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Mom needed a specific shirt for her autistic daughter — and the internet delivered

10-year-old Cami Skouson has had a favorite shirt for five years. But as her mom Deborah wrote on Facebook, they’ve gone through 5 of them and it’s now become increasingly harder to find it. After her plea for help went viral, kind citizens of the internet began sending her the shirt — a lot of them.

The Harlequin To My Joker - Klaus x Reader

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Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Prompt: (Request) ‘hi! can you do it with Klaus Mikaelson ?! 😊 thank you’

Warning: Rough sex, spoilers to suicide squad and all around sarcastic humour! Don’t like don’t read.



You walked through the room after another set, making your way to the bar. You stop for a few people who wanted to tell you how great you performed tonight but eventually you made it over to Cami. Once she turned to see you she grinned from ear to ear before pouring you a whiskey.

“Great set today.” Cami complimented as she slid over your drink.

“Thank you honey. How’s your night going?” You questioned, sipping your warm whiskey. You drank warm whiskey because it helped keep your voice loose when you were singing. As much as you’ve never liked whiskey it helps. You preferred a good red wine, however it always closed you throat so you tried to stay away from it completely, for fear of losing your voice.

“It’s good but Marcel was looking for you earlier.” She grunted before sliding someone a beer.

“That I was.” You heard Marcel’s smooth husky voice behind you say.

“What can I help you with Marcel?” You turned coming face to face with not only Marcel but also Niklaus. You rolled your eyes when he shot you a pantie melting smile.

“I need a spell.” Marcel whispered in a sickly sweet voice.

“You mean Niklaus needs a spell.” Gritting you teeth you got up and walked up to Niklaus.

“Niklaus darling if you want a spell, be a man and ask yourself.” You smirked up at him when his jaw clenched.

“Very well love. I need a spell.”

“I’ll think about it. For now would either of you gentle care to dance before my next set?” I grinned cheekily up at Niklaus who was a lot taller than you, even in heels. Marcel grabbed you hand, dragging you to the dance floor silently. You were dancing with Marcel until your next set, afterwards making you way to Niklaus and Marcel.

“Right I’ll do the spell but I’m going out with Cami, Rebekah and Hayley tonight so come see me tomorrow.” You smiled as Hayley and Rebekah made their way through the doors. You looked over at Klaus who was slowly making his way over to you.

“Where are you going?” Nik looked at Hayley and Rebekah as he spoke but you knew he was talking to you just as much.

“We’re going to the new club that was opened yesterday.” Cami spoke as she appeared behind Klaus.

“You’re going….clubbing?” His eyes were wide like he’d never heard something so stupid. You rolled your eyes before dragging Cami out, knowing Hayley and Bekah would follow.

You knew your group of friends was a little strange but that didn’t stop you all. One human, one witch, one original and one hybrid. Really it’s possibly the scariest group of female in the quarter. But that’s what was great about your group of friends. We never had to hide anything from each other.

Everyone was in a long que when you arrived but Bekah soon got us inside, compulsion can be handy sometimes. As you walked in you were shocked by the fact it was very different from any club near or in New Orleans. It was quite well lit for a club but the shocking aspect was the poles and cages around the room that contained half-dressed dancing females. You glanced over at Bekah who was nodding like it was good enough, Cami who had the same expression as you and Hayley who had a grin on her face.

“Jesus who owns this place?” Cami choked as she saw a guy getting lap dance.

“That would be me.” You heard a playful voice speak from behind you.

“KOL!?” Bekah and Hayley’s expression now matched yours and Cami’s.

“I may have watched Suicide Squad one too many times.” Kol voiced like it was the best excuse for why he opened what was basically a classy strip club. Cami looked at him with confusion which made me answer the unspoken question.

“It’s a DC film.” You supplied.

“Kol watched it three times in a week.” Rebekah added.

“I do not need to know what you do in your spare time.” You sighed before massaging your temples softly trying to sooth the head that was currently sneaking in.

“Hey Y/N you could totally be a great Harley Quinn to Nik’s Joker!” Kol cooed at you teasingly.

“I couldn’t agree more! Especially with that Jersey accent.” Bekah snorted sarcastically.

“I will give you a witchy migraine Rebekah. I’m not as sick as Harlequin and Nik is worse than the Joker.” You growled before storming off towards the bar, you stood at the bar thinking about the jokes everyone had thrown at you but you knew they were right. You were a lot like Niklaus and you could be just as sick as him sometimes. Cami always said it was deep rooted issues from my past but you always waved her off saying you were fine. You knew it was mainly the accent that made everyone joke about it though so you ignored them. Once you got the bartender attention you ordered a cocktail sipping the red liquid once it arrived.

