cami takes photos


arrested development opening + friends plot parody:

When the recently fired Knox starts struggling to pay rent, his twin sister, Autumn, tells him that a friend of hers in her apartment building is in need of a roommate. He’s reluctant at first, but he decides (well, Autumn decides for him, and he was honestly a bit too scared to disagree) that he should stop living life with ‘a stick up his ass’. So he throws caution to the wind and somehow ends up not only with a new place and a new roommate, but also finds himself attending Autumn’s weekly singing sessions, having neighbours barging in his and Malone’s place like its theirs, getting a in-between-jobs job at the nearby coffeeshop, making eight amazing new friends, and maybe even falling in love with someone who’s too cool for him in the process (come on, her hair is BLUE for God’s sakes. She’s WAAY out of his league).

this was supposed to be a simple 'oh i shud find a cool way to introduce sugarballoon’s sim (named Mae temporarily) onto my blog’ but then i may have gotten a little carried away….