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Room service*

Cameron Dallas Imagine

*WARNING SMUT (tiny little bit)

Word count: 837

Request: Cam imagine y/n goes on tour w him😏

„So you guys came here to have a good time. So lets just enjoy this and not think about any of our worries, alright?“ Cameron was standing backstage with the mic hyping the crowd. The lights on stage were dimmed.

I can’t believe I actually agreed to be here. There were two shows left before we could go home. I looked at him and he seemed happy.

They all rushed on stage but before Cameron did he came up to kiss me leaving me craving for more. I had to admit we didn’t have lots of time for us alone. While in hotels Cameron and I shared a room with Aaron. On the tour bus people didn’t even sleep. I mean they tried but it didn’t work out most of the time. Conclusion: I had a lack of sex and it was worse than when he was alone on tour.

Tour life was a mess. It was fun to see new cities and to meet all these amazing people but it took all my energy. I also was in desperate need of alone time. Cameron often told me I should go explore the city on my own but what if I’d get lost?

I was brought back out of my thoughts when people started shaking me. I didn’t even realize that Cameron called me onto stage. „Maybe if we shout her name she’ll get up here faster!“ And there it was the crowd shouted „Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!“ 

I slowly went up there overwhelmed by the crowd. Cameron put his arm around your shoulder. „So. This is my beautiful girlfriend Y/N as you probably know.“ The crowd started chanting. „KISS! KISS! KISS!“ A smirk appeared on his face and I felt blood rushed into my face. Before I knew it his lips connected with mine. I smiled into the kiss like an idiot.

When he was done performing She Bad we basically all left the stage.
I spent most of the time backstage or with the guys at the VIP section. Sometimes I was on stage doing a Q&A via Twitter with some of the guys.

After the show we went to the hotel. I just opened the door to the shared hotel room when I felt his hands on my waist. „We’re not going in there.“ He whispered into my ear. I felt his smirk when he brushed his lips against my neck. „Where are we going instead?“ I closed the door to the room. We still stood in the hall. Suddenly he flipped another card in front of my face. „Really?“ I couldn’t help but giggle. „Come on. They want to go for dinner afterwards.“ He grabbed my hand and lead me to our newly secret room.

„Could you stop giggling for one moment? We are gonna get caught!“ He whispered with a big smile on his face. 

He opened the door and quickly pulled you in. As he closed the door he pushed you to the wall next to it. „I missed you.“ He whispered into my ear. „Shut up and kiss me.“ You said before pulling him into a kiss. It was passionate and heated. He pulled my shirt up a little exposing my waist where he placed his warm hands. 

His hands slid down to my thighs pulling me up. My legs hugged his waist and he carried you over to the bed putting you down softly. His lips found my sweet spot on my neck. I tugged at the hem of his shirt and he shortly after undressed himself as did I. We definitely had no time to waste.

His lips connected with mine and soon he thrusted into me without any warning. I moan against his sweet lips. hHis lips moved down to my neck and his hands held my hands back. His pace was getting faster. My legs were around his waist. My moans got louder and he groaned against my skin. Soon the both of you reached your climax. He laid down next to you when he road his high out. 

„Why didn’t we think of this earlier?“ I said out of breath. He laughed as he came closer to me leaving a peck on my lips. „I don’t know.“ His smile was as big as ever. He took his phone and saw a text from Aaron. „Aaron’s asking where we are.“ We both laughed a little. „We should get ready for this dinner that you mentioned earlier, shouldn’t we?“ I didn’t want to leave this room. I wanted to stay like this as long as possible. My head was leaning on his chest. „We could just get room service instead and afterwards tell them we got lost in the city.“ I looked up at him. „Maybe we should get room service.“ I leaned up kissing him and he flipped me onto my back deepening the kiss.

A/N: Hope you liked this imagine! Sorry it’s pretty short. Tell me what you thought! If you have any requests just send them to me right >>> HERE <<<. Anyways have a great day/night! Love you all :D

IN-N-OUT - Cameron Dallas

Cameron’s POV
I don’t know why I let them talk me into this, or why I had the need to prove that I wasn’t a coward by doing this stupid dare, I should have just said no and be over with it. But it’s too late now.

