star Wars movies! 😊❤📺 A princess lead a rebellion 👑😍 How cool is that?? 😎🤓 I had to make this drawing of Princess Leia and little Yoda in celebration of today! 💕 She’s also going to be one of the original drawings going up today for my May the 4th Etsy release on! ☺✏✨ I’ll have other Star Wars themed goodies going up today at 6PM PST like new tote bags and postcard sets too! 🛍💌👜 Check out my latest blog post for more info about the release on! 👉💻👈 Hope you have a great day cuties! 😊😙💖

Look what I’m bringing to C2e2! 😀💕 These are some of the original drawings I’ve made for the show✏✨ I’m getting everything together because I fly out today! 🛫😁💞 I’m excited for my first trip to Chicago! 😉🖼📚✨ I’ll have lots of prints at my artist alley table T1 from April 21st-23rd! ❤ If you’re going to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, please come visit me and stop by my table! 😊💕  I can’t wait to see all of you! 😆😙💗

It’s time peeps!😆⏰🎊🎊 The May the 4th release has started and I put up all kinds of fun new goodies on! 😀 You can find great items like new prints, tote bags, original art, and stickers! ❤ Plus I made new Star Wars themed postcard sets and tote bags for the release too! 😉 I only have a few of certain items so head over to my Etsy to grab something before it’s gone! 👉💻👈 Thank you for your support lovelies! 💖 Big Hugs!😊😙💞

Here’s a little cuteness to kick off humpday  This is a cute commission I did a while back, what do you think? I love doing drawings for people of their fav characters, especially when it’s Totoro!! Sooooooo that’s why I’m gonna have a tier on my Patreon for commissions.  I’ll only have room for a couple with my schedule but I think it’s gonna be super funI’m so excited to kick it off on Friday, it’s going to be an awesome creative outlet! So what are some of the things you’d want to see me draw? I’m super curious what you’d commission me to do

Here’s something cute and chibi to brighten up your morning hee hee! 😄 Aren’t Squirtle and Bulbasaur the cutest??? 😍 I love these little guys! 💖 I’ve been very inspired to make Pokemon art lately! 🎨✨ Not sure why though 🤔 But that’s the beauty of art! 😆 Sometimes you make cute things because you can and it’s fun 😜❤ They will be available soon too because I’ll be putting this pair of cuties up on tomorrow (June 2nd) at 9AM PST for my “June Bug” release! 😊If you’re looking to snap up one of my originals or some of my rare items, please get there on time! ⏰✨Things can go quick! 🌠 Now I’m off to make more cute fun things 😘💕 But I’d love to know, which starter Pokemon is your favorite? 🤔 Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander? 😄💞

Morning everyone! 😁 I’m so into Pokemon lately. 😍 Probably because of the new Pokeon Go update. 😜 I wish I had the time to play but I’m so busy with painting that I can’t *sob* 😢 But i did find the time to make this drawing for ECCC which is just around the corner! 🎉🎉 “Pikaboo” is one of the many originals I’ll be bringing with me and I’ll make sure to come by my booth 1532! 😘💖

Happy Birthday Donald Duck! 😄🎉🎈🍰 You’re 83 today! 😲 In celebration of my favorite pantsless animated duck I wanted to share my drawing  “Mouseketeers”!🐭🦆 Drawing this piece was so nostalgic and took me back to Saturday morning cartoons as a kid! 📺✨ Love the old Disney cartoons! 😁❤ So classic and funny! Donald’s temper was epic ha ha 😆 What classic Disney character did you like to watch as a kid on Saturday mornings?🤔😊

Sea horses ahoy! I’m heading to @saltlakecomiccon tomorrow and I’m drawing up a storm!  I’ll have this piece and more at my booth #523 this weekend. I do so many drawings for conventions I can’t post them all. SO I made a tier on my Patreon for just 2$ on you can see em all! It’s a great way to see my art and support me too  So what do you think? Do you like your dragons cute or a little wild?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 😁🎊💘 It’s one of my favorite holidays because it’s all about love love love! 💞 I’m a libra so I was born a hopeless romantic lol Which is why I drew this cutie. 😗 She’s got love on the brain just like me. 😘Hope today is filled to the brim with all the love for you amazing peeps!😀💖