Here are a few scale pics of some of the individual items for your viewing pleasure.  This was by far the most difficult piece I’ve worked on…….curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, curves and symmetry, DAMN CURVES AND SYMMETRY!!!!!!!!!!  I had to do a good handful of these multiple times just because something wasn’t quite symmetrical or there was a slight dip or bump in a curve.  BUT, in the end, I think it came out great and I learned a whole lot as well due to how challenging and different it was.

*a fun tidbit: out of all the items I’ve done, on average, a single item will have about 30-40 individually cut pieces, but the Moon Power Tiare had 125+ individually drawn and cut pieces………….it was a nightmare.

I’ll be opening a Storenvy soon with a few limited edition prints that are hand-embellished and some small paper pieces like this tiny Master Sword and Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds that you’ll be able to choose what level/color Master Sword you’d like.  I’ll be sure to announce when it’s open on my Instagram (@campluswhit) and right here on tumblr.  Keep your eyes peeled!


In case y'all missed it on my Instagram (@campluswhit), here are a couple of other small pieces I had with me at ECCC last weekend.  These guys went fast at the con!  I was a bit sad a lot of people didn’t get to see them in person, but happy they sold and found good homes!  I’ll be doing a bunch of commissions in frames this size starting up in a bit, so keep your eyes peeled for that post!

So despite nearly cutting my thumb off with my x-acto knife last month, piece #3 in my items series is well underway!  If you haven’t guessed that it’s Sailor Moon yet, then I’ll help you out: it’s a Sailor Moon piece!  Lots of symmetry so far which is not very fun at all and getting a crystalline effect isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do either since it weakens the paper a bit, but so far so good!  More items to come!

In other news, I’m really really REEEAAAAALLLLLYYY starting to hate my day job and contemplating giving the full-time freelance thing a try again, beginning with taking some small commissions.  Would anyone be interested in that???