cami's playlist


Gonna open my heart, right at the scars
Listen up - Gonna do what I’m told,
Go where I’m told, and listen up…
Take a shot in the rain - walk for the pain
And listen up…

I tried all the way…
Wait for me, wait for me
It’s all better now, it’s all better now.

Gonna soften the blow
Soften the blow and give it up
I saw the surprise, the look in your eyes…

Wait for me, wait for me.



Two 8Track playlists for Clipped and Unbound, one from Dean’s side of things and the other from Castiel’s. Enjoy ♥

Dean [listen here]

  • Anna Nalick — Scars
  • Seether — Broken
  • George Bizet — The Toreadors
  • Creed — Lullaby
  • Life House — Hanging By A Moment
  • OneRepublic — I Lived
  • Poets of the Fall — Stay
  • Sugarcult — Do It Alone

Castiel [listen here] (this mix is significantly more depressing to start, so listen with care)

  • Seether — Tongue
  • Atreyu — The Theft
  • Florence + the Machine — Shake It Out
  • Pearl Jam — Unthought Known
  • The Beatles — Blackbird
  • Seether — Take Me Away
  • Poets of the Fall — Someone Special
  • OneRepublic — Something I Need

You never got this
You put her down, you liked her hopeless
To walk around, feeling unnoticed
You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess
You never got this

Finally surfaced above the downs
Feeling her boldest, she came around
Cause she’s a goddess, finally saw this