When a song from the suicide squad soundtrack came on you literally face palmed the bar surface. You knew immediately it was Kol’s doing, you slammed your glass down and decided to dance anyway. As much as you hate the constant Harley Quinn jokes you loved the film and soundtrack. You saw the girls dancing so you joined them smiling as Hayley patted you back in a comforting way.

“I’m fucked up, I’m black and blue. I’m build for it, all the abuse.” You sang along as you danced with Bekah. After the song had ended I felt someone pat on my shoulder I turned to see Kol who was smirking.

“Puddin’s here and he says it’s urgent.” Kol joked but you knew who he meant. You rolled your eyes and followed Kol silently. Once you spotted Niklaus you noticed his face was not one of a happy Klaus.

“Wait before I leave. Say it?” Kol asked as we arrived in front of Niklaus who now looked highly confused.

“Which scene?” You snapped your teeth clenched as the words came out.

“The electrocution scene!” Kol grinned happily, he had the biggest crush on Harley Quinn which he always got teased about but he didn’t care.

“What are ya gonna do ya gonna kill me Mr.J?” You looked at Kol waiting for him to leave.

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya…I’m just gonna hurt ya…Really…Really bad.” Kol smirked at you and waited for your response. You rolled your eyes but responded anyway.

“Ya think so? Well I can take it.” Your accent thick and once Kol preened at how he once again had gotten his own way he walked off. I turned back to Niklaus who was trying not to laugh but failing miserably.

“Did you just…Quote….H-Harley Quinn?” Nik gasped between laughter.

“Did you just admit to watching Suicide Squad?” You retaliated with a smirk gracing you face and he soon stopped laughing.

“Aww is Klausy embarrassed?” You mocked putting on your sickly sweet Harley Quinn voice.

“Shut up.” Klaus snapped before grabbing his drink from the table behind him.

“What do you need Klausy?” You teased as you took his drink downing in soundlessly.

“Would you mind posing for me again?”

“You took me away from my night out to ask for another painting session!?” You screamed throwing the glass against the wall.

“Yep.” Klaus smirked up at you from the couch as you stood up.

“Excuse me miss but I think I’m gonna have to ask you to lea-” A man yelled as he came in to the private room ranting.


“Sorry but am gonna have to insist ya shut up!” You screamed snapping his wrist back breaking it without a blink. You turned to Niklaus with a glare ignoring the guys screamed of pain.

“It’s so attractive when you go all psycho on someone.” Klaus grinned mischievously over at you.

In the blink of an eye you were on top of Klaus, hands in his hair tugging furiously as you both fought for dominance over the kiss you currently found yourself in. You don’t know how you ended up there but the screaming guy now forgotten as you ripped Klaus’s shirt open. Your hands made their way down his chest, nails digging in angrily as your hands made their way to his pants.

You hadn’t even realised your shirt was gone, his hands were tugging at your bra but he soon gave up and ripped it off. His hand massaged your breasts roughly as he took the left nipple in his mouth suckling and biting vigorously. You groaned loudly, your hands working open his pants Klaus had apparently thought you were going to slow so he flipped you over onto you front. He dropped his pants then proceeded to rip off your skirt. When he was done he lifted your ass up your face still crushed into the couch.

You screamed out as two of his fingers entered you with no warning. You soon recovered as his thrusts were hitting your special spot. You pushed back onto his fingers craving your realise but as soon as Klaus realised what you were doing he stopped and brought his hand down to your ass giving it a loud smack. You whined wiggling your ass at him, as if daring him to do it again. So head did, several times before kissing the red welts that now covered both ass cheeks.

“P-Please Klaus…” You whined your voice full of desperation.

“Not yet sweetheart. I want you to feel all of me when you cum.” He grunted as he gripped your hips dragging you closer to him. His hand slid from the bottom of you back to your shoulders, his touch sending shivers down your spine. He gripped your right shoulder as he thrust into you roughly making you gasp loudly, gripping the pillows at how full you felt.

“Oh god! Please Klausy..” You taunted your breathing uneven and full of need.

He started thrusting into you angrily, his breathing getting louder. His thrust gained an unhuman speed as you became a moaning mess. Your screams were loud and raw, you had never been with Klaus but you’d imagined the pleasure he could give you with a thousand years of experience. You were gripping the couch so tightly your nails had started cutting through the fabric that covered it.

