camilla d'errico drawing

Good morning! 😁🌄 It’s the first Friday the 13th of the new year!😲📅 I thought everyone’s feed could use a little black cat today for good luck. 😉🐱✨ This fuzzy cutie is “Prowler.” 😺💕I drew her for Black Friday. 😸 I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoy this spooky calendar day 😙

Me-ow! Catwoman from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns has always been my fav! I had a blast drawing this earlier last year and I just had to share her! The holidays may be over, but I couldn’t help rewatching the movie as it’s still one of my fav holiday flicks!  What kinds of movies do you like to watch this time of year? What Batman villain is your favorite? Or which Catwoman are you partial to?

Can I just have my own Pokemon to cuddle, please? Umbreon could stay up with me all night while I paint away listening to fun audiobooks! 😊This graphite drawing found a home at one of my events this fall, but I’ll be sure to keep the Poke-inspiration up for the future! 😸 What Pokemon would you like me to draw?

I am working on something adorable for a new show! 😀 Luke Chueh ’s “Friends With The Animals” opens April 8th at the Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles. 😊❤🐺🐱🐰 It’s nice to take a break and draw after painting for the passed few days! ✍ Don’t get me wrong, I love painting, but it’s really relaxing to put pencil to paper sometimes.💕✏ I will have more details about this show soon, but in the meantime, what animal would you be friends with? 🐵🐶🐦 I would choose all of them… except spiders 😆

Morning peeps! 😀 I can’t believe my Spring Etsy release is tomorrow! 🌷🌷🌷 We’re so close 😆 so I wanted to share another original I’ll be listing in my shop!✏✨ “Pikaboo” is one of three original drawings going up March 20th at 6pm PST on 🎉🎉 This was a fun one to draw! ✍💕 Pikachu is the cutest! ❤⚡I wish he was real 😔 but Loki is a good substitute 😜🐶💖  what’s your favorite Pokemon you wish was real? ☺

Let’s make this Monday a funday and celebrate the first day of Spring!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I can’t wait for warmer weather! 🌞 Plus I’ve got my Etsy Spring release tonight at 6p.m. PSTwith all sorts of nature inspired goodies! 🎁✨  Like my little spring chicken and her rooster pal! 🐔🐓 She’s one of 3 available original drawings that are going up later today! 😉  “Jiha” was my Chinese New Year inspired drawing and I thought she’d make a pretty addition to the other items going up today! 🌈✍  If you’d like to preview some of the items going up on my Etsy shop you can check out them out on my blog 💻 Hope you have a great day today peeps! 😘💖