cami is crazy

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what I'm about to say is probably reaching so far, I'm just going to fall off this cliff, but, it's a sweet thought. I'm watching YouTube videos of riverdale interviews-the one where KJ and Cole are reading each other the twitter comments & I notice that Cole has on 2 rings, 1of which is a gold band on his pinky. I'm like "hmmm that looks familiar." So I go look through the lili tag&see her wearing something similar at Paley fest & I think in the scooter pic w/cami. I'm crazy probably. Help me!

Oh no, you’re not the first person to point out the pinky ring to me—-they seem to switch it between one another??? I’m guessing it’s a way of letting the other know during a time they’ll be stressed or missing the other person, they’re always together….

It isn’t a wedding (obviously) ring or even an engagement ring, but it is about a bond and commitment between them…..

I just need to rant for a minute.

Here is the thing, people are under this preconceived notion that to be a legitimate ship, you have to change each other. It’s like you can’t meet someone that you just think is dope af that you just connect with on another level and want to be with that person. It has to be two fucked up people that change each other’s worlds.

Cami and Klaus challenge each other plenty though. They balance each other, where Klaus is one extreme, Cami is the other, which imo is something that Klaus needs because he is so damn over the top that he needs someone that is his calm in the storm. Same as Cami, she is rational and a bit naive and she needs someone that sees the world for what it is. They care deeply for each other and would fight to the end of the world to make sure each other is safe. They respect each other and understand each other deeply. They just click together and have this hella dope connection.

They don’t need to fight, backstab and manipulate each other to be interesting. Because I think the interesting thing about them is that they are so different but they value some of the same things in people and in life, but they would struggle with being in each other’s life. Like Klaus having to be normal, and dealing with just that human aspect of enjoying life and doing the little things and then Cami dealing with the craziness that is his life and drama and family antics. But the beauty is that they would make it work because that’s the level of care that they would have for each other.

This is why I just roll my eyes when I see stuff like Klamille is boring or they don’t change each other because it’s so dumb. But then ship her with some other characters and say it’s so much more interesting than Klamille, where the only thing she’s done with both Vincent and Elijah is be their therapist. I guess that’s boring when she is doing it for Klaus and so compelling when it’s with anyone else. Like seriously what challenges would Vincent and Cami face? What’s interesting that we have seen in 2-3 scenes that validates them as this interesting couple? From what we have seen last episode Vincent seems normal (athough I think he’s fake af lol) but just from what we have seen so far it’s nothing remotely exciting about them. Same as Camlijah, where all she has done was give him therapy and play a board game. Thrilling. And don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Cami/Vincent and Cami/Elijah scenes especially. And there is nothing wrong with shipping either one but it’s nothing new about either of those ships that are supposedly so much more exciting than Klaus and Cami.

But if Klamille is so boring, I’ll take that.. I’d rather that over destructive any day.