To be honest, I wasn’t ready to see Cameron going home.
Damian didn’t make a good last chance perfomance, and Cameron was great. But as he said, he wasn’t ready.
And Ryan really wanted him in the show, because he was worried about Cameron, and that made me change my mind about “Ryan hates Cameron”.
When Cam said he wanted to leave, that he had already made everything on The Glee Project, that he was kinda of done and ready to go home, I was like “NO WAY, CAMERON! YOU HAVE TO STAY, YOU JUST HAVE TO SAY YES TO RYAN! HE WANTS YOU TO STAY!”
But then, he said he was ready to go home.

And you could see the pain in his voice, when he was saying he was going home.
I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t.
Then he said “I saved Damian”.


You see, it’s friendship. And I hope Damian takes this chance and make Cameron proud, because he gave up on his biggest life chance because of him (I honestly think that if it was Alex, he wouldn’t do it, even if Cameron didn’t know Damian was the one who was meant to leave).

I know I love Damian, but I wanted Cameron to stay. I really did. Damian’s face when Cameron said that, and that he was going home. Hannah crying. Lindsay crying. I was crying just seeing this, can you imagine how they were feeling?

I just want to say that I understand Cameron’s reasons to leave the show, I just wasn’t ready. I thought he was going so great and he would go so far. I can’t stop crying right now. Everything I do, makes me cry. 

He made the right decision, I know that, because he said it, and if he thought it was right for him, I believe it. I just really hope that Damian can make Cameron proud because of it. It killed me watching Cameron putting his own name on the “Not Called Back” list.

My love for Cameron has grown so much before everything he said and all his attitudes made me see how I much I love him and how much I’m gonna support him. I know he’s gonna do great. I know he is gonna be a great musician, I just know that.

Cameron made me so proud today. He gave everything he could on The Glee Project, he made the best he could, and besides my sadness, I will keep rooting for him, even though he is not in the show anymore. I’m always gonna be TEAM CAMERON.

I wasn’t ready to “Keep Holding On” on this voice, but when the song came on, I just couldn’t helped it but cry even more.

I love him and I’m thankful for The Glee Project to “give” another great idol and a person I can look up to and get inspired with.

And I’ll always love this:

And I don’t know what I feel everytime I read this:

And this is me right now: