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Remember xD tha day Lucy liked IG comments of Lauren not supporting her when hate was thrown while "dating"- Camila then tweeted a lauren @ hours later xD @ laurenjfeels. Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

The chain of videos that started the Daddy war on twitter amongst the Riverdale cast hahaha…. they’re all at Coachella for Day 3 and this is what happened after KJ started the war on his instagram stories. xD This cast, seriously. Casey commented and then Cole started with a poll, Lili continued and Ross and KJ joined in lol. The only one who didn’t join in is Camila, when she’s the one who started this Daddy discourse and all last year on set hahaha

This cast is a riot and I love them for it. xD But let’s hope this war ends now cos this Daddy thing needs to go to sleep now haha…

So Netflix just keeps ‘em coming with the hilarious vids of the Riverdale cast, and this time round it’s a crackingly awkward video of Cole eating a burger (to make up for the lack of Jughead eating burgers on the show) with sensual music in the background xD…..but what’s even more hilarious are the reactions from his co-stars and friends…

love this cast.


A collection of the Riverdale Casts’ support for Bughead on Twitter in chronological order.

Plus, even from Cole’s twin brother, the show creator and Lili & Cole themselves. 

When Dylan actually knows what Bughead is, mentions the word ship, and responds to a clickbait article lol. Cole and Lili even favorited his tweet.

When Cole actually uses a Bughead comic artwork as a  reaction response to Lili’s photo

the first time Roberto acknowledges and uses the word Bughead to connotate Betty & Jughead ship

When Lili acknowledges Bughead by retweeting a bughead song by a shipper

Even after 1000 times of promising she wouldn’t fall asleep during the film, she did. Camila had been exhausted and fully passed out as soon as she touched Lauren’s chest. Lauren just found her cute little snores endearing as she combed the younger girls brown locks. Smiling to herself, then reaching over to her phone she took a few pictures of the sleeping beauty on her chest. Flicking back at the recently taken pictures, Lauren found herself mindlessly scrolling to multiple other times she had taken pictures of Camila without her acknowledgement. No matter what Camila said, Lauren had always insisted that she looks beautiful 24/7, and she has pictures for proof. Then opening her Twitter app she looked back down at the young latina with her slim arms wrapped around the older girls torso, tightly. Just like they always used to. And tweeted:

Day 2 of 176 of filming Riverdale’s Season 2 is not wrapped yet but there’s so many updates and photos on set, it’s amazingly hard to keep track of it all! So this is one dump post for all the stuff that’s been shared on twitter today. Lili and Cole were spotted by fans on set yesterday rehearsing for a scene at Poptates where they keep entering the door (Juggie opening the door for her of course) the gentleman that he always is. Then you see KJ hanging out with Lili and Cami and Mads in a trailer where he ate flowers off the top of her hair ew lol….

Funfact, last season, Madchen did a quick tour around the trailers and shared that Lili, Cole and KJ shared a trailer during season 1 whereas Cami shared with Skeet and Madchen shared with Marisol. Wonder if the arrangement is still the same this season.

 The most spoilery pic of the day. Jughead repping Serpents tee and FRED IS ALIVEEEEEE or rather on set…hehe

A BTS shot on the set of the Andrews house cos you can see lil Archie in the photo….

Blurry candids of Lili and Cole on set of Poptates yesterday during their rehearsal, taken by fans.

Chuck is back on set too and Lili shared a shot of her in the makeup trailer.

Plus Cole and KJ were spoted at Starbucks by fans

Before they headed to set, Lili and Cole were spotted by fans as well running some errands ~ lucky peops in Vancouver seriously. The cast will be there for ten months so there’s tons of time to spot them around Vancity! Plus, the filming ain’t even over yet….