Ethan, Grayson, Jack Johnson ,Jack G , Jacob and I , were all playing what are the odds and for whatever damn reason I kept guessing the wrong numbers every time. The dares or odds were really bad like licking my dog’s paw , eat peanut butter and egg mixed, now this one at first it wasn’t so bad when Jacob said it but now as I drove up to the fast food place to ask out some random worker there. The nerves have started.
I didn’t know this girl, or if it was even going to be a girl but Jacob and Jack who buy here often says its’s always the same girl working the drive through and she was quote unquote pretty. The thoughts of them lying and could be setting me up with a completely weird looking girl hadn’t occurred; only the thought of me embarrassing myself has.
ALSO! This girl can be a psychopath or have a hygiene problem or worst she could be a serial killer! What am I doing with my life? And why am I letting them film this? There’s goes to be so much cut scenes before I put this on YouTube.
Then a voice was heard through the speakers, thankfully it was female and might I say very squeaky and shy-like. She sounds like a little 12 years old! What if she’s underage? Fuck my life!
“Hello, welcome to in-n-out may I take your order?”
The boys beside and behind me starts whispering to me what to say and comments that was making me even more nervous than I already am.
“She sounds cute, “Ethan comments from the back seat grinning from excitement.
“She sounds like a sexy Mexican, “Jacob says then lets out a scream shimming his shoulders,”ey, ey, ey, mama seta!”
The boys laughing fit was cut short by the girl. “Hello?”
I shush them and answer quickly.”Hey, sorry can I have a-“
Before I can finish the guys start yelling their orders all at once, as much as I tried to hush them they ignored and continued. Finally when they calmed down, the girl surprising all of us she read over all the orders that was yelled at her. She giggles hearing Jack’s complement about being the best in-n-out worker in the world.
“Thank you and what will the driver have?”She asks sending their nerves back into my body.
They boys shoved me coxing me to hurry up and ask, I glare but took a deep breath before growing a pair.
“I’ll have a burger.”I pause for a second to take a breath before continuing. ”And your number, “I state more than ask acting brave.
I might be Cameron Dallas but I’m sometimes shy as fuck when it comes to girls, always have even if my fans say I’m to ‘sexy’ to be. To be I was ordinary, I didn’t have Nash’s amazing blue eyes that’ll make girls do a double take, or Ethan’s /Jack G’s jaw line. I have brown hair brown eyes, nothing extraordinary; I don’t see what the fans do or the photographers.
It was silent as she processes what I asked her.”Er- I don’t you, you might be a killer or something” she jokes.
“I promise you he’s not and he’s pretty cute, “Jack cuts in randomly.
She laughs.”I’m sure he is, I’ll see for myself when he drives up,”
“So… anonymous driver, where will you take me if I agree?”She flirted.
The boys literally started screaming in excitement, no doubt the car behind heard them, probably wondering the fuck was going on and why we we’re taking so long to order.
“Guys, quiet my manager will get suspicious, drive up to collect your food.”She says giggling once again.
The speaker squeaks shutting off, I exhale the breath that I didn’t know I was holding in leaning back on the seat.
“Drive up dumbass, you still haven’t seen her or made it officially. No time for relaxing” Jack says ending a snapchat.
Damn, I guess my fans will know about this even if I cut this out video.
I huffed, stepping on the gas softly we rolled forward a couple feet, the automatic window was already open and there she was. Her white in-n-out uniform on, her dark hair pulled in a messy bun , she didn’t appear to wear any make up and lastly the mic attached to her evidence that she is in fact the ‘Spanish’ sounding girl(even though she doesn’t look exactly Latina ). I guess we all didn’t realize we were staring at her; she clears her throat blushing from the awkwardness.
“She looks even more beautiful than last time.”Jacob comments loud enough for her to hear without realizing making her blush deeper.
“Well, I left my hat home today maybe that’s it?”She says casually taking the money I was slowly handing her.
She grins me back the receipt, she walks away to get the food saying a soft “excuse me”
“Dude, she’s friggin’ hot! You have to go with her “Ethan comments hitting the back of my seat.
I rolled my eyes signing, she is very pretty, and also she didn’t seem to know who I am so that’s good. But then going out with a random stranger is not the smartest thing to do. I look to my right at Grayson realizing Grayson has been pretty quiet through the entire thing- other than screaming his order- I turn to him ,
“What you think?”
Grayson looks shocked that I asked him, he struggles but replies.
“Take a leap of fate Cameron, what you got to lose? She might be the one?” I thought he was joking with the whole ‘the one thing’ but when I looked at his face it showed nothing but seriousness. Well I got my answer; I guess I’m taking a leap up fate.
The door reopened and she hands us our food, she smiles at me waiting as we make sure she got everything correct which she did.
“Thank you. You beautiful Mexican you.”Jack G says shoving fries in his mouth.
I couldn’t help but cringe at my friend’s boldness, they embarrass me so much.
“Actually, papi-“the entire car turned to her and stared wide eyed at her choice of words. I don’t know if it’s how she said it or if it’s just the word but I’m sure I’m not the only one with a growing boner.” I’m Bolivian,” she winks then burst out laughing at our expression.
“Tonight at eight?”I rushed gulping.
She smiles nodding handing me a paper with a number on it.
“Okay, I’m Bianca by the way,” She grins showing off her perfect teeth.
“See you tonight, now please leave before the car behind you complains to my boss,” I say backing away from the window.
“Wait!”Grayson calls.
She puts her hand out stopping it from closing, looking past me at Grayson.
“How old are you?”
Oh, thank god Grayson I forgot to ask that! Please don’t be 12 Bianca.
“I’ll be19 in a week, “She says happily.
I internally let out a breathe, good she’s legal! Shit Cameron gets your head out your pants!
We said our good byes and I left, driving away from in-n-out to my apartment.
“Holy shit where are you going to carry her?”Jacob asks with her mouth full.
“Better be good so she’ll want the-“Grayson blocks Ethan mouth and finished the sentence. “Kiss, want the kiss.”

