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Being clingy

Cameron Dallas Imagine

Word count: 503

Request: Hey! Can you do like a blurb on living with Cam and how he is just on a daily basis, maybe on what type of boyfriend he is? Thank you so much! Have a great day!

„Babe! I’m home.“ I heard him yell through the apartment. I heard the front door shut. I was in the kitchen preparing something for dinner.

I felt his hands on my waist as he left a soft kiss on my cheek. „Hi.“ I simply said cutting the potatoes. „How was your day?“ He asked me as he held on to me from behind.

„Boring. What about yours?“ His chin rested on my shoulder and his hair lightly brushed against my jaw, making me smile. „Not exciting.“ I was done cutting the potatoes and turned to face him. „Well.“ I said before leaning in to kiss him. „Is it more exciting now?“ I whispered against his lips. He lightly nodded leaving an other kiss on my lips.

„Do you need help?“ He asked pointing to the food. „No you’ll just ruin it.“ I walked to the fridge to get something. „Can’t ruin what’s already bad.“ He chuckled. I gasped at his respond. „Cameron!“ I laughed hitting him with the kitchen towel in my hand.

He didn’t say anything and just left the kitchen. He went to the bathroom. I continued with preparing dinner. When once again he came into the kitchen. „You look pretty.“ He whispered when he again hugged me from behind. „You’re a little clingy today.“ I chuckled and he nibbled at my ear. „I just missed you.“ He chuckled.

„You are so stupid.“ I laughed a little and he bit my shoulder. „Hey.!“ I lightly hit his stomach with my elbow. He stumbled back and made an overdramatic scene, consisting of him falling to the ground. He groaned. „Y/N!“ He whisper shouted in a hurt voice. He gasped for air.

I turned to look at him. „Really?“ I chuckled. „This could have been my last breath and you are gonna waste your time saying really?“ He rambled. I kneeled down and straddled his lap. I ran my hands over his torso. „Where does it hurt, baby?“ I pouted. „Actually I feel way better now.“ He pulled me down leaving a kiss on my lips. „Thank you.“ He whispered against them before leaving yet another kiss.

Before he could deepen the kiss I got up. „Come on. Dinners not even ready.“ I say trying to pull him up. At first he protested but he gave in. After he helped me preparing the rest we put the potatoes in the oven with some vegetables.

„What do you want to do tonight?“ I asked him leaning against the counter. He put his fingers under his chin looking to the side. „Hm…“ he hummed. His head quickly turned to face me. „You.“ He said with a pointing finger at me. „That’s quite an idea, Mr. Dallas.“ I couldn’t help but smile before his lips met mine yet again.

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