Living with pokemon

  • Wires are given a coat made out of the same stuff that is in repel (processed gloom/vileplume pollen, skuntank spray, etc). This is to keep away chewers (and rotom)
  • Dining rooms are often built with big open doors to the outside, so large pokemon can “sit with the family”.
  • Mats woven from heat resistant piloswine and camerupt hair protect floors and couches from fire type pokemon.
  • “Cat tree” like structures are very common, as are scratching posts and tubes. Pokemon that like to burrow are often provided a sand pit.
  • People still use baby gates when it comes to pokemon, though they’re not the most effective
  • Socket covers are pretty much required - if not for safety, but also for preventing joltiks.
  • Radio towers, clock towers - any tall structure without inhabitants has nesting boxes built into it. Even for bug pokemon.
The Mega Stones of Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Camerupt and Banette are now available via Code

The code is MATSUBUSA

To download it, go to Mystery Gift and choose via Code. In there, you would enter the code.

Notice: The code can be used in any Pokémon Sun & Moon version. No end date haven’t been mention yet.


Generation III Pokemon pin designs!!!
Part 8

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$1 per pin. $1.50 for an evolutionary set of 2. $2.50 for an evolutionary set of 3, and so on.
Deals count for evolution sets from prior generations

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