Considering the Mod list for this Mk4 20vT, It was fresh and refreshing to the eye - and ears! With its Diamond Cut Audi RS4 Wheels, in Mint condition, its Mk4 Anniversary Kit Wind Deflectors, Blacked Grilles and Badges, Air Filter and Recirculation Valve, and Finally its Gloss Black Pained Roof. all of this stuff together made for one awesome car, with a sensible but low ride height, Considering the fact its a daily. Now getting on to the interior, Possibly the cleanest interior i have ever seen for a car of its age, just spectacular, The shots had to be massively Under Exposed Due to the fact the shine was burning out all of my photographs! not a scratch or a mark on this, and honestly, you wouldn’t believe me if i told you it had just over 150,000 Miles on the clock, And onto my last point, The sound it made, now taking into consideration it was a stock exhaust, it was gorgeous, the turbo, the Recirculation Valve , everything into one was spot on, so you don’t have to have massive exhausts for a car to sound amazing! An All around Subtlety Modified, And Awesome Car, Just shows you don’t have to spend £1000’s for a car to look the part.

Car – David Farrow
Photos – Cameron McKenzie
Special Thanks to – Ben Watson (For his Help)