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“That’s what family is. It’s the people you choose who stand beside you when things get hard.  You are family. Not by blood, but by choice.”

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Dean paced with short steps, hands balled into fists and shoulders tense. He was such a gentle emperor, it could be easy for one to forget his size and power. It was not long ago that he wore a uniform and was one piece of a human machine. 

A pale, golden glow filled the room. Dust motes swirled in the disturbed air with Dean’s every step. The morning sky was serene as the sun began climbing over the treeline in the distance. It was too beautiful a morning for such rage, but Dean had long ago learned that crisis never chose to show up during a storm. The storms just followed. Natural consequences to disastrous actions. 

“What should we tell your brother?” Charlie never feared him and he loved her for that. 

He stopped and took a breath, watching a flock of birds swirl above the forest. They crossed directly in front of the sun and their small forms were lost to the light. 

“Tell Sam I’m coming to see him. We can discuss the declaration then.” Dean closed his eyes and pushed away the memories of his old battalion. 

Benny cleared his throat. “And what do we tell the… future emperor of the twelve kingdoms?”

Dean opened his eyes as the memory of his commander on his knees played out. Your imperial highness, we must get you to safety. 

Seventh in line. He was the seventh in line, and suddenly he was the emperor. Mother, father, uncles, cousins. Everyone who had been in line ahead of him, gone. A war zone should never have been the place to preserve a soldier’s life. 

“Tell Azazel I keep my promises,” Dean said. 

The door opened and Cas entered quickly with his guard behind him. He touched the side of Dean’s face, his brows drawn together and mouth turned down. 

Dean waved Benny and Charlie away, preferring a moment with his husband alone. The guard left last, closing the doors behind herself. Tension bled from Dean’s muscles as Cas stepped in close and kissed him. 

“Dean, I’m so sorry.” Cas wrapped his arms around Dean’s shoulders and held him tight. 

“We’ll get through it, we always do.” Dean buried his face into Cas’ neck, his hands resting just above Cas’ hips. 

“The civil war only ended seven years ago. He won’t even give us a decade of peace.” Cas ran his fingers through the hair at the base of Dean’s neck. 

The morning sun kept rising over the forest, reflecting light off the snow in the northern mountains. Wind blew in from the southern sea and ran through chimes hanging all over the city. The bells of peace. Dean was going to have to tell his citizens to take the chimes down. There would be no more peace. 

Not Ticklish

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Pairing: Reader x Vernon

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 866

A/N: Hello! I actually wrote another scenario, wow. Look at me, I’m a writer now lol. Anyway, I hope this is going to be as good as the last one and a bunch (yes, a whole bunch) of upcoming ones. I’m thinking of writing a bigger story eventually~ Big thanks to @hansolmates for proofreading <3

“Alright,” you sighed. You draped your handbag over your shoulder and made your way to the door, “I hate to leave but you’ve got to get ready for your flight.”

Your boyfriend stood right behind you, pouting like a five-year-old, “But, it’s not even close to six!” He firmly wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing you like a teddy bear.

You loved it when he gave you back hugs. Your tendency to be overly serious would always vanish at his touch. Of course, this time it did just as well. You automatically placed your hands over his and shut your eyes, taking in every moment. The fact that’d you’d be missing him was overstated.

“Stay,” he mumbled into your back, pressing his forehead against it. Not letting go of your waist, he placed his jaw in the crook of your neck, his lips gently brushing against your skin. You immediately flinched and let out a giggle, leaving him a little confused.

Vernon was the most ticklish person you’d ever met, besides yourself. And somehow, after all of this time that you two spent together, he didn’t know that you were just as ticklish, maybe even more.

“Y/N,” he started, tilting his head slightly. You noticed that a sneaky grin had spread across his face and you bit your lip, realizing what you had just unwillingly revealed to him. “Are you by any chance ticklish?”

“NO!” you flinched, trying harder to escape his grasp. But he held on, grinning all the while.

“I am not ticklish at all, Vernon. Not even a little bit, okay? You’re the ticklish one.” You kept rambling on about how you were absolutely not ticklish, repeating the word over and over again. You’d hoped your endless blabbering would distract him in any way and loosen his hold on you.

“Okay.” He said, finally letting go and took a step back. You turned to face him. With a suspiciously nervous smile on your lips, you waited for any kind of reaction.

His dark caramel eyes were glued to yours, a faint glint of mischief gleaming in them. He raised his brows playfully and that’s when you realized what he had in mind.

“Vernon,” you croaked raising your hands in surrender, “Don’t.”

And before you could turn and run in any direction, he swooped you off your feet. Something resembling a shriek escaped your mouth as he hung your small figure over his shoulder. You were more concerned about him losing his balance than the tickle attacks that you knew were coming any moment. But he held on quite firmly, chuckling at the incoherent curse words that you kept mumbling in-between screams and giggles.

“Not ticklish, Y/N?” He laughed, barely keeping his balance as you started wiggling out of his grasp.

“No!” you yelped, laughing and clutching onto the back of his shirt.

Your denial wasn’t getting you anywhere good and that’s when his hands moved up your waist. You absolutely hated being tickled. You were actually terrified of it because it never just made you laugh; it made you cry.

Your shrieks and laughs filled the room. His fingers surprisingly gently ran up and down your back and waist. How his balance wasn’t yet faltered was a mystery to you. And just as that thought popped into your head, the back of his knees found the edge of the bed.

He fell back on the unmade mess of sheets, with you still in his arms. Once another scream left your mouth he froze, propping himself up quickly. Gaping at you with wide eyes he asked, “Are you hurt?!”

You buried your face in your hands, not looking up at him until his alertness faded. The moment his grasp on you loosened you shot up, “Ha!”

The words oh shit formed on his lips as you propped yourself on your knees and draped your arms around his neck.

“I’m… sorry?” he bit his lip, smiling innocently.

“Too late,” you grinned and dropped your weight onto him. You ran your fingers all over his body, ignoring the exact same shrieks, that he made you utter just a couple of seconds ago, come from him.

“Are you not ticklish, Vernon?” you laughed as you placed little kisses on his neck as well. Your hair ends brushing against his flushed cheeks.

“Not…at…all!” he interjected between his loud giggling and twitching. You kept on tickling him, knowing you’d eventually break through his stubborn protests.

In less than a second, he raised his hands in surrender, laughing with each word “Fine! Fine! You win! You win, Y/N! Just please stop!”

You abruptly stopped, a satisfied grin lining your lips. “I’ll miss you,” you cooed breathlessly and lowered your face so it was just an inch from his.

His expression relaxed into a sweet, warmer one, “I’ll miss you too,” he replied as he cupped your cheeks.

He gave you a quick peck on your lips before dropping his full weight down on the mattress, “But, let’s never tickle each other again.”

“Hey, you started it,” you complained and plopped down next to him. Wrapping your arm around his torso, you eventually agreed, “but yes. No tickle fights…Ever.”

Soooo Julie Plec said “sort of” about klaro-line, i wonder what does she have in mind

I’m making a sormik edit (finally with a decent computer) and this part it’s probably one of my favs part of the anime.

Like…just look at them and their trust in each other. How Mikleo is in Sorey’s back, supporting him. How determinate Sorey looks, because he knows Mikleo is there with him, he can feel Mikleo’s presence and his power with him.

His friend, his one and only is with him and for Sorey, that’s the only thing that matters.