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Mom needed a specific shirt for her autistic daughter — and the internet delivered

10-year-old Cami Skouson has had a favorite shirt for five years. But as her mom Deborah wrote on Facebook, they’ve gone through 5 of them and it’s now become increasingly harder to find it. After her plea for help went viral, kind citizens of the internet began sending her the shirt — a lot of them.

Today was such a good day we had cami and lili together and being cheesy lil cute dorks and we caught them sharing clothing and wow this was a lot. Goodnight hopefully we have a gay week

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NO but all Kcers have made fun of and gotten angry with whenever he is with another girl and shown affection. They have smashed the girl character to ground in doing so.

We haven’t smashed anyone to the ground, the writers built them off the ground and then left their asses down there when they ‘fleshed’ them out, don’t get it twisted. 

Here I am, ready to loose more followers. 

Dear Klaroline fandom,

I’m also a huge Klaroline fan, but you’re being so disrespectful to the Steroline fandom, it makes me sad. Stefan and Care just got married and he died. It’s devastating and I can’t believe you guys are being so mean to Steroline. Like if you loved Caroline so much, you wouldn’t be happy that she lost the love of her life and will probably loose all of her friends and family at some point of her life, too. Klaroline maybe will happen, but even if Stefan got to live 60 more years and then die happy after having an amazing life with Care, she was still going to be a vampire and Klaroline was still going to happen eventually. And then both Steroline and Klaroline fandoms would be happy. Like I said, don’t be bitches about the ending. It’s not like Klaus was only thinking about Care in New Orleans. He had Cami. Whom you also hated, cause like I said you’re being bitches. It’s a shame for me to call myself part of the Klaroline fandom. I am Klaroline fan, but not anymore part of the people who are such a huge assholes. Like you are. I’m ready to loose followers. Hit me with your best shot! :)


Hello all and thank you for the warm welcome I have already received. This is my first time rping in the land of supernatural things. I am totally addicted to both TVD and TO. I havent watched TVD since halfway through season 7 but I will watch the rest eventually after starting back from the beginning. I’m Aly, age 23 and so happy to be here. despite me playing the evil guy, but I love all Mikaelsons so playing him will be tough. *how dare he try and kill elijah* bad Marcel…

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So, a few days back, Camy and ayedawongars had a convo about Mikleo’s hips and I made it a little angsty so they requested fluff as payment, but me being me, there’s always a teeny bit of angst here and there~ Please enjoy, this takes place after Sorey…yknow… yeah…

(Or, the epilogue ToZ fanfic no one asked for lol)

A few decades ago, Sorey would have said how weird it was to be able to just watch his friends instead of joining them. Well, he was still there metaphysically. He knows it. But they didn’t. 

It’s been about 49275 days since Sorey last spoke to them. He had nothing better to do so he counted the days since their last battle. 

Rose did an amazing job after him. Alongside Alisha, they accomplished so much together to cleanse the world and instill unity between the seraphs and the humans. It wasn’t easy. And Sorey could only watch it all unfold. Although Sorey was a human (or was), he felt as though the years throughout the two women’s lives were very short. 

His seraphic comrades ensured that both Rose and Alisha went in peace and without pain. They were always thoughtful of the two ladies. And they never stopped even after their deaths. 

After more than a century of purifying thousands of the nearby lands, they agreed to separate to purify more lands. At this point, it was clear whom Sorey would trail after. In his spiritual body, Sorey happily went with his best friend.

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But that last scene tho? Not even the whole thing bc I can’t process everything I’m so in my feels but Cami was afraid Klaus’ would judge her (how could he Cami this is Klaus) but anyway she was afraid Aurora was right and Klaus’ opinion of her would change and he knew that and he didn’t even address it he tried to put her at ease by cracking a joke. A joke, he was probably half serious but Cami needed the levity and it let her know that their friendship/relationship is secure. She could tell he was being funny and she appreciated it. I appreciated it too because even before klamille became OTP I liked their friendship. FRIEND. SHIP. Cami is Klaus’ friend, genuinely and he doesn’t have to worry about her being a distraction he can let his guard completely down. I enjoyed that little moment because at the end of the day they’re FRIENDS. It’s MUTUAL and that’s my ship. (if you think they don’t love each other you can come catch this drag at my inbox)

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So I heard that Cami's frequently mentioned in 4x01. I am so tired of her being mentioned, when she is dead. Deader than a doornail. I mean on TVD Katherine wasn't mentioned as much for pete's sake, but she was 10x more useful. And Klaus obvs isn't going to be hung up on her as he writes Caroline a letter and promises yet again that he's going to wait for her. I wish I knew ahead of time which eps had cami mentions in them

From what I’ve heard I think Cami will be mentioned quite a lot through the season. I’m okay with it, since I liked Cami, but if you don’t like her, then prepare yourself for 4x02 because Cami will be there lol

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Do you think Klaus is over Cami? Is Klaroline end game? What are your thoughts?