“Shit, Y/N I’m close.” You heard him grunt his nails digging into your hips, no doubt drawing blood.

You nodded sobbing in pleasure as he started hitting you g-spot as if trying to force your orgasm out of you. You were a writhing mess as he hit your special spot with violent thrusts. You felt your stomach tighten as you orgasm neared its peak. His hand moved to grip your hair pulling you up so he could whisper dirty little things in your ear.

“Cum for me love.” He grunted as his seed started to fill you, his rough sexed out voice pushed you over the edge his arms now gripping your waist as he gave you one more thrust. After your powerful orgasm was over you collapsed into Klaus’s arms.


When you came too you knew three things. One, your virgina hurt. Two, you were in a soft bed and three, someone was laid next to you.

You rolled over to see Klaus and then images of what happened the night before came rushing back. You groaned before deciding to wake Klaus up.

“Niklaus why am I here?” You questioned as his eyes started opening.

“Because after I fucked you into next week you pasted out.” He smirked over at you as if he was proud about his achievement.

“There’s some juice on the side and I’ll have Sally bring you some food since you were most likely dehydrated.” Klaus added seriously pointing to the orange juice that was sat next to you. You shook you head but drank it anyway knowing he was right. After you finished the glass of juice Niklaus dragged you back down.

“You know that wasn’t a one off right?” Klaus narrowed his eyes as if trying to search yours for your thoughts.

“What so now I’m your new little fuck buddy?” You snorted your voice sarcastic and full of bitterness.

“No more like I want you to be my Queen.” He responded seriously, staring into your Y/E/C eyes.

You laid there silently thinking about how good that actually sounded but your thoughts were soon interrupted by and annoyingly smug voice.

“Or the Harley Quinn to his Joker!”

Fucking Kol! You thought as you buried your head into the pillow.  


Tenth Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Getting Close To The Last Hidden Hybrid Imagine

Part One   Part Two        Part Three        Part Four       Part Five

Part Six     Part Seven       Part Eight     Part Nine    Part Eleven

The first breath you took burned through your body as your eyes glowed brightly. You knew wolves-bane shouldn’t hurt you like this but you had no idea what else it could be. 

Each intake of air caused the pain to heighten until you couldn’t help but scream out in pain, you were to distracted to see the woman and several men stood watching you, they’d thought dosing you with enough wolves-bane to take out an entire pack would have kept you down.



“I don’t care if we have to look good in front of everyone else Elijah, someone has stolen (Y/N) from me.” Hayley yelled as she tore her hands through her hair.

Klaus finished his drink and tried to think of a new enemy that he could interrogate, which was when all three of the heard it, the twisted anguished scream that had the trio on their feet and hurrying towards the sound.

As they reached the nearest part of the Bayou both Mikaelson’s attempted to stop Hayley from hurtling through the trees and to make a rational plan of attack, should there be anyone in there with you however, another scream cut through Hayley and she turned to face them with glowing eyes.


“My pup.” She growled at them and turned, vanishing from their sight.


“Perhaps we should track her, I imagine Hayley will be blinded by the bond she shares with (Y/N).” Elijah muttered.

“Go straight after her, I’ll be a few feet off her trail in case anyone’s out there.” Klaus said quickly.

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I always come back to the cast’s reactions to when they found out. 

1. KJ wasn’t surprised
2. Cole was slightly surprised, but thought it made sense
3. Madelaine thought it made sense and tied everything together, and also said it would ruin Cheryl’s life
4. Cami was surprised but had suspected them before
5. Lili said it was a complete surprise
6. Ashleigh said it was a complete surprise (but she’s also not in that episode)

So how could everyone kinda know except Lili and Ashleigh? 

The computer scene in the promo is definitely a video of the murder (see Juggy’s reaction). I don’t think this literally reveals the killer, but I think whoever killed Jason filmed the video to scare people away or get something out of Jason. idk. they killed someone. they are obviously crazy. Since all the kids are there, and they all look equally shocked… except maybe Archie (who looks like Oh) and Betty (who looks slightly guilty or sad) and they are notably the only ones who didn’t cover their mouths in shock. I’ve seen several people say Kevin is the killer/accomplice but I honestly can’t see it. He wasn’t involved much in the last episode, so it wouldn’t flow if he was the star of e12.