I chuckled shaking my head. I need to call Hamilton!

I’m not that kind of girl - Chapter 20 - Finale

Cameron Dallas fanfiction

Word count: 1′ 433

Previous Chapter

Tomorrow was the day. You just checked if you had packed everything. Your sister sat on your bed checking her phone. „What are you gonna do tonight?“ She looked up to you. You shook your head. „I don’t know. I wanted to meet up with Sam but she’s not answering.“ You sighed and sat down on the floor looking at the two full suitcases. 

„What about Cam?“ She got up from the bed. „He texted me earlier and said I should get ready but he never answered my texts since. So I’m now sitting here. Dressed. I could be all comfy in my bed. But whatever.“ You took your phone and saw that still no one texted you back.  

„Okay. Lets go down.“ You sister suddenly said pulling you up from the floor. She had a smirk on her face. „I hate them.“ You blurted out smiling. Of course they had something planned. „Ugh come on. They are waiting!“ Your sister said.

You got downstairs hearing laughter and all their voices. God I’m gonna miss them so much. „Yo where’s the pizza?“ You heard his voice. You went around the corner approaching the backyard. „You guys are the best.“ You said as you saw them. 

They got food ready, drinks, balloons and most importantly they were all there for you. „Of course we are!“ Matt said with Julia in his arms. 

Cameron approached you with a little box. „I got a gift for you. So you won’t forget about me.“ You looked at him as he gave you the box. You were sure it would be a necklace and you weren’t wrong.

It was a necklace with a crystal heart on it. It looked like one from Swarovski. You gasped looking at it. „Cameron you shouldn’t have.“ You whispered looking at him with teary eyes. „It’s fine. Anything for my marshmallow.“ He said pulling you into a hug. „See guys. That’s what I want.“ Luke blurted out which made everyone laugh. 

You spend time like you always did. Eating tons of food and talking about anything. 

It was getting late and slowly everyone left but Sam, Ethan and Cameron. They helped you clean up. Sam came up to you during the process. „Are you ready?“ She said with a sad smile on her face. „Not really. I don’t want to leave you guys.“ You mumbled leaning your head on her shoulder. „We’re gonna miss you.“ Sam whispered putting her arms around you. 

You stayed like that for some time until Cameron and Ethan came up to you. „I knew I could never compete with Y/N.“ Ethan said laughing. You pulled away from Sam and you realized the both of you had teary eyes. „Of course not Ethan. I’m just the greatest of them all.“ You joked trying to hide how sad you actually were. „I think we should go.“ Ethan said slowly coming closer to you. He gave you a hug and wished you a great time in Europe. „We’re gonna see each other tomorrow, right?“ Sam said while hugging you goodbye. „Yeah sure.“ You said pulling away. With that they left and you were alone with Cameron in the backyard.

