What now? - Chapter 1

Cameron Dallas fanfic - Sequel to I’m not that kind of girl

Word count: 1′653

A/N: I recommend you to read I’m not that kind of girl before reading the sequel if you haven’t yet. It won’t make sense if you don’t know how the story evolved up until this point. Hope you enjoy it :)

two years later


You were walking down the streets of New York. Yes, New York. After you came back from your somewhat european trip you decided to study photography and film, with the focus on photography. You just started your third semester. You were on your way home when you got a call.

„Hello.“ You smiled answering the call. „Hi babe. When are you coming back to Cali again?“ You could tell he was pouting from the way he said it. „Probs never. Why?“ You joked. „You’re such a bitch sometimes, you know that?“ He laughed as did you. „So tell me, why are you asking?“ You reached for the keys in your bag. „ I miss you.“ He simply said. And there it was, silence. „Isn’t that enough of a reason for you?“ He filled the silence. You opened the door to your apartment. 

„I was just there and I’ll be back for thanksgiving and the entire winter break.“ You put your bag down looking around your apartment. Observing the photos hanging on your walls. „I just can’t get enough of you than.“ You lightly smiled as you sat down on your couch. „Be patient boy. Don’t be needy.“ You giggled as he groaned. 

„Y/N. This distance is really killing me.“ He groaned. „Luke. I don’t care. Either way I can’t change anything about it. You’ve been up my ass about it since I started this semester. You knew I won’t be home. Boy it was summer break!“ You were annoyed. He was always talking about how he missed you, it wasn’t like you didn’t miss him. It just annoyed the fuck out of you. He groaned again. „It’s not my fault for falling for you girl.“ You sighed. „I’m sorry but you know it’s hard for me too.“

The silence. Again. There was a lot of silence between the both of you. It never bothered you it was just so… present. „If I was in New York right now. The things I’d do to you.“ You heard him say. „You better be thinking of giving me a nice back massage. I’d need that.“ You chuckled. „Don’t worry. That and way more things that will relax you.“ You could imagine the smirk on his face. „Maybe you’d even be sore the next day of how relaxing it was.“ You bursted out in laughter. „Too far.“ You brought out. „Alright alright. I gotta go though. Got things to do for class. Love you babe.“ He quickly said. „Bye Luke.“ You simply answered as he hung up.

You went into your kitchen, opened the fridge and got out the chinese take out you didn’t finish yesterday. While eating you checked your mails and went on photoshop to edit some photos for your new project. 

After a while you checked your phone and checked social media. On Instagram one specific photo caught your attention. Sam posted a major throwback. It was a group picture from graduation. All of you in your gowns and the thing that caught your eye was Cameron holding on to you. Holding you tight into his chest. „Fuck you Sam.“ You mumbled to yourself. You had to talk to her.

After a few rings she picked up. „Sup my lil’ professional photographer.“ You laughed. „Hi. How are you?“ You strolled through your kitchen. „Good good, What about you? How was the start of this semester?“  She sounded tired. „I’m fine. It’s good, same people as last semester. You sound so off, you alright?“ Your concern grew. You knew she had an argument not long ago with Ethan. Did something happen? „Yeah I’m fine really, just tired. I had early classes today.“ You nodded your head aware that she couldn’t see you. 

„So… That picture you posted…“ You trailed off. „Really? Are you fucking kidding me?!“ She suddenly was wide awake and didn’t sound tired at all anymore. „Come on. You know me!“ You defended yourself. „Y/N. Get over yourself that was nearly 2 and a half years ago. You have a boyfriend and don’t forget how you left for Europe.“ She went on a rant. „Okay yeah true. BUT I can’t help and think about what could have been. I mean look at him now he blew up like a fucking rocket ship.“ You sighed. „So? Where’s your point?“ She asked. „I don’t know. I should just stop thinking about him.“ You leaned against the kitchen counter with your notebook in front of you. Checking a new mail you got from one of your professors. 

