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Let’s kick of the week with a cute little painting I did “Lemon Drop” 🍋🐝Monday’s may be my least favourite day of the week but paintings bees is one of my favs! 😁🖌💖 I also want to show you this painting with a little message about conservation. 🌍 Bees are in danger of disappearing but we need to protect them! 😯 I buy organic food but here’s something I read that I want to try to help them even more! 📖 Buy organic clover seeds, find a patch of dirt and throw the seeds on it and then repeat on the next patch of dirt. 🌱 I’m going to try it! 😁 My city could use more clovers how about your 😘☘

I thought you all needed a cute strawberry hedgehog in your feed this afternoon! 🍓 “Tuttleina” is a painting I made as a Christmas gift for a couple of lovelies, Tasha and Brendan! 😘 I painted this in honor of their pet, Tuttles the hedgehog. 🖌🎨 She was such a cutie, I couldn’t resist making her a round little strawberry! 😀 

TGIF! 😆 Let’s keep the green theme going today! 💚💖So here’s another painting reveal for my “Submerged” solo show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🖼✨ Her name is “Eye Sea Hue” 😉 Gotta love a fun pun 😙She’s one of my paintings for the show. 🎨🖌 Are you noticing a theme with the paintings I revealed thus far? 😉 She’s a super special girl and I hope you love her as much as I do! Btw here’s a little fun tidbit for you!! I based this pretty lady on Kerry Washington! The leading lady on Scandal one of my guilty pleasure shows 😊💚 If you’re interested in her or other orginals please contact ☺

I woke up this morning and realized ECCC is only a couple weeks! 😁🎉🎉 So crazy it’s already that time again! To kick off the con season this year I’ll be bringing “Farlena” as a brand new print! 🤗✨ You can stop by my booth #1532 for her or some other cool goodies I’m bringing 😘❤

Remember the little guy from the sneak peek the other day? 🐝 Here’s the full painting, “Trinity”! ❤💛💙 I’ve been a busy little bee and painting up a storm for my Dorothy Circus show “Submerged” in Rome.🎨🖌The opening is at the end of month on March 31st and I can’t wait to reveal the other paintings in this show! 🖼✨ I can’t show them just yet, but I hope you’ll love them too! 😊💕

If you are interested in this piece or the other pieces in the show, please contact 😀💖

Another announcement! 😀 For those of you able to make it to Calgary Entertainment Expo April 27th - 30th, you’ll be able to find me in the Guest Artist section with the print “Bettas on my Mind.”  🐠🐠 She’s debuting for the first time as a print in Canada! 🖼✨ I’m excited to finally offer her to my Canadian fans and for the upcoming convention season! 😊 I hope you’ll come by and visit if you can make it!😘❤

Good morning! 😁🌄 It’s the first Friday the 13th of the new year!😲📅 I thought everyone’s feed could use a little black cat today for good luck. 😉🐱✨ This fuzzy cutie is “Prowler.” 😺💕I drew her for Black Friday. 😸 I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoy this spooky calendar day 😙

I have a colorful #throwbackthursday this week! 🌈✨ This painting was a total homage to one of my first cartoon obsessions! 📺 My Little Ponies! 🐎❤ I adored these ponies and had a huge collection of them growing up. 😁 I even had the pony bubble bath that was a cloud with a rainbow, omg it was amazing. ☁🌈🛀This painting used up a lot of paints and I think I used about 30 different colors to make up her rainbow hair. 🎨💁 Totally worth it though.😜 I would give up all the paint in the world if I could go back for one day to play with my pony toys as a kid. 🤓

Now that I finished Ajna I’m working once again on my skull painting for my Dorothy Circus show in Rome! 💀🌈🖌 But for today’s #wipwednesday I wanted to show you a different approach I use to paint. 🎨✨ Sometimes I have to turn my paintings upside down to get work done! 🖼🙃 In order to avoid smudging the wet parts, I move the orientation of the canvas to help me continue working. 😁 It’s also a great way to get a new perspective on what you’re working on, literally HeeHee 😉👍

PS! Anyone interested in the originals for my show should contact the gallery by emailing 😀💻❤

Id like to take some time to acknowledge the women’s movement today. 👧👵👱 Even though I’m Canadian, I want to post a positive image that I painted years ago. 💛Yuuta represents what my beliefs are for what it means to be a strong woman. 💪👧The snake represents her mind, which to me is the sexiest and strongest part of a woman. 🙆💖 And that she is holding the snake because she is in control of who she is.🐍✨ The butterflies represent the other aspect of fragility and freedom.💘This painting is something I created years ago that represents how I feel about what it means to be a woman. 👩❤🖼 I wanted to share it with you today as we stand together as women and people to support each other. 👭💞✌

Me-ow! Catwoman from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns has always been my fav! I had a blast drawing this earlier last year and I just had to share her! The holidays may be over, but I couldn’t help rewatching the movie as it’s still one of my fav holiday flicks!  What kinds of movies do you like to watch this time of year? What Batman villain is your favorite? Or which Catwoman are you partial to?

I’m working my butt off to try to get this painting done! 🎨✨ Right now I’m adding eyelashes and other small details. 😊 For that I have to put down my big paint brush and switch to my tiniest one. 🖌All these little details take some time but I motivated! 💪😜 Gotta finish this up for my Dorothycircus show Submerged in March in Rome. 🖼💖 Please email if you are interested in acquiring one of only 6 new original pieces I’ll be making! 💕

Good morning! 🌅 Check out my progress on this cutie! 🎨✨ I’m almost done putting the finishing touches on her and I plan to finish her up today! ✨✨ I’ve been diving head first back into painting since coming home from Emerald City Comic Con this week. 🖌 My “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome is literally around the corner and I am motivated more than ever to get everything done! 💪 The show opens on the 31st of this month so you’ll be a lot more progress pics from me in the next couple weeks.😉

Anyone interested in originals please contact 😀❤

Here’s a better image of the full painting “La Madre” 😀 What do you all think of her? 🖼✨

Her and her sister pieces will be part of my “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🎨 If you’re interested in any if the originals for the show please contact 😘❤

Here’s an oldie but a goodie for this weeks Throwback Thursday 😉 “Nature’s Tree Princess” is a painting I did for the Ad Hoc Gallery in New York back in 2008. 🖼✨ She was part of a series of paintings I called my “Egg Princesses” 🥚👑 As you can tell I’ve been inspired by flora and fauna for quite some time! 🐺🌱 Since my Etsy launch is spring themed this time, I thought she’d be perfect as a design for a plate! 😀 She will be one of the many images I’ve turned into plates for March 20th ❤🍽

I wanted to share a crop of my finished painting, “Fishbowl,” tonight for my “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome March 30th! 🌈🖼 They say eyes are windows to the soul so I like to spend some time painting them, getting them to look just right. 🖌✨ I think her peepers came out pretty well. 👀💕 What do you guys think? 😊

Oh and for anyone interested in her or my other originals, you can contact 💖

I want to post an image that is full of love✨ This is a painting that I did a while back called “Love Love Hime”. 🐣❤️ This painting is all about love and new life and possibilities. This girl holds a hatching chick in her hand and is whispering words of love to it. 💖✨the butterflies represent freedom and a delicate nature. ✨To me she symbolizes what it means to be kind and loving and most of all nurturing. 💝If you have someone special in your life tell them how you feel! Spread as much love as you can 😘

PS for those who don’t know “hime” means princess in Japanese 👸❤️