He sat down on a chair that was there and patted on his thigh to signal you to sit down on his lap which you eventually did. He leaned his head on your chest and you played with his hair. „So this is it.“ He mumbled into your chest. You just agreed by humming. „Do you like the necklace?“ He reached over to the crystal heart playing with it. „I do.“ You said leaning in for a kiss. 

You just sat there for a while until your mom came outside. „Sweetie I think you both should get some rest.“ You got up from his lap. „Is it okay if Cam stays over?“ You looked at her hoping she’d just say yes because she’d feel bad for you. „Sure honey. But please… you know.“ With that she went back inside and the both of you laughed a little going to your room.

You changed into something more comfortable and cuddled up with Cameron. His arms were tight around you and he was facing your back. „Please never let me go.“ You whispered feeling like all of this was a bad idea. He simply kissed the your shoulder softly. Slowly you drifted off to sleep.

You heard the annoying ringing coming from your phone. The alarm did his job. You found yourself alone in your bed. Where is he? There was no note. You checked if he texted you but he didn’t. Maybe he got up earlier, you thought. 

You got up and put on some comfortable sweatpants and a black t-shirt. Your hair was in two french braids. Your dad already put your luggage in the car. You took your leather backpack downstairs. Your parents and your sister were sitting there eating but Cameron wasn’t there. You frowned as you walked into the kitchen.

„Good morning sweetheart. Where’s Cameron?“ Your mom said. You sat down not looking into her eyes. „I… I don’t know.“ No one said anything. You sat there in silence eating breakfast. 

When you were done you texted Sam.

Y/N: You better be there. I’m counting on you.

Sam: I’m on my way to get Ethan. We’ll meet at the airport. Promise.

You sighed. You went to your room to make sure you hadn’t forgotten anything. „So this is it. You’re gonna go for whole six months. What am I gonna do without you?“ Your sister quietly said as she entered the room. You pulled her in for a hug. „We’re gonna text, talk and FaceTime. It’s like I never even left.“ She giggled but than it faded. 

„What about Cameron?“ You loosened your grip around her. You put on a fake smile. „This was it. I had a beautiful year with him. It was meant to be this way. Sometimes you don’t get what you always wanted.“ She just looked at you waiting for you to say something else but you didn’t. The both of you just went back downstairs and got in the car.

You arrived there early enough. You were waiting in the main hall before the check in. Sam approached you after a while. She pulled you in a hug immediately. „I’m gonna be here when you come back.“ She whispered and that was it, you started crying. „Come on. Don’t make me cry.“ Sam said as she realized that you were crying. She stepped back a little and looked at you with her concerned face and soon enough she shed a tear.

„I should just check in. There’s no need to make you wait.“ You wiped away your tears and put on a fake smile. Your parents and your sister were the first to say goodbye. You were glad they went before Sam. You couldn’t take it if they were standing there waiting for you to go through security. 

Ethan hugged you tight. „Have fun over there, alright? And buy me something.“ He smiled at you. „Bet on it.“ You laughed a little. „Where’s Cameron?“ He asked all of a sudden. You sighed. „He was gone when I got up. Best thing is…“ You gulped at the thought of it. „The last thing I told him was Please never let me go. How ironic.“ You held yourself back. You didn’t want to cry over him. 

„Hun. He didn’t deserve you one bit.“ Sam said coming in for a hug. „I’m fine.“ You simply said. You said your goodbyes and with that you went to check in.

After walking around in the Duty free area you just went to your gate and found a place to sit. You couldn’t be bothered about anything. You posted a picture on Instagram with the caption Off to London. Fuck these fake hoes. You saw that Cameron liked it which made you feel like crap.

You considered texting him but you didn’t. I’m not that kind of girl. I won’t let myself beg for him or chase after him. Soon after that you got on your flight.

When you landed you of course texted your mom that everything was fine and you were on the way to your new home for the next few months.

You were exhausted and in the cab driving to the place you were supposed to stay at. You went through social media and than went through your messages where something caught your attention.