I think that Klaus loves both Cami and Caroline. It is possible to be in love with two people at the same time … but since Cami is gone , there is a huge possibility for Klaroline to happen and actually be end game. :) That is of course if Caroline goes over to NOLA. 
Cami had a huge impact on Klaus’ personality and the fact that he is hallucinating that she is there to help him , says that he still thinks about her. Doubt he is over her and I think that even tho Cami is gone a part of him will always feel for her.

I think that we will have to wait a little for Klaroline , because we don’t know how time goes by in NOLA with the TVD time jump and the TO time jump … The timelines are kind of scrambled for me atm.We might see Caroline show up at some point there in Season 4 or (hopefully CW will renew TO) in Season 5. :) 

[Honestly , thinking is kind of hard atm … with the TVD finale and all …] 

There was, of course, a temptation in sweetness. In the kindness that dripped out of Cas like sugar some days. His need to help, to do good, to serve humanity. It completed him. Dean understood that. He loved that about Cas. 

But still… there was something that stuck with Dean a little more, a dark and heady need that clung to the back of his throat like thirst. Cas’ rage. He didn’t want it directed at himself, no. What he wanted was to see the look of terror on a monster’s face when they realized just how badly they fucked up. Every monster they came across knew the name Winchester, that was beyond expected at this point. But they also knew Cas, and that was just hot. 

Cas rolled his eyes and shook his head, fondness and exasperation mixed in his smile. Dean got that from him a lot. As much as Cas would deny it, he did like that Dean got off on his power. The shattered lights in their bedroom said as much. 


Disclaimer: Cami O’Connell’s main verse will have her as a vampire, surviving and not being bitten by Lucien, helping Hayley care for Hope and release the Mikaelsons. Secondary verse will have a resurrected Cami after season 4. Cami was turned to a vampire by Aurora de Martel’s blood and is part of Rebekah’s bloodline, a psychologist and bartender, Cami had a close and special relationship with Klaus, seeing the good in him when no one else did. By season 3 episode 19, she revealed that she loved him.

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I love KC but let's be honest. Caroline would not fit on TO nor would her role be of any more importantance than Cami's was. If they claim that they couldn't find another sl for Cami, who actually had a NOLA background, I doubt they'd find one for Caroline. Even if she came, she'd be just another love interest, only truly relevant to Klaus' story as opposed to the overall story.

You know, I keep trying to brainstorm ways in which I can refute what you’re saying but I actually can’t think of anything? Giving the show’s horrifying track record of giving Caroline anything beyond being a LI and their general inability to give women decent storylines, then I can’t imagine it being anything but what you’re saying. 

Cannah || Words

Cami was in the kitchen, an apron tied on, as she prepared dinner. Naomi had chosen to go out for dinner - a chance to see her cousin she had said - and so Cami had set to the task of preparing a nice dinner for her and Hannah. The dining able had been set with a nice tablecloth and a single candlestick in a holder in the center of it. Plates, bowls and silverware, plus napkins, were already in their place. Alongside those were a basket of rolls, made at the bakery that morning. Cami stood before the stove, slowly stirring the pot of chowder and humming to herself.

never in a million years did ophelia think she would be in this position — lost, confused, and feeling as though she had no one to turn to. cami had been her best friend for as long as she could remember, her rock when things got rough, and now, she was the person who hated her most. the last thing she had wanted was to pull anyone else into mix, but without a place to go, and with arlo offering, she wasn’t sure what else to do. she’d been laying in bed, situated in the guest room, watching an awful movie on netflix and sipping on a bottle of wine that she’d snagged from cami’s place before leaving. her original hope had been to fall asleep before the movie went off, yet, by the time it ended, she was still wide awake. after a moment of thought, she pushes herself off of the bed, rufus following closely behind her as she makes her way through arlo’s place, finding herself at his room before she can think twice, gently knocking on the door and offering him a weak smile as she pokes her head in.  hey, she mumbles, rufus darting past her and hopping up on arlo’s bed without invitation.  what are you doing ? — you want some wine ? i’m willing to share.@avlo