Now onto the matter of the gun. Theories are flying that the Alice planted the gun and it was the one she found in Betty’s room. But in the e12 promo you see Alice holding that gun. Unless she has another gun, it is the same one that Betty had. (sidenote: I have seen a theory that says the gun Alice found in Betty’s room is not the same as Grundy’s, which is very interesting. Also the gun found in FP’s trailer doesn’t even look like Grundy’s.) And besides the Coopers, who else do we know has guns? The Blossoms (they had guns when they were looking for Polly)

My money is now on one of the parents, especially the Blossoms. In the new promo, Betty accuses Penelope and Penelope is also dragging Cheryl around, which is very suspicious. My last theory was Clifford, but he isn’t featured in the promo at all. If the promo wasn’t chronological, Polly could have confronted Penelope after they watched the video. 

I found it very weird that Alice told B&V whoever isn’t in this room is a suspect because that is a very big absolute. Sure the she probably trusts Betty and Veronica wasn’t even in Riverdale, but she doesn’t know for sure, for someone who believes it could have been anyone. Alice knows who did it, but I don’t think it was her. 

Betty’s dad is in the promo staring at the murder wall (i think) which is sketchy. Yet I don’t think he has enough plot for him to be the killer- it just wouldn’t flow.

Fred is in the promo threatening Archie which is very sketch. Yet Archie’s reaction to the murder video is not incriminating, not in the way Betty’s reaction is. However it does seem that Fred knows something else, like Alice. (I don’t think Molly Ringwald is the killer at all.)

FP man. I don’t know. He was definitely framed but having Jason’s jacket and then not even being surprised at seeing the gun there, let alone claiming it wasn’t his shows he was almost expecting it. But when V and Archie left the trailer they didn’t even lock it… so maybe Archie at least was expecting someone to go in after them, and the lights in the trailer while they were kissing shows a car was outside… maybe watching them? (Also how tf did they not notice that?) Why was FP ready to leave for Toledo all of a sudden??

The Lodges are suspicious, but I think they would be too obvious. I love Hermione so I don’t want her to be guilty at all. She is in the promo though…

And finally, props to Jughead for saying, “If it wasn’t my dad, who killed Jason Blossom?” in the promo, which is the most obvious question ever.

You know what, I wasn’t going to do this but I need to protect Cami.

I just saw something that says she’s toxic. And I bet this is yet another one of the childish people who are angry about her being involved with Klaus.

First off, Camille O’Connell is a complex diverse, beautiful character. She is not ruled by the Mikaelsons, she is not designed to have her storyline growth focus on improved based upon any character, she is not an assisting character to one single person. She is a main, flawed, beautiful, crafted woman who is NOT toxic.

Everything she has done is not toxic. If you think its manipulation, then you are wrong. See, there is two different kind of manipulations. Positive and Negative Manipulation. Positive manipulation helps the person themselves or another person. It helps give that person a shift where they need to go. Camille is a THERAPIST! As a therapist, she has to ‘push’ sometimes to help another person see what they need help with, where they have fallen, to give them a push in the right direction. Camille does this with Klaus, with Elijah, with Hayley. She has done positive manipulation in a way to help them see they are not broken, to let them see that yes, they have a messed up past and it has effected them but it is not WHO they are. Camille O’Connell has learned how to use manipulation in a positive light.

Explain to me how supporting Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and the rest of them are toxic? Camille O’Connell is a woman with a diverse set of emotions. She doesn’t let Klaus push her around, she doesn’t let Marcel dictate what hse can and can’t do, she doesn’t let anyone them tell her what to do. And guess what? They respect her because of that! It is not toxic to tell a person they can’t do something and tell them off for trying to MAKE her do it. In the beginning of season one why Klaus was compelling Cami, Klaus was toxic to Cami, not the other way around. But see, this is where her compassion and beauty come in. Once this was done, she made sure Klaus knew he was wrong and that he had no right o control a person. But look, they became friends. Cami knew that Klaus had his faults, and yes he had done bad things, but she looks PAST that. She made it clear that his past doesn’t define him as he thinks. She moves on, she doesn’t hold a grudge, she doesn’t show constant hatred for it.

Did she hold a grudge against Rebekah for choking her out? No. Does she hold a grudge against Marcel for keeping her family legacy from her temporarily? No. Does she hold it against Kol for threatening her life? No. She makes it clear to them what they have done is wrong, but she doesn’t hold it against them. IF she held grudges and reminded them over and over about that, that would be toxic. BUT SHE DOESN’T!