Cameron: I’m sorry for how this ended. I love you.

A/N: So this is it guys. That’s where I’m ending the fanfic. Hope you enjoyed it!! If you want a sequel let me now! Because I may or may not have something on my mind. Tell me what you thought off the whole fanfic and especially the ending! I like to hear about your  opinion. Have a great day/night! Love you guys.

Its over-Carter Reynolds

Carter and I had been dating for eight months until I found out he was cheating on me with another girl. Since then we have been on and off for a year now, the relationship is very stressful for me and it shows to everyone. Cameron was the first to say something about it, he suggested I completely end things with Carter and I tried but I kept going back and getting hurt each time- I couldn’t help it loved Carter so damn much.
Carter went New York to hang with his friends for the summer, I haven’t seen him in two months and today I’m going over at his house to surprise him. Since he thinks I’ll be in Florida till tomorrow, It will be great.
I walked in quietly hoping he wasn’t downstairs, his mom comes out the kitchen hearing the door open, she smiles happy to see me.
“Hi (Y/N), Cartah is upstairs with his friend, “She says drying a cup.
A friend? Maybe it’s Cameron or something?
“Cameron?’ I ask her slowly stepping up on the first step.
“No it’s a girl,” she smiles going back into kitchen.
I felt my heart break once again, oh please not again-Carter please don’t do me this again. I had a mental battle if to go up to his room to confront him or if to just leave pretend I didn’t come. I’ve been avoiding this for too long and all that Cameron told me was right. I couldn’t let Carter make a fool of me and I keep going back, I had to end it for good now. If he is really doing what I think he is doing right now, it has to end. I took a deep breath readying myself for the pain, before pushing open Carter’s door.
My eyes water as my thoughts were confirmed, Carter seeing me come in flew off the girl pulling up his pants while the girl hides herself with the jersey that I BOUGHT FOR HIM. I didn’t know what to even say watching him pull on his jersey, God how I was so stupid! Of course he’ll cheat on me again!
I slip the stupid promise ring he bought me on new years and pelt it at him before rushing out his room and down the stairs, I hear him running after me.
“(Y/N)!” he grabs my arm spinning me around.
Tears were pouring down my face by now, I pound fist on his chest pushing him away from me.
“Don’t fucking touch me! I hate you!”I screamed stepping back when he tried to touch me again.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were in Florida for another day,”
Was he serious right now? Is he trying to say this is my fault! What is he even trying to say right now? Then I realized that he could have been doing this all along, the four months I thought he was being loyal and things were getting better.
“How long Carter?”
“(Y/N)-“I cut him off angrily.
“How long!”
He signs rubbing his hands over his face, he looks away from me like he was debating if to tell me or not but his reaction answered the question for him.
“The whole fucking time Carter!?”I shoved him and he stumbled back.
“I’m sorry! baby please!” he tries to grab my arm again , I pull away again and slapped him.
His head whips to the side; he grabbed his now red cheek looking back at me with tears in his eyes. It stunned me, through all or break ups he never cried not once- he’d always have a carefree expression.
“Cartah, what’s going on?” I hear his mom ask from the kitchen entrance which was right beside us.
I looked over at her seeing her worried expression, she realized that I was crying and her worried expression turned to confusion, she looks up on the stair case spotting the girl in Carter’s cloths.
“Carter…”She says, her voice full of disappointment.
Carter looks down at his feet, he didn’t want his mom to know about our relationship problems and up until now she thought our relationship was perfect. At least now she knows the truth about her son.
I took this opportunity to rush out the house; he called after me but didn’t run after me, which I think was his mother’s doing.
After that day we were officially broken up, I tweeted ‘single’ which stirred up some controversy and Carter had to clear it up and confirm that we are over, he also apologized numerous times tagging me on twitter. I ignored all, I got some hate from his fans who called me a bitch for ignoring him but when I tweeted ‘once is a mistake, three times isn’t’ everyone connected the dots. Cameron and the other boys were there for me through my heart break, mostly Cameron who became my best friend soon after.
Carter confirmed he was dating Emma- the girl he cheated on me with- a month after we broke up. I didn’t really care much because I was secretly falling for Cameron.

This is extremely important- if you don’t see yourself a s a winner then you will not perform as a winner! It’s all about confidence 🙏🙌
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