i’ve never played a hoenn game (not counting the randomized emerald nuzlocke lp we’re doing on secret room) because hoenn has like the weirdest pokemon… like there are good hoenn pokemon, the starters are good, there are some classics there, but like, as a region? it probably has the lowest percentage of pokemon that i find visually appealing

they were in a weird transitional phase between the old pokemon design aesthetic and the modern pokemon design aesthetic and you got shit like exploud and cradily and camerupt and electrike and shiftry that just… they look fake. they do not look like real pokemon. they look like they’re from a romhack


A collab I worked on with the fabulous mod of Ask Camerupt and Sharpedo!

I had a lot of fun with this, and the little animations are so adorable, wahhh, I love how this all turned out, haha ;u; It’s so neat to see different art styles interacting like this!

I’m definately open to the idea of doing more collabs in the future! :O