Marta is SUCH as good player! She works so hard and creates so many chances for the team that it’s crazy to even watch.

Same with Camila. Also I think she has even more to go on, so it’s going to be fun watching her grow.

Watching this game I have no idea what people are saying with Krieger being in poor form. Like did you see her runs AND defense? Jill, take notice!

Less work for Harris this game, but that’s good. Shows that the defense did their work and I wasn’t panicking every time the ball got close to the box, as in previous games.

Midfield needs to give the defenders more options when playing out of their own box.

I’m so proud of Pressley! Work it girl and keep that starting position.

Fields, Edmonds and Ubogagu need to work on receiving the ball with a player on their back. 9/10 times they lost the ball and it was frustrating to watch.

Regardless, the Pride seemed to finish far more set plays in attack and it was lovely to watch!

Harris without the bun and her hair loosely flying around is HOT af.

Sam Mewis can seriously take a beating, and while I’m not a NC fan, she is badass.

One of the cameras looked like it had KY smeared all over it and it was distracting to watch. Like watching an 80s soft porn. Given the happy ending maybe that was appropriate….

I love my purple team!