Camille has all but supported the Mikaelsons. Bad things happen to people and cause them to snap. SHE STATED THIS! But she doesn’t believe in evil or that anyone is a lost cause. She wants to show the Mikaelsons that they are not lost causes. If she was toxic, she would call them monsters, evil, and who knows what else. But Cami has never done this. Cami has all but support people who are considered the darkest group of people in the history of life. But she saw goodness in them, she saw a light, she saw people who deserved a chance to be happy. Because they had all be manipulated themselves, been used, broken, hurt. She wanted to show them that not everyone hated them and that she wanted to help them. Not because they were lost causes, but because they have it in them they just forgot about it. That they are people who deserve love.


There isn’t anything about her that is toxic. She has her flaws!!!! EVERYONE HAS FLAWS! This doesn’t make her toxic. She has a desire to save her family that leads her to be desperate and irrational. She has anger that sometimes controls herself instead of her controlling it. She can be impulsive and reckless. But this doesn’t make her toxic because it’s not her ruling persona and she admits to these flaws, she knows she has them. Who was there when she was trying to save her uncle with electric shock treatment? Klaus. Who was there when Klaus was in his darkest time. Cami. Who was there when Elijah needed help in knowing that he wasn’t a monster? Cami. Who was there protecting Cami when she was kidnapped. Elijah. Even Rebekah saw her for who she was, and Freya did as well because they both have a desire to make their own choices. Camille isn’t toxic, she is complex and flawed and that makes her beautiful because she isn’t perfect. She is focused on herself, matured, and doesn’t need someone to support her. She is her own character.


She was busier than ever but far happier than she had been in some time. Her conversation with Davina had given light to new possibilities - not only for understanding the world around her, but maybe even for explaining the memory loss and the strange thoughts she’d been experiencing lately. It was as intriguing a prospect as it was terrifying, and in order to make sense of the possibilities, Cami had sought out the library for a few hours of research. Books were splayed out on her table with titles like “Sorcery and Science”, “Magic in the New Age”, “Witches, Warlocks & Wendigos: A Brief History”, and  “Voodoo Practices in Louisiana”.

She’d gone to the washroom and taken most of her belongings along. But in her absence, one of the librarians had taken to restocking the pile of books in their designated locations. Seeing it from afar, Cami rushed back, weaving around bookcases, tables, and groups of students. “Wait!! Wait, I’m still here, I haven’t finish-THWACK! In her haste to make it back to the table, the blonde slammed into someone at full force, her bookbag swinging off her shoulder and hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

Something New!

Originally posted by thecworiginals

You were new to New Orleans, a friend of Cami’s. You were both childhood friends and always told each other everything. That’s why she had told you about vampires and every supernatural being she has ever encountered since meeting the one and only Klaus Mikaelson.

Since hearing all the stories she told you, you have always wanted to go to New Orleans but never had the chance to, but now you finally did, so you packed your bag and left for the city of New Orleans.

You walked into the club Cami work’s at with a confident smile and a tight little black lace dress. You missed her so much you have not seen that girl in forever.

“Camiiiiiiiii, I’ve missed you so much”

She jumped as you neared the bar hearing your voice.  This of course caused you to laugh.

“(y/n) what are you doing here, you didn’t even tell me you were coming”

“Surprise bitch I’m here, and I’m staying”

“You’re living here now? Finally, I have so much to show you and it would be so much easier for me to tell you things in person then over the phone”

“Yeah girl, I’m so excited to be here, now I just need to find an apartment”

“Whatttt noooo, you should stay with me I have a spare room you can have”

“Seriously, okay I’m so down for that”

“yayyy , this is going to so much fun”

Cami grinned as she walked away to attend the customers.


“Mind telling me what a beautiful girl like you is doing in this bar alone”

You turned around to see a handsome man with the most beautiful eyes, yet you saw the darkness it held, for a young man his eyes showed how broken he was. You took in his facial features, his prominent cheek bones, sharp jaw line, and the smirk that danced along his pink lips. You looked at him with your own small smirk.

“Would you tell me what a handsome guy like you is doing at this club alone”

“ha ha ha, what makes you think I’m alone love”

“Then what makes you believe I’m alone too pumpkin”

The flirtation is very noticeable in your voice. His smirk was growing with how cheeky you were.

“Well who is this mystery man you are with?”

“Well now let me see; right now it seems to be you”

“What a lucky guy I must be then”

“Well sure as hell you are to get attention from this”

You said gesturing to your body.

“That sure I am love”

“So what is a guy like you doing trying to hit on a girl like me?”