„Good idea. YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR EX.“ She started to shout. „Okay chill. How would you live if your ex was getting big on social media and everything you see is him doing this and that and getting all these great opportunities and than there are these OG fans who even know me and than they tag me in shit and it’s not easy okay?!“ You let out a loud sigh as you tried to calm yourself. 

„I get it but think about Luke.“ She was right. I have to get over myself. „Okay. I could just shut social media out of my life for a while, right?“ „Goooood girl! Now I gotta go. Ethan is gonna pick me up in a few.“ You smiled. They are cute. „Okay. Thank you and have fun! Love you.“ You said. „Bye. Love you too.“ She replied before ending the call. 

You opened the mail from your professor.

Dear students

I am glad to inform you that you will have the opportunity to go to an early screening from an independent movie. Also you are invited to go to the pre-event where you’ll be able to ask questions and see snippets of the movie.
More detailed informations will follow shortly.
As attachment you can find questions which you should be able to answer. Take notes and bring them to class!
Have a nice evening.

Kind regards
John Hidigen

„Sweet.“ You said shutting the notebook and going to bed.

Cameron’s POV

„Yeah mom.“ You said wondering around your apartment. „But will you come home before your premiere in LA?“ Your mom asked. „Sure. I should pack though. I have an early flight tomorrow.“ You smiled to yourself. My second movie. Woah. „Alright. Have fun in New York! I love you.“ She said. „Will do. Love you more.“ You said and before she could reply you hung up. 

You checked your Instagram before packing. Than you saw it. Sam posted a picture back from graduation. And there she was. You were holding her tight.


„Okay lets take a picture guys!“ Amber shouted giving her phone to her mom. „You look pretty good.“ You whispered in her ear pulling her closer into your chest. „Cam…“ She giggled. „I love you.“ You whispered in her ear before turning your head smiling at the camera. „I love you too.“ She blushed as she said it. You couldn’t get enough of her saying it. She turned around wrapping her arms around your neck pulling you closer. „You’re probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.“ You whispered before smashing your lips onto hers.

Flashback over

You threw your phone on the bed. Ignoring your thoughts and emotions, starting to pack everything you needed for New York. I can’t bother with this. It was such a long time ago. She hates me anyway.

two days later


You got up and got ready for class. Come on today’s Friday, you thought. You sighed. You took your bags and left your apartment. You decided to walk. It isn’t that far, you thought. 

You walked around the corner as you saw a group of girls standing in front of an hotel entrance. They were pretty calm. You were actually just about to pass them when they started screaming. „Oh my god.“ Your tired self mumbled. You held your head trying to get past the rest of the girls who where pushing towards the scream trigger. 

You didn’t even bother to see who it was but than you heard his name. 

„Cameron!“ One of the girls screamed at the top of her lungs bringing your body to halt. You were frozen. You couldn’t bring yourself to even glance back for one second. You suddenly started to sprint down the street until you were around the next block. 

Totally out of breath you leaned against the building slowly sliding down to the cold concrete. Your arms leaning against your knees. Your hands holding your face as you took deep breaths calming yourself.

The adrenalin has worn off and you got yourself to stand up again. Slowly you made your way towards your destination. Deep in thoughts. You pulled your phone out looking for her number.

„Hello?“ Sam answered with a raspy voice. „Sam I…“ You stuttered. „Do you know it’s like 5 am in LA…“ Sam was pissed. „Cameron.“ You managed to say. „What’s with him?“ She now sounded confused. „He’s here. In New York. I walked past his hotel when he walked out. And these girls they were screaming and…“ You started to just go through everything you just experienced. 

„Wait. What? You met him? Did he say anything?“ She was now for sure wide awake. „No. I was already past the group of girls when they started screaming and calling his name out. Than I fucking ran bitch.“ You were nearly in your class. „Really? Did he see you?“ She asked. „I don’t know?“ You mumbled sitting down in a seat near the back of the room. 

„What now?“ She asked again. Only questions. But what did I expect? „I don’t know? I guess I won’t go that way anymore… at least for a while. But hey I gotta go. Sorry for waking you. Love you.“ You whispered as the class started. „Fuck you. I hate you.“ She said and hung up.

What now?

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