this was really sweet 😍.. but I don’t like the tension between C and the girls though.. I have no idea what happened, but camila seems like the loneliest island right now.. missing the chemistry :-(

July 31



Today, the girls played their final show in Florida for the Summer Reflection Tour! They were in the Walt Disney Theater in Orlando, FL.

Pre-show interviews

With 101.9 AMP Radio:


Take a bow, girls! Fantastic show.

More HQ photos from 101.9 AMP Radio!

Some great footage from the concert!

Body Rock

Worth It

Here’s a YouTube playlist -> [x] (with more performances from tonight in HD!)

Dinah’s post-show Snapchats! -> [x]

Post-show Shots:

BTW, for the San Antonio show in 2 days!

It’s going to be livestreamed outside the venue!


A bunch of new interviews were released today again!

Here’s one from backstage in Miami: (they talk about their favorite song to perform now, among others)

Here’s one from Clearwater (the girls sing Anything Could Happen!):

Social Media

So remember Ally and Waffle House? They’re a thing.

The Vine

Camila tweeted Boyce Avenue!

Ally’s OOTD the other day (in Miami)

A video posted by Ally Brooke (@allybrookeofficial) on Jul 31, 2015 at 11:20am PDT

Today’s dose of sassy Lauren:

Oh, Camila

Camila’s cryptic tweets (again)

New Normani photos released today! WOW

Fifth Harmony were featured in Snapchat today!

Aw, Camila!

Guess who’s talking about the girls?

Worth It

In Billboard’s latest Pop Shop Podcast, they talk about the potential of Worth It to go Top 10 on Billboard!





Lmao Camila i want to know this story