“At the beginning just trying to be nice”

“How about now”

“Well love you are a lot more interesting and cheeky then I thought you would be, I like you and I don’t like many people, so take that as a compliment”

“That sir I will”

“I’ve never seem you around, you new here darling”

“Yeah just moved here today actually, staying with my friend”

“Well in that case I better keep an eye out for you, a beautiful girl can get hurt in a town like this, it’s dangerous here you know”

“It can’t be that dangerous if every stranger I meet is like you”

“ah but love they aren’t all like me, in fact I might be the most dangerous one you will meet”

“We will see about that darling”

“you will love and when you realize it, you would be too deep in”

“ohh someone is confident, me likey”

Klaus looked at his phone as it beeped, notifying he got a message. God knows what that text said but after he read it his whole demeanor changed. He looked murderous but then it changed back to his smirk as he looked at you.

“It looks like I have some business to take care of, till next time bye love”

He leaned in and kissed your cheek making you blush ever so slightly. With the small gesture he walked away into the darkness of the bar. You watched his back as it disappeared. That’s when you realized you had been talking to this handsome man for so long yet you haven’t got his name out of him.

You had totally forgotten to ask him that simple question.

~ You were lying on your bed thinking about the night before and the strange man who you don’t know the name of.

Cami had left for work pretty early as she was covering a shift for one of her coworkers. She was always nice, never the one to say no. So you were stuck at home waiting for her to come home and show you around the town.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Who could that be you wondered in your mind. You slowly but carefully walked to the door and opened it hoping it’s not some vampire who has problems with Cami.

As you opened the door you saw a back, with toned back muscles which was very visible with his tight white shirt. Before you could open your mouth to ask who he was he began talking.

“Cami, I need your therapy section right now, that damn witches are causing trouble again. Young, old, dead, or alive, witches are a pain in the ass”

You started laughing from what he said, you had no reason why you found that hilarious but you couldn’t stop laughing at what the stranger had said to you. The strange man turned around and you stopped laughing as you realized it was the man from last night.

“What’s funny love?”


“If you knew me, you would realize I’m far from funny”

“Well then let’s get to know each other shall we”

“That we shall, so what are you doing at my therapist home love”

“She is the friend I’m staying with”

“If I had known Cami had such a beautiful friend I would have been a lot nicer to her”

“jheez aren’t you a sweetheart, flattery isn’t going to get you anywhere”

He just chuckled and walked into the apartment.

“Hey if you’re going walk into the apartment like this, at least tell me your name”

“Ah that’s right, the name is Klaus Mikaelson”

Realization hit you as Cami had always told you how dangerous he was and who he was. Your eyes were wide as saucers.

“Love if you keep staring at me like that I would need to do something”

“You’re the famous Klaus Mikaelson, the original Hybrid”

“ah so you do know me love”

He was a complicated person from what Cami had told you but every time she had talked about him, it always made you more curious to meet him and now that you have you are a lot more excited then you that you would be. A big smile crept onto your face.

“Well of course I do, Cami tells me everything and I’m so excited to actually meet you, every time she has told me anything to do with you,, it just made me more curious to meet the person who has control over New Orleans, the King”

“Here I am love, in flesh and all”

“I am not blind I can see”

“you aren’t scared of me”

“You haven’t done anything to me so far to be scared of you and its better if you keep it that way”

“It’s that a warning love”

“No more like a suggestion”

“hmm I like you, your interesting, none like I’ve met before, you’re different”

“I hope so, I don’t want to be like others, be my own person not anyone else”

Sticking your tongue out to the scary hybrid, you walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Klaus watches as your hips sway as you walk into the kitchen making him smirk. He never found anyone who can talk so bravely to him without getting killed. He liked how confident you were and deep inside he saw the small crazy your eyes held and he loved that.

He never thought a mere human could ever catch his eyes but here he is with the new girl in town who has the bravery of none of the vampire he ever met. He never knew what to expect from you and he had just met you. A smirk grew on him face and you watched him with one eyebrow up asking why he was smirking.

“Would you like to join me on a walk around this town love?”

“Let me think: stay at home and do nothing or go look around the city with the most dangerous man alive”

“Don’t need be so dramatic sweetheart”

“I think I choose the second one, wait I’ll be back in a second. I’m going to change”

You ran into your room. He chuckled from how excited you were to go out. Soon his face turned serious thinking about the witches, but decided to deal with that later as he would rather show you around the town. This was the start of a wonderful relationship for you and him, for others maybe not the best.


I’m so sorry if its not good, i’m not really good at writing , i just do it because i like writing. I do hope you guys like it, please do tell me if you like and if i should keep writing. Also make requests guys i wanna try, it seems like fun.